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The master planned community of Anthem is home to some of the most gorgeous, desirable real estate in the state. Carrie has had the privilege of showing homes for sale in Anthem for many years and enjoys working closely with her sellers and future homeowners to find the perfect homes to suit their individual needs. Carrie strives to provide excellent, personalized service to every buyer and seller. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Anthem due to relocation, as an investment property, or for any other reason, please browse through our Anthem real estate listings, then contact our office so we can further discuss with you the many benefits of buying or selling Anthem, Arizona real estate. The second passion in Carrie’s life arrived in the form of a baby daughter! Her little Abby, who has just turned the ripe old age of eight, has added a delightful new dimension to Carrie’s life. With Abby’s pending arrival, however, came the realization that she needed to “hang up” her wings and settle down in a supportive, safe and vibrant community where Abby could grow and flourish

Pricing the house is also very important. Statistics show, owners who over price their properties, actually lose more money than if they were to price it right to begin with. Over priced houses normally stay on the market longer then those that are priced competitively. If it takes 12 months to sell your house and you have a mortgage payment of $700.00 per month that would cost you $8,400.00. On the other hand, if the house is priced competitively and takes only 90 days to sell, it costs you only $2,100.00. In this example, you would save $6,300.00 just by listing at the right price.

When selling your home, you should have your house in the best possible condition. Remember, if you are in a soft market and have a lot of competition, you have to do something to make your house stand out. Take care of any repairs that a buyer might be concerned about before putting the house on the market. If you don't have the monies to do costly repairs such as a roof, carpet, etc., then provide an allowance that will cover the cost of these items. Also, most buyers will require a home inspection at time of contract. Having a home inspection prior to putting the house on the market will help in two ways: 1. You will know what repairs are needed and can fix them. 2. It will speed up the escrow process and that means you receive your money sooner. Home inspections are not that costly and could actually make you more money. They normally run about 10 cents per square foot.

A REALTOR will not take it for granted that you know all the in's and out's of the buying/selling process. Instead, he or she will provide you with a full explanation of what to expect - and that's important so you're not faced with any surprises along the way. Assessing Your Needs One of the first questions a REALTOR will ask is, Why are you moving?" A REALTOR will also explore any time constraints you might have (perhaps imposed by the need to relocate for employment), your financial situation and any future plans.

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The master planned community of Anthem is home to some of the most gorgeous, desirable real estate in the state. Carrie has had the privileg...

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