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Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

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Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

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Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association




Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association




Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


Saskatoon, SK

At ALS Environmental (Saskatoon), we provide a full range of environmental analytical testing services, specializing in the analysis of soil, sediment, water (raw, waste, drinking, catchment, recycled, saline, product), leachates, dust, air (indoor, stack, ambient), gas, biota, industrial hygiene, and radiochemistry.

Analytical laboratory testing services for these matrices include routine, trace and ultra-trace level organics (volatile and semi volatile, herbicides, pesticides, PCBs and disinfection byproducts), metals and nutrients, inorganic non-metallics, microbiological, biological, toxicological parameters, particle sizing and radio nucleotides. In addition to the routine services, we have expertise in many specialty testing areas.

Argue and Associates Management Consultants Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

Argue and Associates Management Consultants, Inc. is a Regina-based firm specializing in environment, health and safety (EHS) and business consulting. Founded in 2004, its President and Principal Consultant, Shawna Argue, is an engineer and holds an MBA. She has worked in the environmental industry for the majority of her career and has experience in a variety of settings, including international. The company provides clients with personalized, quality services that range from small projects to larger, more diverse undertakings. Argue and Associates can assemble teams of experts for clients, and manage their projects to ensure effective completion. We work closely with our clients on all projects and apply systems approaches to solving problems and delivering services. The approach integrates EHS with overall business processes.

Ballast Environmental Consulting Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Calgary, AB

Ballast Environmental provides viable options allowing for a

balance between people and the environment by providing consulting services for pre-developments, reclamation and remediation. Services offered include: phase I, II and III environmental site assessments, remediation planning, project management, restoration plans, reclamation certificate applications, pre-disturbance site assessments, environmental field reports, screening assessments, mitigation plans, wildlife and vegetation surveys, detailed site assessments, environmental monitoring, IOGC approvals and audits, and hazardous material assessments through Alberta and Saskatchewan.�

Bramley’s Enviro Soil Technology (B.E.S.T.) LOC AT ION :

Regina, SK

Hydrocarbon impacted soil remediation facility with 60000 liter tank facility for petroleum/hydrocarbon impacted liquid waste and contaminated fuel.

Canada North Environmental Services Limited Partnership LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Canada North Environmental Services Limited Partnership (CanNorth) is a 100% Aboriginal owned multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm. We are owned by Kitsaki Management Limited Partnership (KMLP), the investment arm of the Lac la Ronge Indian Band. Our primary corporate objectives are:

To provide high quality cost-effective environmental services to national and international resource developers, and to government agencies; and involve Aboriginal and northern people in environmental studies and programs. Our team has proven experience with study designs, data collections, monitoring, cumulative impact assessments, and stakeholder consultations. Projects are undertaken using state-of-the-art technology for analysis, evaluation, problem solving, and strategic planning.

CanNorth is both ISO 9001:2008 (quality management) and ISO 14001:2004 (environmental stewardship and management) certified. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only Aboriginal owned company in the world with these credentials.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


VOTING MEMBERS Our expertise includes:

• environmental impact assessments • environmental baseline studies

• environmental effects monitoring • fish investigations

• fish habitat compensation and restoration

• aquatic toxicology, limnology and aquatic ecology

• aquatic and terrestrial plant surveys

• wildlife surveys

• species-at-risk surveys

treatment and engineering, Environmental Services touch the lives of all residents and businesses of Regina and surrounding area. These activities are crucial to protecting public health and the environment, and enhancing the quality of life in our community. We accomplish our goals with clear direction and appropriate resourcing. We do this with a complement of dedicated staff who excel at their duties, and personally develop to prepare for new challenges and opportunities ahead. Our success is a measure of how well the City of Regina does, and it is a key element in our corporation becoming the best run municipality in Canada.

• hydrology, watershed management

• data management and analyses, and

• archaeology/heritage resources studies.

CanNorth also provides specialty services for Aboriginal people/community sustainable development and relationship building for natural resource sector expansions.

City of Saskatoon Utility Services Environmental Services Branch LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

City of Regina Open Space & Environmental Services Department LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

The City of Regina is the living laboratory for many sustainable infrastructure projects under development through a collaboration among federal and provincial government, Communities of Tomorrow and the University of Regina.

The Environmental Services Department provides design, construction, operation and maintenance supporting waste water treatment, solid waste management, and environmental service to the City of Regina and areas community. We also provide engineering services to the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant. We do this to protect public health and enhance the quality of life.

Consistent with the Public Works Division mandate to become a “best run” organization, the Environmental Services Department will focus on customer service, employee engagement, and delivering the right programs and services at the lowest cost. We will apply the following four division priorities to the work that we do: • Employee engagement

• Safe, healthy and productive workplace

• Sustainable and competent work force • Customer service

With programs and services for solid waste, wastewater 20

Saskatoon, SK

Our Corporation, the City of Saskatoon, exists to provide excellent local government through leadership, teamwork, partnership and dedication to the community. We will be innovative and creative in the efficient and effective delivery of public services for the economic, environmental, social and cultural well-being of the community.

Clifton Associates Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

Clifton Associates Ltd. is a western Canada based engineering consulting firm specializing in soil, rock and water. Our services are centred on our core skills of environmental, civil, and geotechnical engineering. Our staff consists of over 100 professional, technical and administrative personnel in Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, and Lloydminster. We employ technical and management skills to provide solutions for clients primarily in the oil and gas, transportation, mining, industrial, public works, construction, government and international development sectors. Our services include:

• Contaminated site assessment and remediation

• Environmental impact assessments, project proposals and licensing

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

VOTING MEMBERS • Environmental management

• Waste storage and disposal systems Landfills

• Groundwater investigations

• Compliance monitoring, and • Mine waste management

We have extensive experience on large scale projects including serving as the lead consultant on the Wascana Lake Urban Revitalization Project and the Fishing Lake Flood Relief Project. On top of this, Clifton Associates Ltd. has recently expanded into transportation planning, and site planning and development.

Communities of Tomorrow LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

Communities of Tomorrow is a public-private partnership with the mission of making Saskatchewan a global leader in the field of innovative sustainable municipal infrastructure.

Communities of Tomorrow works with industry, municipalities and researchers to find innovative solutions to infrastructure challenges. Capitalizing on the trillion-dollar global infrastructure market, Communities of Tomorrow assists in the development of more cost effective, longer-lasting and environmentally friendly infrastructure products and services, in turn creating jobs, growing businesses and generating economic activity for Saskatchewan.

Our strategic focus is on the areas of water, roads and transportation, and remediation, with four core business strategies: Technology Innovation Brokerage and Facilitation

Communities of Tomorrow builds partnerships between the key sectors: municipalities, industry, and researchers. We seek to discover needs and match them with suppliers, and assist in the development of products and services from concept to field-testing to commercialization, as well as the development of innovative solutions and best practices. Funding

Communities of Tomorrow provides project funding to assist companies, municipalities, and researchers to prove out and demonstrate innovative technologies and processes. Over 100 projects have previously received funding.

Capacity Building Communities of Tomorrow is assisting industry and municipalities to develop expertise and create capacity, and as a result become innovative leaders, in the infrastructure sector.

Economic Development Communities of Tomorrow works with industry players, associations, regional economic development authorities, and other stakeholders to create economic development in the private sector. CT focuses on the expansion of existing enterprises and the creation of new enterprises to drive economic growth and maximize return on investment in innovation.

Co-op Refinery Complex LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

The Co-op Refinery Complex (CRC) is an integrated refinery and upgrader complex located in Regina, Saskatchewan. CRC recognizes and acknowledges its responsibility to preserve and protect the environment through commitment and policy.

Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC)


Regina, SK

Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan established in 1947 as the Government Finance Office (GFO); it was renamed in 1978 to Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC) and is the financially self-sufficient holding company for 9 subsidiary commercial Crown corporations. Its mandate is to act as a holding company for many of the province’s Crown corporations and to be a mechanism for developing broad policy control, directing investment, and routing dividends into the government’s consolidated fund.

CIC’s main duties are to: • establish the strategic direction for subsidiary Crown corporations through effective governance and performance management; • enhance Saskatchewan’s long term economic growth and diversification through Crown corporations. The Crown Corporations Act, 1993, is the current governing legislation.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


VOTING MEMBERS Dagaz Environmental Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

The environmental focus of Dagaz Environmental Inc. is the manufacture and marketing of the Little River Pond Mill® (LRPM) circulator for use in treatment of water and waste water.

The circulating action of the LRPM promotes natural remediation processes for the control of algae (and other nuisance aquatic vegetation), clarification of surface water, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and the reduction/elimination of odours and solids/sludge in liquid sewage lagoons and wastewater facilities.

The Little River Pond Mill is sold globally and our present markets include surface waters (lakes, ponds and water reservoirs) and waste waters (livestock, industrial – oil & gas, mining; commercial – chemical, food processing; and municipal). The circulators have assisted many agricultural, municipal, commercial and industrial holdings or companies to meet environmental standards in this area.

Dagaz tailors treatment to meet the unique needs of each client which may range from anaerobic and facultative to aerobic in-situ digestion of organics and the bioaccumulation of nutrient elements, or the simple act of circulation.


Real Estate

We have been providing services to the Real Estate Sector for over 40 years, and have the capacity to provide what the client needs in all its multi-faceted dimensions, covering the full spectrum of capabilities. Dillon has purposefully integrated the planning, environmental, engineering and architectural aspects of property and facility development under one roof, while retaining the structure to customize our services to provide clients with only what they need for their individual situation.

Saskatoon, SK


Resource Sector

As a national company operating multi-nationally, we understand and excel at the local and broad requirements affecting the development and operation of resource-based enterprises, including dealing with federal regulators, completing end-of-pipe monitoring or conducting detailed design. We manage major capital programs, each requiring 22

Dillon is a major service provider to provincial and territorial governments. Transportation, environmental management and community development departments are major client groups we serve. A recognized leader in our areas, we are equally called upon for direct delivery of capital projects and for policy program design.


The Saskatoon Dillon team represents a wide range of disciplines including: environmental planning, regulatory approvals and stakeholder consultations, geosciences (investigations/remediation), natural science (aquatic and terrestrial), transportation engineering/planning (bridges and roads), water resources/hydraulics, environmental management and atmospheric services.



Earthmaster Environmental Strategies Inc.

Dillon Consulting LOC AT ION :

continuous improvement in our technical skills and an everhigher level of managerial expertise, as clients ask us to take on longer term, broadly defined and strategic programs. Clearly, a partnership to improve their business success.

Calgary, AB

Earthmaster is an environmental consulting company serving the upstream oil and gas industry in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. Since 1998, our team of professional agrologists, soil scientists, engineers and foresters has managed both small and large scale projects and provided turn-key project management for our clients. Our services include: Assessment

• Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments • Environmental Risk and Liability Assessments • Pre-drill and Pre-disturbance Site Evaluations

• Soil and Vegetation Surveys and Assessments Remediation

• Spill Response and Site Rehabilitation

• Contaminated Soil and Groundwater Remediation (in-situ and ex-situ)

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

VOTING MEMBERS • Soil and Groundwater Assessment, Monitoring and Reporting

• Soil Treatment Facility Design and Construction

• Proprietary Phytoremediation Technology for Remediation of Salt and Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil


• Wellsite and Facility Surface Reclamation

• Reclamation Success Monitoring and Assessments

• Turn-key Abandoned Site Management (Decommissioning to Reclamation)

• Lease Surrender Activities

Safety, environmental stewardship and client specific protocol is the foundation upon which we design and tailor our environmental programs. Strong working relationships with clients, contractors, landowners and regulatory personnel have developed as a result of our hard work, prompt and thorough communication, and commitment to issue resolution.

Earthmaster is the leader in phytoremediation technology. Our award winning system rapidly re-vegetates and remediates salt and hydrocarbon contaminated sites. Visit for more information.

With expertise in multiple types of wastewater systems, the core wastewater system can be customized to treat multiple types of wastewater but specializes in the treatment of Municipal Sewage and Hog Manure. It has a tiny footprint that is scalable from populations of 100s to several 1000s. It is environmentally friendly by not using toxic bacterial reactions, and thus does not give off green house gases. It also is resilient to extreme weather conditions and shocks due to rapid changes in wastewater parameters. EcoLibra also delivers certified wastewater and strategic business planning/consulting, system customization, system enablement over the web, maintenance, support and research and development. The leadership team of EcoLibra consists of experts recognized around the world. EcoLibra provides client solutions for today and well into the future.

EcoMetrix Incorporated LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Our Focus:

EcoMetrix is a team of experienced environmental professionals applying leading edge science and knowledge of regulatory requirements to measure, assess and quantify the potential effects of human activities on the environment. Our team strives for environmental leadership to satisfy the evolving needs of our clients. We offer a wide range of expertise and pride ourselves on our reputation. EcoMetrix is recognized locally, nationally and internationally for its commitment to excellence, emphasis on innovation and creativity, and years of experience with challenging assignments across North America, South America and the world.

• Wastewater Treatment – delivering economical packaged systems, specializing in certified treatment of municipal sewage and livestock manure;

EcoTech Research Ltd.

EcoLibra Systems Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

EcoLibra Systems Inc. delivers wastewater solutions that are environmentally sustainable AND economically attractive.

• Resource Recovery – recovering clean, clear, bacteriafree water and nutrients from wastewaters and creation of commercial carbon credits;

• Wastewater Perception – demonstrating how wastewater can be environmentally friendly and economically profitable.

EcoLibra’s core business is delivering an eco-friendly, selfcontained, packaged system that recovers valuable resources as it treats wastewaters. The system easily meets CCME regulations and is certified by ETV Canada, a globally recognized certification.


Regina, SK

EcoTech Research Ltd. was incorporated in Saskatchewan in 1984. EcoTech provides technical and statistical research services, analyses data, and creates custom technical software for industry and government.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


VOTING MEMBERS Areas of interest include: • Urban/rural infrastructure • Renewable energy sources • Precision agriculture • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Recent Projects Include: • Wind erosion estimation program • Fast mapping of subsurface soils • Programming and data analysis projects Current Projects Include: • Locating fresh water sources • Mapping near-surface soil properties

Waste Materials that are not recycled or treated at Envirotec’s facilities are submitted to licensed third-party facilities throughout Canada and the United States. Disposal options available include thermal incineration, stabilization, secure landfill, and physical treatment, and chemical treatment, fuel blending, and recycling. Envirotec’s team of professionals are among the best in Canada. Envirotec provides a diverse range of expertise; from environmental engineers and chemists to fire fighters, hazardous material technicians and rail car response specialists. Envirotec’s exceptional combination of service, security and cost control maximize cost effectiveness and minimize liabilities.

Evraz Inc. NA Canada LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Envirotec Services Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Envirotec Services Incorporated (Envirotec) is a leader in providing integrated environmental and industrial services within Saskatchewan. Envirotec is committed to providing a premier service with a diligent focus on safety, quality and strict regulatory compliance. Envirotec specializes in the following services: • Environmental Services • Used Oil Materials Recovery • Property Remediation • Recycling Services • Hazardous Waste Management

• Industrial Services • Emergency Spill Response • Confined Space Entry Envirotec’s geographically distributed sales and service centres throughout Saskatchewan assist in delivering the highest efficiency and value to its customers. Envirotec owns and operates fully licensed facilities in both Saskatoon and Regina for the storage, transfer and treatment of hazardous waste material collected throughout the province. Envirotec is licensed to manage all classes of dangerous goods and hazardous waste as enumerated by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations excluding Class 1 - Explosives, Class 6.2 - Infectious Substances, and Class 7 - Radioactive Materials. 24

Regina, SK

Evraz Inc. NA Canada, (formerly known as IPSCO, founded in 1956), is part of a global vertically-integrated steel, mining and vanadium business. The largest steel operation in Western Canada, Evraz Regina has been recycling steel and delivering quality products for more than five decades. The company operates a steel mini-mill at Regina that produces plate and coil, which is then converted into energy tubular and other products. When operating at full capacity in Saskatchewan, Evraz Regina recycles about one million tonnes of scrap steel per year, and employs just over 1,000 people. For more information on the North American operations of Evraz, please visit

Federated Co-operatives Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) is a wholesaling, manufacturing and administrative organization owned by the Co-operative Retailing System, which operate through approximately 245 retail co-operatives serving more than 500 communities across western Canada. The Cooperative Retailing System employs more than 3,000 people within FCL and an estimated 15,000 people at retail co-operatives, for a total workforce of more than 18,000 people serving an estimated 1,200,000 individual co-op members. The Co-operative Retailing System

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

VOTING MEMBERS provides its members with a variety of goods and services ranging from petroleum, food and general merchandise to crop supplies and feed. It is a priority and commitment of Federated Co-operatives Limited and its member retailers to ensure that its operations in all divisions are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner.

Golder Associates LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Golder Associates, an international group of consulting companies, provides comprehensive services in the fields of environmental science and ground engineering. Our philosophy is one of broad consulting services with the appropriate blend of science, engineering, and social science integrated with project management skills. Employee-owned since our formation in 1960, we have created a unique culture with pride in ownership, resulting in long-term organizational stability. Golder professionals take the time to build an understanding of client needs and of the specific environments in which they operate. We continue to expand our technical capabilities and have experienced steady growth, now employing over 7,000 people who operate from more than 160 offices located throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Grassland Environmental Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Kindersley, SK

Grassland Environmental Inc. (GEI) has a head office located in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, offering environmental consulting and remediation services to the upstream oil and gas industry throughout West-central Saskatchewan and Alberta. Some of our services include environmental monitoring, pre-disturbance assessments on both private and crown land, spill response and remediation consulting services. Grassland Environmental Inc. is committed to safe, high-quality, timely project completion in all services we perform for our clients.

Ground Engineering Consultants Ltd. LOC AT ION :

Regina, SK

Ground Engineering Consultants Ltd. is a Saskatchewan based engineering company established in 1972 with background experience and facilities directed solely to provide specialized consulting services in Geoenvironmental, Civil, Mining, Construction, Roadway and Materials Engineering. Ground Engineering Consultants Ltd. offers an all-embracing service. Our Geoenvironmental Package aims at providing you with just one service of intelligence, one single point of contact from the time you initiate site finding to the moment building contractors move in and start moving up. Our headquarters and main testing laboratory are located at Regina in a modern one-storey building, fully equipped with a modern laboratory capable of undertaking a wide range of soil, concrete and asphalt testing. In addition, our concrete testing laboratory has been certified and meets CSA requirements for Category I and additional tests –5°C and –10°C.



Saskatoon, SK

Hatch is an employee-owned multidiscipline firm that provides consulting, design engineering, technology, environmental services, operational services and project and construction management to the global mining, metallurgy, energy and infrastructure sectors from 65 offices around the world. Programs and projects under management by Hatch have an aggregate value of $35 billion. Hatch understands the environmental and social issues involved with projects within the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors. Our Environmental Services Group (ESG) provides innovative solution-based services related to sustainability; environmental issues and processes; social-and-community interaction; and carbonmanagement issues and initiatives. ESG works with internal and client project teams to integrate environmental and social issues into projects in which Hatch is engaged.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


VOTING MEMBERS Helix Geological Consultants Ltd. LOC AT ION :

Regina, SK

We have been providing consulting services to the oil and potash industries in Saskatchewan since 1985 and have considerable experience investigating the geological character of the deep subsurface.

Since 2007 we have been investigating the deep geothermal energy heating potential in southern Saskatchewan. This currently untapped resource is enormous and there are no direct emissions of CO2 or other greenhouse gasses. We are working to educate potential stakeholders and to commercialize the utilization of deep geothermal energy in Canada.

and downstream oil and gas, mining, government, and manufacturing.

We provide consulting services for site assessments, site remediation, contaminate management, environment health and safety management systems, environment health and safety audits, waste management, water resources management, water and wastewater treatment, environmental site enhancement, decommissioning and reclamation, compliance monitoring, and groundwater/ contaminate hydrogeology.

Innovation Place LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

HELP International LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Weyburn, SK

Our Mission

HELP’s Principal Mission is to research, develop and program leading edge solutions to pressing environmental problems related to waste water, nutrients, salinity, hydrocarbon and landfill leachates. HELP engages international and Canadian researchers and trainees to carry out R and D, forestry services, and live in ecology camps. HELP’s objective is to build on inherent strengths of prairie culture to create leaders in the helping sciences both at home and internationally. Our Vision

HELP envisions a world in which human communities live sustainably by converting all forms of waste into localized profitable enterprise.

Regina, SK

Innovation Place is one of North America’s most successful university-related technology park systems with facilities in Saskatoon, Regina, and Prince Albert. Innovation Place supports the growth of the province’s advanced technology sector by supplying specialized facilities and services on a commercial basis. The Saskatoon campus is located adjacent to the University of Saskatchewan and builds on strengths of the University in agriculture, information technology, environmental and life sciences as well as the nearby federal and provincial agencies. The Regina campus is located next to the University of Regina and hosts leading-edge petroleum, environmental sciences and information technology organizations. The Forest Centre in Prince Albert contains a cluster of natural resource and forestry related organizations.

Innovation Place is a leader in sustainable building design and management, providing world class facilities while moderating the impact on the environment. There are over 185 clients in Innovation Place facilities that employ over 5,000 people who generate more than $900 million annually to the provincial economy.

Hydrosphere Technologies

J.D. Mollard and Associates (2010) Limited




White City, SK


Hydrosphere Technologies was founded to provide environmental consulting services to a wide range of clientele in the areas of assessment and compliance. We work with various sectors throughout western Canada including: real estate transfer and development, upstream 26

Regina, SK

J.D. Mollard and Associates (2010) Limited is a private consulting firm of professional engineers, geoscientists, geographers and environmental scientists based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Dr. Jack Mollard founded J.D. Mollard and Associates Limited in 1956 and for over five

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

VOTING MEMBERS decades, Jack and his firm carried out over 5,000 consulting assignments for governments, academia and private industry, across Canada and around the world.

In 2010, Dr. Jack Mollard retired as president of J.D. Mollard and Associates Limited, and company operations were taken over by long-time employee Lynden Penner under a new company, J.D. Mollard and Associates (2010) Limited. All professional staff continue to practice with the new company and are committed to carrying on a tradition of excellence in applied civil and geological engineering, geology, hydrogeology, geography, biology, remote sensing, GIS, terrain analysis and environmental studies.

powered livestock watering systems. Later it developed solar aeration system for ponds, reservoirs and lagoons. More recently it has developed innovative livestock water systems including with motion-control and another with a highly-insulated trough. Kelln engineers and installs offgrid solar systems for fishing lodges, retreats and parks, and grid-tied solar systems from 1kW to 100 kW on roof mounts or trackers. In addition, Kelln designs and installs solar pool heating systems for communities and hot water systems for residential and commercial applications.

Consulting projects carried out by JDMA (2010) include:

• Route and site location and assessment, terrain mapping, characterization and evaluation;

• Geological, geotechnical and geoenvironmental studies;

• Land, water and Forestry studies, including land capability and suitability studies, environmental impact assessments, and computer modeling for prediction of geo-environmental impacts;

• Mine, mineral and petroleum exploration and development; • Natural hazard assessment and analysis; and Aggregate location, quantity and quality studies.


Saskatoon, SK

K+S Potash Canada is part of K+S Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fertilizers and the world’s leading salt producer, with over a century of mining experience.

K+S is bringing that experience and world-class expertise to work on the Legacy Project potash mine and production facility near Moose Jaw. This project will bring new jobs and new opportunities to the province – an investment in the province and people of Saskatchewan.

Headquartered in downtown Saskatoon, K+S Potash Canada is proud to be part of Saskatchewan’s extraordinary growth.


Lumsden, SK


Kelln Consulting Ltd. is a long-established renewable energy company getting its start in 1984 with solar-

Regina, SK

KGS Group Consulting Engineers provides comprehensive engineering and consulting services in the following areas: Water and Sewage Works; Water Treatment; Environmental Audits and Assessments; Water Quality (surface water, groundwater, drinking water); Environmental Engineering; Municipal Engineering; Waste Management; Industrial and Municipal Pollution Prevention; Aquatic Biology. Personnel are trained in the areas of civil, sanitary, industrial and environmental engineering; environmental engineering technology, aquatic biology and limnology; feasibility and predesign studies, design, contract administration, construction inspection, training, troubleshooting, and operational assistance. KGS Group Consulting Engineers specializes in water and wastewater treatment processes and provides services in bench scale and pilot scale water and wastewater process testing programs. In addition, KGS Group Consulting Engineers provides services in the area of water quality surveillance and assessment, technology reviews and implementation.

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Kelln Consulting Ltd. LOCATION:

KGS Group Consulting Engineers

Saskatoon, SK

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd. is a multi-disciplined consulting firm providing a wide range of engineering, earth and biological science services to industry and government clients. Over the past 50 years, KCBL has been involved in projects on virtually every continent encompassing varied geographical and cultural settings. Our experienced staff

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


VOTING MEMBERS provides services in environmental assessment, monitoring and remediation; civil and geotechnical engineering; groundwater; water resources; mining and transportation; and power services. In addition, Klohn Crippen Berger has partnered with IEG Consultants Ltd. and IEG Nunasi Consultants Ltd. to deliver specialized environmental and engineering services to First Nations, industry and government clients in Northern Canada. Through these unique joint ventures, we have the professional staff to help meet the technical, environmental, and social challenges when working in the arctic. We have the capability to interact with all stakeholders and regulators in a mutually beneficial manner in sensitive remote areas.

90 years ago and has grown to become a major full service Western Canadian law firm with offices in Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, and Edmonton. The firm has grown with Saskatchewan and the dynamics of Western Canada is reflected in the firm’s five major practice areas: business law; employment and administrative law; litigation; and mining, natural resources and environmental law. The firm’s environmental law group provides representation in environmental litigation, including prosecutions, advice and assistance with regard to assessments, environmental compliance and liability, development of EMS and due diligence systems and negotiation of the allocation of environmental liability risks in business transactions.

Koenders Water Solutions Inc.

Matrix Solutions Inc.

Koenders Water Solutions Inc. manufactures and sells windmills and associated equipment for the aeration of standing water. Aeration improves the quality of water by providing an oxygen rich environment and circulating the water, thus preventing weed growth and removing odours. Our traditional market was with the farmers in improving the quality of their dug-out water; more recently we provide aeration to the fish farm industry where aerated water is vital for fish health. We also sell windmills to golf courses, all of whom have “water features” and who previously spent large amounts of cash in chemically treating their ponds. Rural Communities are realizing that windmills can offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to speedy remediation of their wastewater lagoons. Due to falling water levels, it is becoming more difficult to access clean water. Koenders has introduced a range of solar powered well water pumps that can pump water from up to 1000 ft deep, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional deep water extraction windmill. See our webpage: for more information.

Matrix Solutions Inc. is an environmental consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta, with satellite offices in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Pincher Creek, Medicine Hat, and Drayton Valley, Alberta; Fort St. John, British Columbia; Weyburn, Lloydminster, Swift Current, Regina, Oxbow, and Kindersley, Saskatchewan; and Virden, Manitoba. We specialize in the assessment, monitoring, remediation, reclamation of soil and water resources and regulatory affairs and permits as well as completing large environmental impact assessments and water resource projects. Matrix combines the professional expertise of five well-known predecessor companies, Groundwater Solutions Ltd., Jim Lore & Associates (subsequently 3-D Reclamation Inc.), E2 Environmental Alliance, Hydroconsult EN3 Services Ltd., and Odyssey Environmental Ltd. Over the past decade and a half, Matrix and its predecessor firms have worked almost exclusively for the oil and gas exploration, production, processing and heavy oil industry. This still forms the core of our client base and we have applied our expertise at hundreds of upstream petroleum and heavy oil industry sites, ranging in size from single well sites and pipeline metering stations to major sour gas processing plants, oil sands developments and refineries. In recent years, Matrix has expanded its clientele to include the downstream oil and gas sector, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, commercial establishments and regulatory agencies.


Regina, SK

MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK


Weyburn, SK

MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP was founded more than 28

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


Maxxam is the country’s largest provider of analytical laboratory services, and over the past 30 years has developed a strong reputation for innovative service solutions, regulatory interpretation, and leadership in the application of analytical science.

O’Connor Associates is capable of contributing specific technical expertise as a member of the client’s team, or we can assume responsibility for complete project management. Whether the project is complex or routine, our staff of engineers (civil, geological, chemical, environmental, agricultural) and environmental scientists (hydrogeologists, agrologists, biologists, geographers) work together to find the right answers.

MWH Canada, Inc.

O’Kane Consultants Inc.

MWH combines sound management practices and technical expertise to deliver efficient, cost effective and timely environmental solutions to clients in all industry sectors. Our expertise includes: operations planning for environmentally sensitive areas (including Project Proposals, EIAs, Epps, EISs, construction plans and AOAs); environmental assessment (Phase I, II, III); regulatory compliance monitoring; rare and endangered species assessments; remediation; decommissioning and reclamation; property transfer audits; wildlife habitat assessment, public consultation; and environmental training services. MWH has prairie offices in Saskatoon, Estevan, Lloydminster, and Calgary to optimize access to project locations in Western Canada. Our team of professionals has expertise in geology, geophysics, biology, ecology, fisheries, environmental chemistry, and geography. The field services we provide (including water well testing; piezometer installation; groundwater monitoring; soil sampling; and soil vapour surveys) are conducted by experienced technologists.

O’Kane Consultants is a geotechnical engineering consulting firm with offices in Saskatoon, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Montana and Brisbane, Australia. The focus of their work is on the application of unsaturated zone hydrology to closure of mine waste storage facilities and municipal landfills. O’Kane Consultants specializes in the design, construction and performance monitoring of engineered soil cover systems for mine waste. Clients of O’Kane Consultants are situated all across Canada, the USA, Argentina and Australia.



Saskatoon, SK

Saskatoon, SK

O’Connor Associates Environmental Inc., A Parsons Company LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Winnipeg, MB

O’Connor Associates Environmental Inc., A Parsons Company, is a progressive, independent firm of Canadian environmental engineering consultants. Drawing upon over 25 years of experience in Canada and on international projects, we provide clients with solutions to complex environmental problems.


Saskatoon, SK

O’Kane Consultants offer consulting services in the following key areas: • in situ physical and geochemical characterization of waste and potential cover materials; • design of cover systems using state-of-the-art computer models; • erosion assessment for design of sustainable final landforms for waste storage facilities; • construction supervision, including quality assurance and control, of cover systems; • installation of field performance monitoring systems; and • distribution and technical support of environmental monitoring sensors and data acquisition equipment manufactured by Campbell Scientific Inc. and Sentek Sensor Technologies.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


VOTING MEMBERS P. Machibroda Engineering Ltd.

• Remediation & Reclamation Services


• Occupational Health & Safety


• Hazardous Materials Management

Saskatoon, SK

Since 1977, P. Machibroda Engineering Ltd. has provided consulting engineering services for thousands of commercial, industrial and residential developments. Our clients include: First Nations; federal, provincial, and municipal governments; crown corporations; engineering firms; architects; general contractors, and developers. What sets us apart from other firms is the personal level of our service provided by our experienced key personnel. Our diverse team of highly skilled engineers, technologists, technicians and support staff, with our owned and operated field testing equipment including drilling rigs, specialize in supplying our clients with timely, down to earth, practical engineering solutions.

• Mould and Infection Control • Building Sciences

• Energy Management

• LEED Construction Support

• Industrial Decommissioning

• Training

PINTER & Associates Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

PINTER & Associates Ltd. is a full service geoenvironmental, municipal and safety consultant, headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, providing engineering experience, expertise and services including, but not limited to, the following areas:

PHH ARC Environmental Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

PHH ARC Environmental Ltd. (PHH ARC) is a Western Canadian based environmental and health and safety services consulting firm. We provide a wide range of environmental, engineering, geosciences and health & safety solutions across Western Canada. PHH ARC operates as an industry leader in the provision of environmental services by integrating and practicing three philosophical disciplines: • Service: We will consistently provide our clients with quality, professional and efficient consulting.

• Integrity: We will consistently honour all commitments to our clients, our Company and each other.

• Excellence: We will consistently excel in all endeavours, exceed our clients’ expectations and conduct our activities ethically.

As part of the Pinchin Group of Companies, PHH ARC is part of a National Network with in-depth local knowledge.

PHH ARC has extensive experience in the following service divisions. Our commitment to solution focused services to our clients has always been delivered with Service, Integrity and Excellence, with a dedication to design and complete projects on time and on budget. Divisions

• Environmental Management 30

Saskatoon, SK

Phase I - III

• Environmental Site Assessments and Remediation, mitigation for the full range of environmental impacts; • risk assessments; groundwater/hydrogeological assessment;

• modeling and monitoring; landfill/lagoon assessments, siting, design and construction services; • environmental audits; indoor ambient air quality assessments;

• water and wastewater system assessments, design and construction and management services; • waste management; development and implementation of safety programs and COR safety training and audits; • geotechnical, foundation and slope stability studies.

Pioneer Groundwater Monitoring Products Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Edmonton, AB

Pioneer Groundwater Monitoring Products Ltd. is an Edmonton based company that supplies a wide range of

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

VOTING MEMBERS proven groundwater monitoring products that are used world wide.

Pioneer GMP products include: disposable bailers (Voss, Aqua, ClearView, SinkFast), bailer line, nitrile powder free gloves, lockable monitoring well plugs and caps, padlocks, manholes, Waterra products, Hanna Instruments, interface and water level meters, 12 volt purge pumps and tubing, passive skimmers, petro bailers, mega stand-up bags, PVC 2 slotted and flush threaded pipe, bentonite and filter sand.

Pioneer GMP has supplied products from coast to coast. We pay the shipping charges on Fed Ex Ground.

requesting assistance in these areas. Services are available locally, nationally and internationally.

PRTox Consulting, Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

PRTox provides consultation services in the following areas:

• Regulatory affairs and strategic guidance • Exposure Issues for Health and Safety • Project Management • Scientific Advice

Plains Environmental Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Melville, SK

We are an environmental waste management company specializing in the disposal of oilfield and industrial waste. With operating facilities in Melville and Willmar Saskatchewan, our innovative and environmentally friendly facilities can ensure the safe and efficient processing of your waste in either liquid or solid form.

Plains Environmental Inc. is committed to the Saskatchewan people to carry out our activities and meet the needs of our customers in an environmentally responsible manner, always providing the utmost protection to the public, our staff, and improving the environment in which we service and operate.

• Toxicology Services • Expert Witness

• Risk Assessment (Human and Environmental Health) • Analytical Chemistry placement and interpretation

• General assistance with contaminants, nanoparticles, natural health products, and regulatory study design • Food And Food Additives

Rescan Environmental Services Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Prairie Wild Consulting Co. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Prairie Wild Consulting Co. is a community planning and development company with a collaborative base that extends beyond its geographical home of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The company was formed in response to local needs identified in the areas of: comprehensive sustainability land use planning (urbans, rurals and regional); community development; community facilitation processes; policy development, local governance, and community engagement and civic participation strategies and processes. Clients include all orders of government, small businesses and community based organizations

Saskatoon, SK

Rescan Environmental Services Ltd. is a Canadian-based international environmental consulting firm offering a wide range of science, engineering, and socio-economic services to clients around the world. Our services are multidisciplinary and include biological sciences, engineering and geosciences, socio-economic services, reclamation and closure plan planning, and archaeology and cultural heritage. These disciplines communicate and work strongly together to produce better solutions for our clients. Rescan’s client list includes many of the world’s leading companies and its project assignments have spanned six continents.

Rescan is proud to be a recipient of a Canada Export Award and three British Columbia Export Awards, and to be a member of the British Columbia Export Hall of Fame. In 2010, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce honoured Rescan with the Achievement for Business Excellence Award (ABEX Award) in the category of Environment. Rescan was selected as one of Canada’s Top 100

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


VOTING MEMBERS Employers from 2011 to 2013 and was named one of Canada’s best employers of college and university graduates by the Career Directory. We were also named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers from 2009 to 2012. In 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 we were pleased to be selected as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. Rescan’s mission is to provide the highest quality of environmental services, and foster long-term relationships with clients, associates, and employees. Rescan’s strengths lie in the commitment to excellence, team work, and delivering a wide range of services to meet project goals. Rescan understands our clients’ goal to leave a positive legacy. We work closely with clients, host communities, and governmental regulators to facilitate an exchange of knowledge as well as the development of skills, education, resources, and employment. This results in a lasting legacy of regional economic growth and opportunity. Please visit Rescan’s website at for more information about the services, people and projects at Rescan.

Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC)

Saskatchewan Mining Association

Saskatchewan Waste Electronic Equipment Program (SWEEP)


Regina, SK

Our mission statement is “Represent and support a safe, responsible and growing Saskatchewan mining industry.”

The role of the SMA is: • Liaison and consultation with appropriate departments and agencies of Government, both Provincial and Federal, to ensure the safe, profitable and orderly development of the mineral resources of the province. • Development of public information programs directed to all areas of society, to promote a better understanding of the role played by mining in the socio-economic life of the Province, and indeed of Canada. • Encouragement, organization and co-ordination of programs of study and research into matters of mutual interest and concern, particularly health, safety, environmental impact, and industrial relations. To these ends the SMA cooperates closely with equivalent associations in other provinces, with the Mining Association of Canada, and Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada; and with Universities and Research organizations. The Association may be justly regarded as the voice of the Mining Industry in Saskatchewan.



Saskatoon, SK

The Saskatchewan Research Council ( is Saskatchewan’s leading provider of applied research, development and demonstration (RD&D), and technology commercialization. With over 400 employees, $78 million in annual revenue and 65 years of R&D experience, SRC provides services and products to its 1,900 clients in more than 20 countries world-wide.

SRC’s Environment Division provides environmental site remediation, consulting and full service environmental lab services that assist clients in industry, government and other sectors in Saskatchewan, nationally and internationally to address the environmental side of sustainable development. We provide a wide range of expertise and services including air quality and climatology, carbon footprint and management, comprehensive analytical testing, environmental remediation and toxicology, ecosystems and forestry.


Saskatoon, SK

The Saskatchewan Waste Electronic Equipment Program (SWEEP) is a not for profit corporation established by manufacturers, retailers and other stakeholders to collect and recycle obsolete electronic equipment in an environmentally responsible manner.

The SWEEP program accepts a variety of electronic equipment for recycling at all SARCAN depots in the province. Large volumes from the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors can be picked up directly through our partnership with the Regina Food Bank ( Our partnership with Computers for Schools ( donated computer equipment from government and private sector sources are refurbished and distributed free of charge to K-12 schools, libraries and educational non-profit organizations in Saskatchewan. Recycling costs are paid by an Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) collected on the sale of new electronic equipment. Retailers are required to collect the fee, and 100% of the money goes to funding recycling and other activities of the program. To learn more about SWEEP and options for unwanted

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

VOTING MEMBERS electronics, please visit their website at

SaskPower LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

SaskPower provides a safe, reliable and sustainable source of electricity to the people of Saskatchewan. In providing service to more than 482,000 customers, we place a high priority on minimizing our impact on the environment. SaskPower was the first full-service electric utility in Canada to have its environmental management system registered to the ISO 14001 Standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Our company is now making an unprecedented financial investment into renewing our electricity infrastructure. Through this investment we will ensure our system complies with future Federal and Provincial government greenhouse gas and environmental regulations as part of our plan to meet Saskatchewan’s growing power needs. For more information about our plans for providing a sustainable power supply, our energy efficiency programs, or to read our annual Sustainability Report – a summary of our environmental, social and economic performance – visit

SaskWater LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Moose Jaw, SK

SaskWater is Saskatchewan’s Crown water utility, helping communities, rural groups, First Nations and industry gain access to reliable and professional water and wastewater services. Headquartered in Moose Jaw, SaskWater employs approximately 105 people (permanent full-time, part-time and temporary) in 14 operating locations. SaskWater provides service to 62 communities, seven rural municipalities, 81 rural pipeline groups, 15 industrial and approximately 200 commercial and end user customers. The corporation owns eight water treatment plants, three wastewater facilities, 38 pump stations and over 850 km of pipeline. SaskWater also maintains customer-owned systems and provides operator training to 41 Saskatchewan First Nations communities.

SCI Sustainable Concepts Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Pilot Butte, SK

SCI Sustainable Concepts Inc. has forty years of experience in the field of sustainable energy systems. Contacts with European institutions in the late 1970’s has been a valuable source of advanced technology. Due to the severe climate region, Saskatchewan could and should be the leading jurisdication in North America for the development of sustainable energy systems.

Sequoia Environmental Remediation Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

Sequoia Environmental Remediation Inc. is a specialized environmental supply and service company focused on the effective use of insitu technologies to remove/remediate chemical contaminants present in soil and groundwater. The company was formed in 1998 with the specific intention of providing top quality technical expertise, equipment and hands on service to customers requiring evaluation and/or implementation of insitu remedial approaches to clean up contaminated sites throughout Canada and the United States. Sequoia Environmental Remediation Inc. designs, builds and installs complete environmental remediation systems and insitu processes, rents environmental remediation equipment, and carries a large selection of Health and Safety equipment and monitoring supplies for sale or rental that are tailored to the environmental industry. Sequoia is located in Calgary, Regina and Vancouver.

SIAST Palliser Campus LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Moose Jaw, SK

Palliser Campus is home to SIAST’s Environmental Engineering Technology program. Students from this program, along with the students enrolled in the Water Resources and Civil Engineering Technology programs, receive a common first year of training in order to prepare them for an eight month cooperative work term beginning in the month of May. Students graduate in December of the

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


VOTING MEMBERS following year. If your organization is interested in hiring an environmental engineering technology student for an eight month work term, contact the Cooperative Education Office at 1-866-goSIAST.

SIAST also offers the Water and Wastewater Technician program via distance education. Saskatchewan Environment requires certification for individuals responsible for the operation and maintenance of public water and waste water utilities. The program is designed to prepare the student to write certification examinations. Although the program is designed for those already working in the industry, individuals interested in entering this field are also welcome.

SIAST Office of Applied Research and Innovation LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

SIAST recognizes applied research and innovation as a natural extension of its vision to be a catalyst for advancing the social and economic prosperity of Saskatchewan.

At SIAST, applied research is undertaken with the objective to acquire knowledge with a specific application in view and to encourage projects that are designed to solve practical problems.

We believe that applied research and innovation undertakings have strong potential for practical learning experiences for students and their employability, provide opportunities for faculty innovation and/or contribute to economic development in the province.

The function of the Office of Applied Research and Innovation is to facilitate the applied research activities at SIAST, to encourage the commercialization of newly developed technologies and to capitalize on the highly qualified and skilled personnel at SIAST that can help grow the Saskatchewan economy.

SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

SLR is one of the world’s leading specialist environmental consultancies. With offices in Europe, Australasia, Africa, and North America, including 16 offices across Canada, we provide global advice and support on a wide range of strategic and site specific environmental issues to a diverse and growing base of business, regulatory and governmental 34

clients. SLR specializes in the energy, waste management, mining & minerals, infrastructure, planning & development, and industrial sectors. Specific competencies include site assessment, remediation, reclamation, risk assessment, ecosystem services, and project management. We also provide expert sustainability advice and project management support that spans all business sectors.

SNC Lavalin Environment (SLE) LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

SNC-Lavalin Environment (SLE), a Division of SNC Lavalin Inc., has one of the most comprehensive environmental engineering and consulting teams in Canada, with over 50 years of experience and some 800+ specialists located across the country, the world over, and locally in Saskatchewan. Our clients cover a broad range of business including power utilities, forestry, mining, petroleum, petrochemical, organic chemical, road, rail and air transportation, metal processing industries, land developers, financiers and government. SLE provides its clients with a comprehensive range of environmental services from new project environmental planning, facility compliance monitoring, environmental effects monitoring, environmental audits, contaminated site assessment, remediation, risk assessment, risk management, air quality modelling, and strategic regulatory planning. SLE’s MDH Engineered Solutions team (acquired in July 2011) provides comprehensive state-of-the-art consulting and laboratory services for a range of technically challenging hydrogeological, geotechnical, geoenvironmental and water resource projects to clients in the mining, oil & gas, transportation, utility and government sectors. Specialized geoenvironmental laboratory facilities in Saskatoon and its mobile field laboratory are an integral part of the company that complement its research and consulting services. The nature of project experience spans mining, industrial and municipal waste management as well as natural resource development, groundwater evaluation, contaminant transport modeling, geotechnical/geological instrumentation, biological assessments, hydrological studies and environmental protection. SLE’s expertise spans the entire project life cycle from project initiation, planning and engineering, to construction, operations and decommissioning.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


Saskatoon, SK

Solar Outpost is a locally owned and operated clean energy company operating out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We are dedicated to public education and the promotion of environmentally conscious living. We offer sustainable technology for residential and commercial heating and power generation. We can help to decrease your environmental footprint by increasing the efficiency of your household or business. Our staff at Solar Outpost are the experts in renewable energy applications.

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of energy saving and environmentally sound production systems such as: wind, solar, geothermal, back-up power, and stand alone power systems all around Saskatchewan. Our diverse experience enables Solar Outpost to assist the energy consumer with methods of controlling and in some cases eliminating their ever increasing energy costs. We support a transition to a sustainable energy economy which relies on clean, renewable resources to satisfy societal needs. Solar Outpost can present the energy consumer with the best of today’s options in terms of cost effectiveness, performance, and reliability.

We understand the problems facing the energy consumer throughout the Canadian Prairies. Through detailed analysis we can transform problems into money saving opportunities by examining the energy requirements and implementing the proper technology to do the job.

Our services include: • Site Analysis

• Installation Services

• System Commissioning

• O&M/Service Contracts

• Custom packages • Education

• Economic Analysis

Sonntag, Maynard

Regina, SK

Sound Solar Systems Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Kronau, SK

We offer diverse products, customized renewable energy applications and service. Our Products • Solar PV(Photovoltaic) • Solar Domestic Hot Water • Solar Air Systems • Solar Off-Grid Street Lighting • LED Lighting

• Turnkey Installations


In 1991 he was elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature and in 1997 he was appointed to cabinet. Over the next 10½ years he held numerous portfolios. Most of his time was spent in either Economic Development or First Nation and Métis Relations portfolios. It is with this background that Maynard has found himself now working with the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council as General Manager of their urban housing Corporation Silver Sage Housing. He currently serves as a director with SEIMA as one of the main First Nation and Métis contacts. He also sits on several First Nation economic development boards In addition, he has done considerable consulting work with the private sector, including oil and gas. He is very well connected with most First Nation and Métis communities in Saskatchewan and has an excellent relationship with most of the leadership in our province. Finally, Maynard has a very good understanding of the processes of government and would be an asset to anyone wanting to access government. Maynard is also a licenced real estate agent with Century 21 Dome Realty Inc.

Maynard Sonntag was born and raised in Northern Saskatchewan on a family farm near Meadow Lake. He spent 12 years in management in the credit union system.

Our Services • Professional Design & Installation Services • Renewable Energy Consulting • Maintenance Packages Sound Solar Systems Inc., would like to have a significant impact on the adoption of renewable energy technology throughout the world. We are dedicated and passionate for creating a sustainable culture for future generations!

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


VOTING MEMBERS Stantec Consulting Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

list of projects ranging from custom solar home design to renewable energy systems, both grid-tied and off-grid.

Regina, SK

Stantec provides Saskatchewan clients with a multidisciplined roster of services and technologies in the market segments of Environment, Buildings, Industrial, Transportation, and Urban Lane. In Saskatchewan, approximately 180 staff members are based in our Saskatoon and Regina offices. Our Environmental services include contaminated site assessment and remediation, impact assessment, environmental planning, water and waste water engineering, heritage resource assessment, terrestrial and aquatic ecology, public consultation, carbon capture and sequestration, and air dispersion modelling.

Suncatcher Solar Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Suncatcher Solar is a Saskatchewan based solar design and engineering company that provides a complete turnkey service, including passive solar building design and construction and a full range of renewable energy options.

Our Services

Solar and wind power system design and consulting for commercial and residential applications – Net metering makes grid-tied solar power a practical and environmentally responsible choice for Saskatchewan businesses and residents. We also design off-grid systems that provide reliable power in remote locations.

Supply and installation of solar power and solar hot water systems – Solar energy can supply much of the power and heating requirements for a building, offsetting fluctuating utility costs and reducing the carbon footprint.

Passive solar and energy efficient building design – Intelligent decisions in the building design can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 70% and the natural daylight provides a healthy indoor environment with lower electrical costs. We Live What We Sell

Suncatcher Solar is a family business whose founder, Angie Ortlepp, literally lives what she sells. Her home, an off-grid wind and solar powered living lab, was designed by Angie and built by her family in 2004. In 2007, she used her home to satisfy the requirements of her Masters degree in electrical engineering. Suncatcher Solar has completed an extensive 36

TERA Environmental Consultants LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Calgary, AB

TERA Environmental Consultants is a mid-sized, environmental consulting firm incorporated in Alberta in 1983 that provides environmental consulting services for the energy sector. The company’s headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta, with offices strategically placed in Medicine Hat and Hanna, Alberta, Victoria, B.C. as well as staff located in Edmonton, Alberta; Jasper, Alberta; Fernie, B.C. and St. John’s, Newfoundland.

TERA provides a full range of assessment services including Environmental Impact Assessments, Cumulative Effects Assessments and Environmental Site Assessments for any scale of project. TERA has worked on numerous assessments under various jurisdictions with particular expertise in the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and how this relates to the National Energy Board Act.

TERA has worked on thousands of projects related to route selection for pipelines, powerlines, well sites and access roads, as well as providing environmental mitigation and reclamation strategies.

TERA provides full life cycle (cradle to grave) environmental planning from conceptual project planning through regulatory applications, construction, reclamation, postconstruction monitoring, auditing to decommissioning.

Tervita Corporation


Weyburn, SK

We are a new environmental and energy services company with a 25-year history, comprised of some old familiar names. Hazco. Concord. Beck. You may have known us as CCS. But now, these and nine other affiliated companies will be known together as Tervita. Collectively, we offer the energy industry a comprehensive suite of services covering every stage of the production lifecycle, from development to reclamation.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

VOTING MEMBERS We partner with North American natural resource and industrial companies that share our values, and work with them to create a sustainable future. For all earth’s inhabitants.

Safety is our highest priority. By meeting or exceeding government and industry health and safety standards we strive to ensure productive, healthy futures in an incidentfree workplace – not only for our employees, but also their family members, our contractors, all other Tervita stakeholders and every community in which we perform our work.

Tervita will help you minimize impact and maximize returns, serving with professionalism, efficiency and innovation. And we will safeguard the future with the same passion and commitment.

Tetra Tech Infrastructure & Environmental LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Tetra Tech is a multi-disciplined engineering and consulting firm that provides innovative solutions for the natural resource management, energy, and infrastructure markets in Saskatchewan and globally. Tetra Tech is a leading provider of engineering consulting, environmental services, project management, and construction services. We have more than 13,000 employees worldwide and capabilities that span the entire project lifecycle. Locally in Saskatchewan our firm employs over 150 staff which offer services in: • Environmental Earth Sciences (Phase I, II and III) Environmental Site Assessments • Contaminated Site Remediation

• Risk Assessment

• Hydro-geological Assessments; etc.

• Environmental Management (Compliance Audits, Environmental Management Plans and Systems, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, etc.) • Industrial Hygiene (Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Assessments, etc.)

• Environmental Impact Assessments, and Environmental Licensing.

petroleum, and aerospace amongst others). For further information please visit us online at:

Thurber Engineering Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Edmonton, AB

Thurber Engineering Ltd. provides environmental consulting services, including Phase I, II and III site assessments, soil and groundwater investigations, remediation planning, reclamation and project management, land capability assessments, hydrogeology and groundwater supply, and environmental impact assessments. Thurber also provides geotechnical, geological, and materials engineering and testing services. Thurber has more than 200 employees in nine offices across Canada, and is wholly owned by its senior employees. With more than 50 years of experience we have built our reputation by working closely with clients to provide timely, high-value solutions and technical support.

Titan Clean Energy Projects Corporation LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Titan Clean Energy Projects Corporation is a project developer in biomass renewable energy and bio-products through the planning and construction of projects in the clean technology marketplace. Titan manufactures absorbents and bio-char to service the oilfield, mining and retail sectors. Titan can also safely process various contaminated materials, thereby reducing landfill waste in Saskatchewan. Titan Clean Energy Projects delivers clean biomass energy, fuels and products to the North American marketplace using only renewable agricultural, forestry and municipal by-products.

With a wealth of in-house expertise, Tetra Tech is able to provide a Total-Solution package to our clients. We specialize in being able to bring the right team to the table, whether it comprises discipline-specific talent (environmental, electrical, mechanical, structural, civil or other engineers and scientists) or industry-specific talent (mining, nuclear, Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


VOTING MEMBERS Trace Associates Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

valid, and comprehensive information for your prospective job-searching and hiring needs.

Calgary, AB

Trace Associates Inc. (Trace) is a leading firm in providing environmental consulting services to energy, real estate, and development clients throughout Western Canada. We possess an energetic team of professionals and we take pride in our enthusiasm, focus on safety, and client responsiveness. Trace values its employees and provides a rewarding and collaborative working environment, where team members possess the opportunity to work on projects with renowned clients, and grow and develop their careers and skill sets within the firm.

Our goal is to ensure the majority of our team is included in the ownership of our firm.

Tundra Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Stettler, AB

Tundra Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling is a company that has been serving Western Canada since 2001. We service southern Alberta from Calgary and Northern Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and Nortwest Territories from Leduc and Stettler. We also have a base outside of Weyburn to service Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Our fleet consist of 18 drill units capable of rotary, solid/ hollow stem augering, direct push (with EC) and coring. Heated trailers for your comfort.

We are approved to work for the major oil and gas companies.

University of Regina Career Centre LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

The University of Regina Career Centre offers a variety of services for students and employers. Whether you are a student trying to choose a career direction, or looking for full-time, summer, part-time, or co-op employment, or an employer looking to hire a student to fulfill your business needs, the University of Regina Career Centre has something for you! We strive to give you the most current, 38

University of Saskatchewan Industry Liaison Office (ILO) LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

The ILO, a department of the University of Saskatchewan, works proactively with the business community to raise awareness of research investment and partnership opportunities at the University. As individuals, we are experienced and well trained in the many facets of technology transfer. Many of us have a business, science, engineering, research and/or legal background. We are keen to help U of S researchers, faculty, staff and students identify inventions arising from their research and to work with them to protect and commercialize promising new technology. Our services include: • Technology Evaluation & Review • Marketing and Commercialization • Prototype Development • Patenting • Licensing • Start-up Company Program • Confidential Disclosure Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements • Education Programs

University of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainability LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Graduate School at the University of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

VOTING MEMBERS University of Saskatchewan Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection (WSEP) LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

The University of Saskatchewan encompasses 755 hectares of land in and around Saskatoon plus multiple remote research and teaching sites throughout Saskatchewan. Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection (WSEP) provides corporate leadership and action in the area of environmental stewardship and protection for all University lands and activities. WSEP works with all members of the University community (faculty, staff and students) as well as the greater Provincial community in the responsible guardianship of land, air and water resources, especially our river frontage and public green spaces, for the future generations of Saskatchewan. As a trainer of future leaders, we strive to demonstrate proactive change and responsible consumption of each of our resources.

Regina, SK


Vertex Professional Services is a Western Canadian based company with over 30 years of experience delivering land, environmental, vegetation management and safety services. Vertex’s experienced and diverse group of professionals offer a full range of environmental services including planning, approvals, assessments, reclamation, and remediation. In recent years, Vertex has expanded to offer vegetation management (invasive species control) and safety services such as Training, Medical, Air, Program development, and emergency response planning. Our mission is to develop and provide sustainable, cost effective solutions to your land, environment and safety challenges.

Viterra Safety, Health & Environment LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

A unique service to Viterra is our carbon credit program that is available to farm operations. Currently, this program is only offered in Alberta. Viterra continues to look to expand this program to new jurisdictions as opportunities develop. Please visit for more details on this and other initiatives.

Water Resource Consultants Ltd.

Vertex Professional Services LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Viterra provides premium quality ingredients to leading global food manufacturers. Headquartered in Canada, the global agri-business has extensive operations across Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Our growing international presence also extends to offices in Japan, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine, Germany, Spain and India. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we operate in three distinct businesses: grain handling and marketing, agri-products, and processing. Viterra’s expertise, close relationships with producers, and superior logistical assets allow the Company to consistently meet the needs of the most discerning enduse customers, helping to fulfill the nutritional needs of people around the world.

Regina, SK

Water Resource Consultants Ltd. specializes in water resource engineering, hydrology, hydraulics, water aspects of environmental projects, fish designs, irrigation and flood control.

Water Security Agency LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Moose Jaw, SK

The Water Security Agency is mandated to ensure safety of Saskatchewan’s drinking water supplies, protect water quality, ensure sustainability of surface and ground water supplies, reduce flood risks and own and manage the province’s public policy water management dams and supply channels. It also leads implementation of the 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan. Specific responsibilities include:

• Allocation of surface and ground water;

• Planning for water supply; • Water conservation;

• Protection of drinking water;

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


VOTING MEMBERS • Regulation of municipal waterworks and limited scope water pipelines;

• Regulation of municipal wastewater treatment facilities; • Setting water quality objectives; • Source water protection planning; • Protection of aquatic habitat; • Environmental flows; • Management and ensuring safety of provincial dams; • Developing or acquiring new water management infrastructure; • Flow and lake level forecasting; • Flood forecasting; • Identifying flood hazard; • Flood response planning; • Drought planning; and • Information on water.

Water Security Agency Drinking Water and Wastewater Management Division LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

The Water Security Agency is mandated to ensure safety of Saskatchewan’s drinking water supplies, protect water quality, ensure sustainability of surface and ground water supplies, reduce flood risks and own and manage the province’s public policy water management dams and supply channels. It also leads implementation of the 25Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan.

Specific responsibilities for the Drinking Water and Wastewater Management Division include: • Protection of drinking water; • Regulation of municipal waterworks and limited scope water pipelines; • Regulation of municipal wastewater treatment facilities; • Setting drinking water and wastewater quality objectives.

Waterloo Environmental Biotechnology Inc. (WEB-i) LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Hamilton, ON

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) Enhanced Phytoremediation Systems (PEPS) have been successfully developed through a collaboration between Waterloo Environmental Biotechnology, Earthmaster Environmental Strategies and the University of Waterloo.

These remediation systems are based on multiple complementary techniques that target different aspects of petroleum and salt impacted soil remediation. The result is enhanced systems with improved and accelerated remediation kinetics. This leads to more rapid and more complete removal of hydrocarbons and salt from soil.

Importantly, PEPS not only removes hydrocarbons from soil, but results in their metabolism to non-toxic molecules. For salt, PEPS provides plant tolerance to elevated salt levels, allowing better plant growth with commensurate sodium chloride up-take into above-ground plant tissue.

Western Alfalfa Milling Co. Ltd. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Norquay, SK

Western Alfalfa Milling Co. Ltd. produces dehydrated alfalfa pellets that are used in the reclamation and remediation industries. Our “Alfalfa Green” is a ”green” reclamation product, which will: • Facilitate hydrocarbon breakdown through a bioremediation process; • Boost soil microbe levels;

• Add organic matter to the soil;

• Provide more than just NPK, an all-around fertilizer that will also provide micronutrients like calcium, sulphur, and selenium; • Improve overall soil structure including aeration, moisture retention, and de-compact clays;

• Overall create a better environment for plant root penetration and revegetation success particularly in clay, sandy, or minimal topsoil soils; • Buffer acidic or alkaline soils.

Alfalfa Green is being used on well sites, compressor sites, mining, oil and gas, and pipelines as well as in conjunction with geo-textiles for erosion control.


Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

VOTING MEMBERS It is a “green” solution that works, and has long term success in agriculture as a soil amendment, anti-compaction agent, fertilizer and soil additive. It can also be used in landfarming systems to improve the efficiency of hydrocarbon breakdown, or other remediation projects involving phyto- or bio-remediation.

Western Heritage LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Founded in 1990, Western Heritage is a private Canadian corporation with its Head Office in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Western Heritage provides specialized geomatic services (geospatial modeling and analytics, geodatabases, imagery, vegetation and terrain analysis), near surface geophysics (ground penetrating radar, gradiometry, magnetic susceptibility), First Nations Engagement (Cultural Landscapes), heritage management including historical research and built environment studies, archaeology (Stage 1 to 4) and geoarchaeology services (including relative dating). Western Heritage delivers these services from offices in Alberta (Grande Prairie, St. Albert and Calgary), Saskatchewan (Saskatoon and Regina). Manitoba (Swan River and Winnipeg) and Ontario (Thunder Bay).

Why use Western Heritage? When we ask our clients, these are values they mention: • Trusted: Western Heritage does it right the first time; • Timely: Western Heritage has the resources to deliver on time; • Experienced: No matter how difficult the problem is, Western Heritage’s senior management team has the industry experience to provide a cost effective solution. Western delivers this via a highly educated staff (50% of the staff have one or more post-graduate degrees), ISO certified quality management program, and an Enform certified Safety program.

North America. The Company’s objectives are to define and develop a world-class potash deposit in an ecologically sustainable, economically efficient and socially responsible manner. Western Potash Corp. provides shareholders with an opportunity to participate in the blue-chip dominated potash mining industry. Western Potash Corp. has over 860,000 acres of potash permits and applications in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Western Potash was able to raise in excess of 45 million CAD from institutional and retail investors, including the IPO in May 2008.

WorleyParsons Canada LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

WorleyParsons is a leading provider of professional services to the energy, resource and complex process industries. We provide services to the following sectors; Hydrocarbons, Minerals & Metals, Infrastructure, and Power. WorleyParsons is a dynamic company whose success has resulted from outstanding project delivery for clients around the world. In doing so we work through all five phases of an asset’s lifecycle, customising our services for each sector.

Western Potash Corp. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

Western Potash Corp. is a potash development company focused on building an efficient potash solution mine in Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association



Edmonton, AB

ATCO Electric is a member of the ATCO Group of Companies - one of Canada’s premier corporations. We are an Alberta, investor-owned utility delivering electric energy to customers throughout northern and east-central Alberta. In these resource rich areas of the province, electricity is an essential component of industrial development.

Albertans count on ATCO Electric for the safe, reliable delivery of electricity to their homes, farms, and businesses. ATCO Electric serves almost two-thirds of the province, delivering electric energy to petroleum and forestry companies, farms, towns and cities, First Nations and Métis Settlements.


Calgary, AB

ECO Canada (Environmental Careers Organization) develops programs that help individuals build meaningful environmental careers, provides employers with resources to find and keep the best environmental practitioners, and informs educators and governments of employment trends to ensure the ongoing prosperity of this growing sector.

The organization offers a suite of resources designed to meet the professional needs of this rapidly growing industry, including the ECO Job Board – Canada’s Largest Environmental Job Board, certification for environmental practitioners, a wage-subsidy internship program, professional development opportunities, and labour market information.

Northlands College Mining LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Air Ronge, SK

Northlands College is one of eight publicly funded regional colleges in the province of Saskatchewan. The College serves the northern half of the province with a population base comprised of 80% First Nations and Métis peoples spread across more than 45 small, remote communities. Northlands College is governed by a board of directors. The mission of Northlands College is to provide quality education and training programs and services that will 42

meet the development and employment needs of Northerners, enhance social and economic development, and prepare Northerners to participate in the labour market. The College has the following goals:

• Develop a skilled northern workforce to meet local, regional and provincial labour market needs.

• Maximize education and training opportunities and develop a more integrated, effective and sustainable delivery system through collaboration, coordination and partnerships. • Deliver relevant programs and services that respond to the needs identified by northern stakeholders. • Adopt inclusive approaches to achieve equitable opportunity and student success.

• Improve accountability to public for the use of resources and achievement of outcomes.

In serving the education and training needs of northern Saskatchewan, Northlands College provides a wide array of programs in the areas of basic education, technical and vocational training, and university courses through the three campus centres located in Buffalo Narrows, La Ronge, and Creighton. Programs typically are delivered in partnership with a variety of organizations, agencies, businesses and northern communities.

Petroleum Technology Research Centre LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

PTRC is a not-for-profit research and development organization with offices in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

It was founded in 1998 by the Government of Canada’s Natural Resources Department, the Government of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Research Council and the University of Regina, with support from the western Canadian oil and gas industry. Highlights

• Manages the world’s largest CO2 Storage Project (IEAGHG Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project).

• Manages Saskatchewan’s first integrated CO2 capture, transport, injection and storage project in a deep saline formation, Aquistore.

• Advances enhanced oil recovery technologies through the STEPS Business-Led Network or Centres of Excellence.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

NON-VOTING MEMBERS • Investigates Saskatchewan’s subsurface through the Saskatchewan Phanerozoic Fluids and Petroleum Systems Project. • Completed the most extensive field trials and research project involving solvent vapour extraction technologies (JIVE Project). Main research providers include the Saskatchewan Research Council and the University of Regina. PTRC is located in Regina’s Innovation Research Park, adjacent to the University of Regina campus.

Organization websites: • • • •

Prince Albert Model Forest LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Prince Albert, SK

The Prince Albert Model Forest (PAMF) is a non-profit partnership of forest users committed to the sustainability of Saskatchewan’s forests through research, education and the equitable sharing of forest resources. We are supported by direct funding from the Canadian Forest Service and by partner contributions and belong to the Canadian Model Forest Network and the International Model Forest Network. The goals of the PAMF are to work with forest communities to develop governance models for creating new resourcebased opportunities, to build capacity among local people including Aboriginal communities, to manage those resources and new opportunities, to provide the tools and the forum that brings diverse groups together to integrate land management, develop ideas and find solutions that lead to community sustainability. Since it began in 1992, the PAMF has gained credibility as a leader in integrated resource management, and has developed strong partnerships linking industry, governments, aboriginal groups, communities, and researchers. We are recognized internationally and nationally for our strength in aboriginal partnerships.

Rod Dickinson Consulting Inc. LOC AT ION : T EL:

Regina, SK 306-545-1879

Organizational and strategic organization consulting. Public policy.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Livestock Branch LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture fosters a commercially viable, self-sufficient and sustainable agriculture and food sector, and healthy, diverse rural communities. Working with individuals, businesses, communities and governments, Saskatchewan Agriculture assists farmers and ranchers, encourages higher value production and processing and promotes sustainable economic and social development in rural Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Agriculture administers environmental legislation governing intensive livestock and pesticide applicators. The department is also working to develop and implement environmental farm planning and supports green cover, riparian area development and protection.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment Environmental Assessment Branch LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

Environmental Assessment The Environmental Assessment Branch is a part of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. The Branch is responsible for the administration of The Environmental Assessment Act of Saskatchewan. The Act ensures that developments that proceed in the province do so with adequate environmental safeguards and in a manner that is understood by and broadly acceptable to the public and the Minister of the Environment.

The Branch • Provides a range of guidance documents to assist proponents and the public with the environmental assessment process. • Administers a government-wide, comprehensive and integrated decision-making process for projects with potentially significant environmental impacts. • Identifies projects that require review, determines the level of that review based on the potential for significant

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


NON-VOTING MEMBERS environmental impacts and/or public concern and ensures that all relevant information is considered in project reviews. • Advises the Minister on the overall administration of the Act and opportunities to improve methods of environmental assessment.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment Industrial Branch LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

The Industrial Branch’s focus within the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment centers around the regulatory and compliance functions of mining and industrial activities to ensure that the environment and human health are protected from potential adverse effects of these activities. The Industrial Branch is responsible for the management of the Mining and Industrial Environmental Protection Program, Spills/Hazmat Response Program, Impacted (Contaminated) Sites Program, Hazardous Substances and Waste Dangerous Goods (HSWDG) Program and the Operational component of the Air Quality Program.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure Materials and Testing W EBS I T E:

Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure works to optimize transportation’s contribution to the social and economic benefit of the Province by building, preserving, and regulating the safe use of the transportation system. Engineering Standards Branch develops and implements policies, standards and procedures, plus provides the Ministry with leadership and guidance through technical expertise.

SaskEnergy/TransGas Environment & Sustainability LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

TransGas, a wholly owned subsidiary of SaskEnergy, owns and operates natural gas transmission, gathering, compression, and storage facilities within Saskatchewan. TransGas and its affiliates, Bahurst Gas and Many Islands Pipe Line (Canada) Limited (MIPL), own and operate over 14,200 kilometres of gathering and transmission pipelines in Saskatchewan. TransGas’ 11 storage facilities can store up to 44 billion cubic feet (Bcf) or 1,240 million cubic metres (106m3) of gas. TransGas transports natural gas for more than 120 customers. SaskEnergy operates more than 67,000 km of gas distribution pipelines and has more than 358,000 customers.




Regina, SK 1-800-SASKTEL

SaskTel is the leading full service communications provider in Saskatchewan, offering competitive voice, data, dial-up and high speed internet, entertainment and multimedia services, security, web hosting, text and messaging services, and cellular and wireless data services over its fully digital networks.

SaskTel also provides security monitoring services through SecurTek, directory services through DirectWest and telecommunications consulting services through SaskTel International. SaskTel and its wholly-owned subsidiaries have a workforce of 5,100 full-time, part-time and temporary employees.

SaskTel is a provincial Crown Corporation and has delivered leading-edge telecommunications to the people of Saskatchewan for 100 years.

SpringBoard West Innovations Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

SpringBoard West Innovations Inc. (SBWI) helps people transform ideas and innovations into commercial reality. SBWI has services for entrepreneurs at every stage of a business’s development.

Venture Runways is for people starting out in business and is open to all entrepreneurs regardless of whether their


Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

NON-VOTING MEMBERS business idea is a technology-based innovation. The nineweek training program helps people examine both their idea and the opportunity from all angles to figure out the critical success factors. At the end of Venture Runways, entrepreneurs are able to articulate the key points of their business idea and how they will carry through to point themselves on a pathway to success. Once entrepreneurs have a solid sense of their idea, they access WheelsUP! Commercialization Services. Here, clients work one-on-one with SBWI staff to build a business around the innovation. Drawing from years of experience in business, advisors customize their advice to the project, and use research to build knowledge and fill any gaps in the strategy. SBWI can help build business plans, enhance financial models, and coach clients through their first sales calls. They serve as a sounding board for any issues the entrepreneur may have. Competitive Intelligence services are available to both WheelsUP! clients and any existing business that needs to stay on top of a dynamic competitive environment. Alternate products can be developed and launched quickly by competitors. By keeping an eye on the horizon and monitoring the competitions’ actions and patents filed, SBWI helps clients react swiftly and make the best possible decisions about their business strategy. Offering programming for budding entrepreneurs, tailored advice for people launching a business, and competitive intelligence for existing businesses, SpringBoard West Innovations helps entrepreneurs at all levels. SBWI has offices in Regina and Saskatoon.

WMCZ Lawyers and Mediators LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Exceptional People Serving Exceptional Clients Wallace Meschishnick Clackson Zawada (WMCZ) provides legal services from its offices in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. While our firm handles all types of legal work, we believe we are particularly suited to providing the broad variety of services that are necessary for solving and managing environmental issues. Our lawyers are recognized as experienced and knowledgeable practitioners by colleagues and clients alike. We have assisted organizations such as Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management, Farm Credit Canada and Viterra, to name just a few. In

addition, we are active in environmental organizations such as SEIMA and the Centre for Studies in Agriculture, Law and the Environment (CSALE). One of our most valuable services for clients involves communicating with government bodies. Our lawyers have worked with all levels of government departments: federal, provincial and municipal. Assistance provided includes alternative dispute resolution, review of proposed legislation and regulations, development of bylaws, drafting legislation and advocacy.

Learn More At WMCZ, we pride ourselves on providing innovative yet practical advice in traditional types of law, as well as emerging areas. Please visit our website at for further information. We also invite you to get in touch with our clients to find out more about our services; contact us for references.


Regina, SK

Wascana and Upper Qu’Appelle Watersheds Association Taking Responsibility (WUQWATR) is a non-profit organization formed by local residents to support and direct the implementation of “Getting to the Source,” the Upper Qu’Appelle River and Wascana Creek Watersheds Source Water Protection Plan. This plan was developed by community members from four Watershed Advisory Committees working with the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority and the support of technical experts. This plan was completed and published in March 2008, and WUQWATR was created to ensure that the recommendations developed by the community are implemented. WUQWATR also exists to act as a community voice on water issues in the watersheds, and to promote stewardship by individuals, businesses and local communities. WUQWATR works with all levels of government, with other stewardship groups, and non-governmental and private agencies, to complete the key actions contained in the Source Water Protection Plan. WUQWATR endeavours to work with the Upper Qu’Appelle River and Wascana Creek Watershed area to ensure that every person has a safe and reliable source of drinking water.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association



Gary Nieminen, P.Eng.

Expertise in hydrology, water supply, irrigation, and sustainability.

Extensive experience in muicipal infrastructure at a senior level.



Regina, SK


Regina, SK

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

RECIPROCAL MEMBERS AMC - Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

AMC is first and foremost a lobby association that speaks on behalf of the interests of the agricultural manufacturing industry. By serving as the voice of an important valueadded sector in the Canadian economy, AMC has the ability to effectively articulate the views of this industry to both domestic and foreign governments. AMC’s expertise is derived from the voluntary involvement of numerous capable industry owners and managers who serve on committees and an elected board of directors that guide the perspective and position of the association on industry issues. AMC’s report card grades the character of the organization through the issues it has lobbied, such as harmonization of interprovincial legislation, Goods and Services Tax, transportation, investment tax credits, trade restrictions, labour standards, Workers’ Compensation legislation, Occupational Health and Safety legislation, Dealer Purity legislation in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Trade Union legislation, Steel price increases, revamping of the Farm Implement Act in Saskatchewan and Lobbying changes in Legislation regarding depreciation of new and used agricultural equipment. AMC assists small manufacturers by providing expertise on modern employment policy, safety standards and programs, and labour standards, among others.

Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan (CES) LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan (CES) is a non-profit association representing the business interests of the majority of consulting engineering and consulting geoscience firms in Saskatchewan. The mission of CES is to strengthen the consulting engineering and geoscience industry through informing, educating, and raising awareness of the services our members offer. As the business voice of the consulting engineering and geoscience industry in Saskatchewan, CES is the link between private industry, government, purchasers, decision makers, and owners.

Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA) LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Edmonton, AB

The Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA) is a not-for-profit business association dedicated to the development of a strong environmental services industry by facilitating leadership and promoting continuing improvement in technology, human resources and sustained market development. Established in 1987, the ESAA is one of Canada’s leading environment industry associations with over 200 member organizations. Dedicated to building a strong environment industry, the ESAA is a business association with a business approach to providing programs leading to its members’ corporate success.

GreenRoots Sustainable Living Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

GreenRoots Sustainable Living Inc. (GreenRoots) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating environmental, economic, and social development and empowerment in rural and urban communities at home and abroad through projects that make use of local and/or Indigenous knowledge and green initiatives in order to eliminate poverty and to generate economic, environmental, and social benefits framed by human values. Our activities include, but are not limited to the following: • Workshop facilitation on private sector and new environmental technologies links for and with Indigenous communities

• Interactive community development and empowerment for sustainable resource development • Educational skill development for project sustainability

GreenRoots works with the local and/or Indigenous knowledge of each community in conjunction with new green initiatives to generate positive community impacts. Our mission is to promote the creation of progressive sustainable rural and urban communities based on existent economic, environmental, social strengths, and local decision making. GreenRoots has worked with Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups in Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Nepal, and Peru.

Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA) LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Winnipeg, MB

The environment sector represents a sizable industry in Manitoba. A commitment to the environment and positive

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


RECIPROCAL MEMBERS legislative and policy frameworks have created a context for the growth of the environmental industry in both the domestic and export markets. The Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA) is a non-profit organization that is committed to connecting business, government and interested stakeholders with environmental issues and opportunities. It has in place: an Executive, a Board of Directors, six volunteer committees and is staffed by an Executive Director and Program Coordinator. Our mission is to promote environmental sustainability and high standards for service and ethics. MEIA carries out this mission by organizing and conducting activities to: serve the learning and information needs of our members; promote environmentally sound industry initiatives; facilitate business development opportunities; and initiate positive change in policy and regulatory frameworks.

Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

Our Mission: • As an advocate for community and environment, SWRC will lead in addressing the underlying causes of waste by identifying opportunities, creating connections and promoting solutions.

Southeast Saskatchewan Airshed Association (SESAA) LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Regina, SK

SESAA is the Southeast Saskatchewan Airshed Association, incorporated in October 2005. We are a non-profit organization of public, industry, government, and nongovernment members. Our goal is to collect credible, scientifically defensible air quality data for the southeast Saskatchewan region, and to make this data freely available to all stakeholders. Our objective is to bring together stakeholders from all backgrounds to identify local air quality issues and to develop innovative solutions for managing these issues. Diverse stakeholder representation recognizes concerns specific to the region, and encourages solutions that are tailored to address local needs. The southeast Saskatchewan airshed encompasses an area of approximately 36,800 square kilometres. Our boundaries were established based on common history, meteorology, and funding considerations. Key economic activities in our region include agriculture, oil and gas, power generation, mining, and transportation.

Our Goals: • To provide accurate, balanced waste reduction information. • To encourage networking and partnership development. • To offer input on policies which deal with solid and hazardous waste.

Our Activities: Semi-annual update forum events, participation on stakeholder committees, publications, response to inquiries, composting promotion and training, Annual Waste Minimization Awards, maintaining “recycling in Saskatchewan” database.

South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Inc. LOC AT ION : W EBS I T E:

Saskatoon, SK

The SSRWSI is a grassroots, community driven, non-profit organization working within the watershed to implement programs and initiatives that will protect water resources. 48

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan Ph.D. (Ongoing)

Naveenji Arun is currently working on his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.

Davida Bentham

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan

I am in my second year of Northern Studies in the stream of environmental assessment. I am very interested in the effects non-renewable resource development and climate change is having on Northern Communities traditional way of life and community sustainability. I am very involved in Oxfam Canada working as a volunteer and campus executive member. In addition I am active in the community volunteering with Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Canadian Blood Services. Northern Studies (Environmental Stream).

Land Use and Environmental Studies from the University of Saskatchewan. Continued with studies pursueing a Masters of Environment and Sustainability in Sept 2010 at the University of Saskatchewan which is expected in early 2013.

Jania Chilima

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainability Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and Social Sciences

Jania is interested in environmental impact assessments as well as water resources management. Jania is also interested in how to apply community-based participatory research (CBPR) methods in understanding stakeholder relationships in decision-making about development at a watershed scale; as well as risk assessment and communication, especially those originating from waterborne diseases/illnesses/use.

Matthew Cleaveley

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan

Melissa Brausse

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan

My relative job experience has included working for Clifton Associates Ltd. for the past two summers. I am originally from Maidstone, SK. I came to University straight out of high school knowing Environmental Earth Sciences was for me. I have loved my program ever since I started. Last year I became involved with the Environmental Studies Students Association. I was the secretary and treasurer last year and this year I have moved into the Vice President position. My ultimate career goal is to become an environmental consultant in the oil and gas industry.

Amanda Burke

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainability Graduate Studies, B.Sc., Honours

Worked from 2008 to 2011 with the Meewasin Valley Authority in Saskatoon as a GIS Analyst and Planning Technician, managing a spatial information database, performing GIS analysis, and creating management and restoration plans for conservation areas. Then left to move into a management positon as an Environmental Projects Coordinator with the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards in 2011 where I am currently employed. Graduated in 2008 with Bachelors of Science (Honours) in

Have worked in the agricultural and mining industries. Worked with Uranium. Currently on a one year internship with Mosaic Potash Colonsay. Matthew is in his 4th year studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. He is interested in working in the mining industry and implementing new technologies.

Nathan David

Regina, SK University of Regina

2nd year of study: Petroleum System Engineering

Corey Hickson

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan

Currently a University student with experience in a research laboratory and with experience at SCI FI Science Camps. I am interested in chemical and environmental engineering. I enjoy water based engineering.

Joseph Laszlo

Lloydminster, SK University of Regina B.Sc. Economics

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association


STUDENT MEMBERS Joseph is currently finishing his B.Sc. in Economics at the University of Regina and is working towards a B.Sc. in Geology. He works part time at the University as a research assistant as well as with the Canadian Forces Naval Reserve as a MARS Officer.

Tarryn McNaughton

Ramy Saadeldin

Regina, SK University of Regina

Geotechnical Engineering : Mine waste Management

Regina, SK University of Regina

Kelsey Schaeffer

Ayodele Olagunju

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainability B.Sc., Urban & Regional Planning Obafemi Awolowo University

Ayodele holds a First Class (hons) degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. Before joining a multi-national telecom company as a business development executive in 2006, he has worked as a physical planning intern and community development officer. His academic interests are in environmental assessment, resource planning, and policy development. His dream is to pursue a career primarily in teaching and research, and also in environmental consulting, with the aim of making informed contributions to environmental decisions both locally and in the global context. He is currently working for his MES thesis on “Selecting valued ecosystem components for cumulative effects in EIAs of road construction projects in Canada�. Ayodele loves traveling and spending time with his family.

Candace Piper

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan Ph.D. (Ongoing)

Aniekan Udofia

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainability M.Sc., Ph.D. Candidate Human and Ecological Risk Assessment

Amie Vowles

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan

I am a second year undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Renewable Resource Management. I have a strong interest in the environment and a desire to understand how what I do influences my surroundings.

Jinfei Wang

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, SK University of Saskatchewan

I am a M.Sc. student studying how smooth brome, an invasive grass, changes belowground processes, such as nutrient cycling. I am interested in grassland ecology, and in the conservation and restoration of ecosystems.

Current year of Study: 4th, Full-time Student Is interested in becoming involved with SEIMA as a volunteer.

Ling Zhou

Regina, SK University of Regina Masters

Amrutha Raghu

Regina, SK University of Regina Environmental Systems Engineering Renewable Resource Management: Resource Economics and Policy

challenges and opportunities. Passion towards green eco has helped me direct my career towards environment.

Biodiesel Production, CO2 absorption, water treatment

To use my technical proficiency in an interdisciplinary field of environmental systems engineering that fosters 50

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association

Why join the K+S Potash Student Chapter? Networking, Career Resources, Industry Updates, Legislative Updates, Workshops and Conferences….

Opportunity! SAVINGS

Student members get DEEPLY discounted rates at all SEIMA events.


SEIMA helps facilitate face time with industry employers and decision makers – the people YOU WANT TO KNOW.


When attending a SEIMA event, student members enjoy the benefit of a personal ambassador who will help you meet important contacts in the room.


Stay up to date on the rapidly changing scene in environmental practice – technological developments, best practices, legislative changes.


Student members are the first in line for volunteer opportunities that will get you into SEIMA events FREE.


Serving on one of SEIMA’s many committees will give you an insider’s edge on what’s happening in the industry.

ENVIRONMENTAL CAREERS SPEED - MENTORING EVENINGS Face time to the max with people in the know! How sweet is that! Contact SEIMA for details: Sponsored By

Member Benefits

SEIMA is dedicated to promoting the interests and professional development of Saskatchewan's environmental businesses and managers. We’re growing Saskatchewan’s environmental business. SEIMA members benefit from continuous updates on environmental legislation, regulations, technology trends, business contacts and, of course, potential opportunities:

SEIMA members enjoy significant discounts on trade show, conference, seminar, and networking luncheon and breakfast registrations.

The SEIMA website: At the click of a mouse, your SEIMA website listing links with your own website. Customers find you easily!

Professional Development: Bringing new hires up to speed is made so much easier by their attendance at SEIMA events. Professional development programs are targeted at issues of direct relevance to your business.

Networking: Meet and discuss issues with industry colleagues, and explore lucrative business and research collaborations. New employees can increase their value to your operations by making strong connections within the industry through SEIMA events. The Directory and Buyers' Guide: The on-the-shelf tool that customers look for when they need environmental expertise.

Keep your finger on the pulse: SEIMA provides access to up-todate industry intelligence. Conferences and Symposia: Annual professional development opportunities that reveal the cutting edge of technology and practice in environmental stewardship.

Government Liaison: Governments make policies based on what they know. SEIMA monitors legislative and regulatory developments and makes sure its members are "in the know". Career-building for Student Chapter members through networking to develop industry and peer connections

Members-only access to job-posting through the SEIMA Employment Centre website feature.

Daily behind-the-scenes efforts on your behalf by the SEIMA board and staff to set the stage for a vibrant and growing environmental industry in Saskatchewan! For more information, go to:

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