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Rumana Wellbeing Programme The Art of Feeling Great By Rumana Zahn


Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction

Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction

Contents Acknowledgements About the Author Introduction What is Wellbeing? Wellbeing at Work Aims of Rumana Wellbeing Programme The Philosophy of Rumana Wellbeing Programme Benefits of the Rumana Wellbeing Programme

The Three Steps: Assess, Plan, Act

The Six Zones of Wellbeing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Life: This is Your Life Body: “Hey Gorgeous!” Mind: A Clear Thinking Mind Emotions: I Feel Good Spirit: My Philosophy of Life Environment: The World is Your Oyster

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Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction

Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction 5

About the Author Acknowledgements A deep-hearted thanks to all of you who helped me bring this programme to life. I am grateful for the endless energy, enthusiasm, love and support you have all given me.

Rumana Zahn is an eminent Naturopath and Herbal Practitioner. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Rumana has helped thousands of individuals to create the best of health and wellbeing, and has also applied her expertise to enable businesses to flourish into healthy and vibrant workplaces. Rumana runs multi disciplined clinics and health workshops in the North-East of England. She teaches and coaches individuals and businesses in the UK and abroad. With a strong scientific background, Rumana takes a keen interest in the rapid advances in natural health, is active in the promotion of further research and development in the field including being a widely published author and sought after speaker, and is striving towards the integration of complementary health within mainstream medicine.


Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction

Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction

Introduction What is Wellbeing? Wellbeing is a state of being, generally defined by how happy, healthy and prosperous we are. It is our ability to live our lives fully and to our highest potential. What makes us happy, healthy and prosperous is very dependant on understanding our own personal needs, wants and desires. For some wellbeing is the ability to do a 20 -mile run for others it can be an intellectual pursuit of presenting to a 100-person audience. Wellbeing therefore has become a broad term to encompass many different aspects of our life. Much can be done to provide information on

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

health and wellbeing but it is how well we engage and apply ourselves that really creates the opportunity to flourish and reach our full potential. This is ultimately our own personal

World Health Organization, April 1948.

responsibility as achieving wellbeing will require us to make positive decisions about our own life.

Wellbeing takes a broader focus of health to include: physical, mental, social, environmental and spiritual health. It is understood that when we are happy and healthy we are much more fully able to apply ourselves to others and to our work.

Aims of the Rumana Wellbeing Programme The aim of the Rumana Wellbeing Programme is to help you to create a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. To feel fulfilled you will need to know what it is you want, prevent the things that are hurting, blocking and de - motivating you and to courageously make the necessary changes. The programme brings together a way for you to do this thus enhancing the quality of your life. We will look in-depth at the six areas of wellbeing namely: life, body, mind, emotions, spirit and environment. The programme will enable you to develop a deep and trusting relationship with yourself so that you feel empowered and fully committed to bring about the positive changes you want so you can live fully and vibrantly.

The Philosophy of the Rumana Wellbeing Programme To create personal wellbeing we need to broaden our outlook on how we currently view health. Just as a plant needs the right conditions in which to thrive– air, soil, water, sunlight, environment, food, etc.– our requirements as human beings also need to be met on more than one level. Health embraces all levels– mind, body, emotions, spirit, and environment and how we organise and go about our life. Within these areas we have various needs which must be addressed for us to feel fully nourished, healthy, stay well and keep illness at bay.

Wellbeing at Work Many of us spend a great deal of time in our workplaces. It can be an environment, that as an employee there, you will either thrive or just exist (or deteriorate!). Healthy happy individuals are generally more willing to apply themselves to their work, contribute to the workplace and perform better. Achieving wellbeing on a personal level therefore not only creates for a healthy happy organisation but also a more motivated team and hence a better performing workforce. Research conducted by the CIPD shows that this positive approach to organisations wellbeing will have an influence on variables such as staff sickness and turnover.

Living wellbeing requires a balance of various life factors. Based on the theory of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.



Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction

Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction

Our current model of medicine works on fixing the problem predominantly with drugs or surgery. A more holistic model takes into consideration that we can affect a positive change to our health in many ways. We are one living dynamic organism - our mind, body, emotions, environment and spirit work in unison together just one quick thought can create an almost instant reaction in the body. An example of this would be when we are in a situation where we have an embarrassing moment, our mind notices, we feel the emotion, the body responds and we blush almost instantly. Our body is constantly being bombarded with issues, problems, situations, stresses things to deal with and it needs to processes and respond accordingly. When one of these becomes a problem it is likely that this will show up as a symptom and we become affected on many different levels: mind, body, emotions, spirit and environment. Getting rid of the problem and restoring the body back to health becomes our main aim. The western medicine approach is to look at the symptom and treat it with drugs. A holistic model may use a combination of techniques, food, herbs, natural medicines, therapy and support on one or more levels. The focus will often be to work on the primary cause of the dis- ease rather than treating the symptoms alone therefore helping the body find its way back to optimum health.

Changes to our health on a physical level can have a huge impact on our mental health and vice versa. Say if someone is suffering from symptoms such as migraines, irritable bowel or allergies their mood can change and they can become incredibly unhappy even anxious and depressed. This will exacerbate the problems and we know by relaxing we can calm the body down releasing tensions and potentially reducing the effects of the symptoms. Our ‘state’ of being or mind is having a significant impact on our health. The choices we make and the journey back to health can happen in many ways. One can choose anti-depressants for instance to deal with their stress and/or depression but other choices such as talking therapies or even a fitness programme can have a marked affect on the mood. When someone is able to feel that they can do something to help themselves it can be very empowering. This profound affect may not only help to restore health but can make one feel more in control of their own health. There is much that can be done before getting ill or reaching a de motivated state of being. This is where a personal wellbeing programme can help individuals become self -aware and deal with a problem before it happens or gets considerably worse.

Three most important aims a personal wellbeing programme: 1. 2. 3.

Create or enhance wellbeing Help to motivate Enable positive change

Benefits of the Rumana Wellbeing Programme The programme will help move you from: Negative Wellbeing Sick Unhappy Failing Examples of Body Mind -Emotion Spirit-Environment Interactions

Disengaged Stressed

Positive Wellbeing Healthy Happy Prosperous Committed Relaxed



Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction

The Yin and Yang of Wellbeing


Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction


the best you can in life alive and enthusiastic free of illness

able to get out of feeling stuck

able to get out of bed in the morning to start the day stress free! energetic and not feel tired all the time able to manage time and workflow effectively the shape and weight you want to be able to stop harmful habits such as excessive smoking, drinking, drugs fit and healthy and have oodles of confidence

happy and vibrant in harmony at work and home able to enhance and develop good relationships able to develop a deep and trusting relationship with yourself



Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction

Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction

Six Zones of Wellbeing Programme Overview The content of the programme is to help you work through these areas. We will look at:

Making it Happen The following process will help you get the most out of your wellbeing programme. Each step will allow you to assess where you are, plan and apply new learning and then create actions to put the newfound ideas into practice.

Life : This is Your Life! Where am I now? How do I want to be? Get on track

Body : Hey Gorgeous! Food and nutrition Cleaning up the toxins in your body Habits and dependency Body structure, posture, movement, image Get physical!

Mind : A Clear Thinking Mind Enhance self-awareness Manage pressures and stresses Improve concentration, memory and thinking

Emotions : I Feel Good Understanding different emotional states Developing meaningful relationships Express yourself

Spirit : My Philosophy of Life I believe in‌ Valuable values Feeling Connected

Environment : The World is Your Oyster Enjoying my own space Our networks- family, friends, community Connecting with our environments Time

1 2 3

Assess Get to know what makes you happy Areas of attention Wellbeing Indicators

Plan Setting intentions for change Build knowledge Preparation

Act Creating an action plan Committing Making it happen



Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction


Rumana Wellbeing Programme : Introduction



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