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GOT old pairs of specs you no longer need? Local organisation Rotex is asking you to pop them down to The Melbourne Cobbler, who is collecting used glasses on its behalf, for recycling to Africa. Rotex says: “There is a huge demand for used glasses in many third-world countries, and The Melbourne Cobbler is now collecting them, on behalf of Rotex, for re-cycling to Africa. Just drop your old specs (including sunglasses) in to David Gray at his shop in the Market Place, and do your little bit to help!�


DERBYSHIRE Gold Card holders are being urged to check if their cards are still valid – ahead of new technology which will detect if a card has been cancelled. From July 1, upgraded ticket machines on buses throughout the county will be able to identify invalid gold cards. Card holders who are unsure if their card is valid or not should get in touch with their local council.

THREE distinguished local residents have been designated Freewomen and Freeman of the Parish – the first time such honours have been bestowed by Melbourne Parish Council. Jane Carroll, Margaret Sharp and Andrew Jackson were presented with their honorary titles after the council recently adopted a policy to confer such titles. Nominated by Cllr Nigel Collyer, Cllr Andrew Jackson has been on the parish council for 36 years in many roles including chair; he is a voluntary driver for Melbourne Community Care and is often seen driving around the village. He was a founding member on the Melbourne Sporting Partnership board, a founder member of the town band, Male Voice Choir and A Choir’d Taste, a member of the Round Table and “a force for change� in many local groups. Presenting the award, Nigel additionally referred to him as the “chief promoter� of the WW1 Beacon and mentioned his involvement in the Village Voice (which he also co-founded). Accepting the award, Andy said he was “overwhelmed�, and it was a real honour. Joking, he continued: “I never got

married, so had to find lots of other things to do!� Nominated by Cllr David Smith, Cllr Margaret Sharp has served on the parish council for 28 years, during which she has held many roles including two terms as chair. Amongst her community involvement, she was involved with the Melbourne guides and brownies for 25 years, Staunton Women’s Institute for 50 years, a governor at Melbourne Infant School, member of the Kings Newton Residents Association, a trustee on the Gray Greens and Adcock Charity, a former member of the Rotary Club and now an active member of Rotex. She has also championed the cause of the Senior Citizens Centre for many years. Accepting the award, Margaret said: “Bill will tell you, I just can’t say no to anything! Thank you – I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the parish council, although standing down this year, and I shall continue to support in any way I can.� The final award was to Cllr Jane Carroll. Nominated by Cllr Hicklin, Jane has served on the parish council for 32 years, including as chair. She also served on South Derbyshire District

HONOURED ... Andrew Jackson, Jane Carroll and Margaret Sharp with their certificates.

Council as a Labour Party councillor. She has been involved with many different organisations in the village, including Melbourne Junior School governors, Melbourne Play Group, the carnival committee, the Assembly Rooms board, Melbourne Community Care, Melbourne Festival and Melbourne Footpaths Group. Additionally, she spent 20 years as practice nurse at the surgery. Accepting the award, Jane said: “Thank you for this lovely certificate. It has been an honour to serve the commu-

nity and work amongst you. It really is all down to you. I was just there!� Clarifying the council’s decision to make awards this year, Cllr Hicklin explained: “These awards, made under the Local Government Act, are to honour and recognise the tireless work and dedication that individuals have given to the parish of Melbourne and Kings Newton.� She explained that they also decided to confer only five such titles at any one time. – Frank Hughes


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11th June 2019, 8 Days ÂŁ869


Normandy and the D-Day Landings

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: G Complimentary house wine/water with evening meals G Wine tasting one evening at the hotel G Special candlelight dinner on the final evening G Happy hour each day from 5:00pm-7:00pm in hotel cafeteria G >66.+B/A->;<398=9=2/#3-9</>;ope mountain range G >66.+B?3<3==936,+9G?3<3==9%+8=366+8+/6 +;97366+< G T37/38%+8=+8./;,/09;/9>;;/=>;80/;;B49>;8/B G A fr//.+B38<6+=9;/6+AG%/;?3-/<90+&9>; +8+1/;

Northern Portugal & Hidden Gems of Iberia 10th Sept 2019, 10 Days ÂŁ1149

Discover and remember as we visit the D-Day landing beaches of Normandy.

St Tropez, Nice & Monte Carlo By Rail

15th July 2019, 5 Days ÂŁ549

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: G Visit to Pegasus Bridge and the British D Day landing beaches G Visit to the Caen Memorial Museum G Visit to the American D-Day Landing beach and the Overlord Museum G Services of a Tour Manager

30th Sept 2019, 8 Days ÂŁ1099

Austrian Tyrol All Inclusive

%=+B3813898/90><=;3+<:;/==3/<=?366+1/<=23<3<+;/6+A381 holiday to the lovely meadows, mountains and valleys of the Tirol.

Donegal, Giants Causeway & Titanic

15th August 2019, 8 Days ÂŁ749

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: G6638-6><3?/+==2/9=/6;98/ G+36B>00/=;/+50+<= -9>;<//?/83817/+66>8-2 afternoon coffee or tea and cake, soft drinks, drinks, beer and wine available until 10pm G49>;8/B98=2/-2/8<// 9>8=+38;+36@+B G-;>3</98+5/-2/8<// G49>;8/B98=2/)366/;<=/+7;+36@+B@3=2+16+<<90%-28+::< G%/;?3-/<90+&9>; +8+1/;

6th October 2019, 7 Days ÂŁ699

Join us on this superb tour. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: G96.%/;?3-/F6+8 +-:2/;<98 G%/;?3-/<90+&9>; +8+1/; G'3<3==997/<><23<=9;3-%+8-=>+;B;+1++8.'3+89.9+<=/69 G'3<3==9=2/#/8/.+/;/<!+=398+6#+;5@3=26>8-2 G'3<3==9=2/#+6+-/90;/49/3;+'+6/8-++8.=9=2/+;./8 /<=3?+6+=#98=/./37+G'3<3==9%+8=3+19./97:9<=/6+ G%-/83--9+<=+6/A->;<39890=2/9+<=90+63-3+ G16+<<,9==97/.,9+=-;>3</G?3<3==9+@38//<=+=/

Nestled on the waterfront of the French Riviera on the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;route des Mimosasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; the lovely resort of St RaphaĂŤl is a delight with its long promenade and stylish calm atmosphere. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: GA->;<398,B,9+==9%=&;9:/C GA->;<398,B$+36=9 98+-9 98=/+;69 GA->;<398,B-9+-2=9%=#+>6./'/8-/+8.!3-/ G%/;?3-/<90+&9>; +8+1/;

Welcome to the very North of Irelandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wild Atlantic Way, the 3-983-3+8=<+></@+B+8.=2/+@+;.@388381&3=+83-/60+<= /A:/;3/8-/(//A:69;/<:/-=+->6+;79>8=+38<-/8/;B+8.;>11/. -9+<=638/<.3<-9?/;6/1/8.<63<=/8=9=2/+/63-6+81>+1/+8. 90-9>;<//849B=2/;+3- INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: G&9>; +8+1/;F6+823/0=+38 G'3<3==96/8?/+12!+=398+6#+;5+8.+<=6/&2/3+8=< Causeway, Bushmills whiskey Distillery and Titanic Belfast G-;>3</9898/1+6+8.98/1+6+B


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