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NEW play equipment was installed by Melbourne Parish Council in the Lothian Gardens play park, for children to enjoy in time for the school Easter holidays. The new equipment replaces the former slide, climbing wall and ropes which used to be in the same place and which had to be taken out just before the summer holidays of 2018, having been declared unsafe. The previous equipment had been in the playground for many years and was rotting at its base. Parish council chair Sheila Hicklin (pictured with chil-

dren in the play park) said: “The parish council was pleased that the new piece of play equipment was installed in time for the Easter holidays for the children to enjoy. “After consulting the children of Melbourne Junior School as to the type of challenging features that they would like to see on the new equipment, the information was passed back to our supplier Streetscape, which came up with the end result for parish council approval. “At the same time the rubber safety flooring has also been replaced.”

Lead stolen from two church roofs

BRAZEN thieves have stolen large quantities of costly lead from church roofs in Barrow and Stanton – leaving parishioners with the headache of having to find replacements. There has been a spate of lead thefts from churches around the UK over recent months, with thieves climbing up on to roofs in order to remove the valuable material and sell it on for recycling. The latest to be hit in this area is St Wilfrid’s, the grade one listed church in Barrow-upon-Trent, which was targeted some time between April 1 and 4. Around 60 square metres of lead were stolen. Church Warden Anne Heathcote said the first local parishioners were aware of it was when they were having a meeting inside the building and rain started pouring through the roof. She said it was the third time in 25 years that lead had been stolen from the roof of St Wilfrid’s, whose history dates back nearly a millennium. Now Barrow’s church leaders want to persuade official bodies such as Historic England that they can replace the lead with a substitute, so it will no longer attract thieves. “Nearly 95 per cent of the chancel roof lead has gone,” Anne said. “I’m disappointed, frustrated, totally annoyed. I just hope that we can negotiate this by putting something on that isn’t attractive to people.” Over in Stanton-by-Bridge, the theft of lead from the church roof became known to its congregation in exactly the same way – when water started coming through the roof. “Someone was in the church preparing for Sunday morning, and running water was dripping down the walls,” said Bob Wheat, who is warden and treasurer of St Michael’s Church in the village. The theft happened last November, and, six months on, the church has only just succeeded in getting planning permission to replace the lead with a steel substitute. They have still yet to hear back from further official bodies who need to agree it can be put up. A spokesman for Derbyshire Constabulary said: “Officers are aware of the two incidents. However, at this time, there have been no arrests in relation to them. “We understand the upset to local communities and the financial impact that these types of thefts have. “We would appeal to anyone who may have any information about either incident to call 101 and ask to speak to the Mercia Safer Neighbourhood Team.

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J. P. Springthorpe & Co. Funeral Directors 17 POTTER STREET, MELBOURNE DERBYSHIRE DE73 8DW As the only privately owned, family run Funeral Directors in Melbourne, we are able to offer an extremely personal yet professional service at a reasonable cost, both in Leicestershire and Derbyshire. l The bare roof at St Michael’s Church, Stanton-by-Bridge, following the theft of the lead.

“Both of these incidents occurred in small villages and we would urge local people to be vigilant and immediately report any suspicious activity.” – Lucy Stephens

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