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A NEW type of hairdressers has opened up shop on Melbourne’s high street … for dogs! Demand for dog grooming was so high at Sacha Walsh’s previous premises in a converted outbuilding at her Melbourne home that she was turning clients away. So she has now opened a new salon in Derby Road in a former antiques shop. Sacha, owner of Dog Hairs Grooming Room, explained to the Village Voice how it all started: “A lifelong dog lover and owner, I have been grooming my own dogs for nine years, showing three of them at Crufts. I did a ‘groom your own dog’ course with one of my own dogs who adores being groomed, and got hooked from there. “I went on to complete a City & Guilds dog grooming course whilst working for a pharmaceutical company (I have a degree in pharmaceutical and cosmetic science) and I started to groom some dogs in my kitchen at home! “I soon had enough clients and in October 2016 I turned my back on a 20-year career in pharmaceutical science to concentrate all my efforts on building my own business and launching Dog Hairs Grooming.” So what does dog grooming involve? Sacha’s salon has a large height-adjustable electric shower and bath – big enough to hold a Saint Bernard, like Luna, who happily posed for pictures when the Village Voice turned up. There are also electric height adjustable grooming tables, plus dryers, scissors and clippers with different blades. “In basic terms, you could say dog grooming is giving a dog a haircut!” she explained. “This is done to breed standards or to customers’ requirements. In real terms it’s more than just a haircut. As well as

and musical gifts

Unit 8, Melbourne Hall Visitor Centre, Melbourne, Derby DE73 8EN

Tel: 07986 593340

Established 2014

l Sacha Walsh giving her attention to Saint Bernard dog Luna.

keeping a dog clean and its coat in a manageable condition, dog grooming ensures a dog’s health is maintained as we usually see a dog much more often than a vet does. “We check and clean ears and eyes, trim nails, check teeth and gums, notice any lumps, cuts or even parasites on the skin of the dog.” As an owner of five dogs herself – four Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens, Morris and Fantine,

and Fantine’s two pups Theo and Scarlett, plus a Grand Griffon Vendeen called Clarina who was rescued from Spain – Sacha is definitely busy, but says she “absolutely adores” her job. “I have always loved dogs and spending every day taking care of dogs and making them look beautiful is very rewarding. “I especially enjoy working with timid or frightened dogs

and gaining their trust to try and make the grooming process as calm and stress-free as possible.” As well as grooming, Sacha is also aiming to become a specialist raw dog food supplier – a healthier option for dogs that has up until now only been available online from this area, or from Ashby or Derby – as well as offering doggie-themed goodies from her shop. – Lucy Stephens

Sarah wants us to think like a tree

EVER been asked to think like a tree? First-time Melbourne author Sarah Spencer is suggesting you really should … in the first practical personal development book of its kind. Think Like a Tree is Sarah’s written response to her own personal fight against a chronic illness that saw her, as she describes it, in bed for “most of 2015 and into 2016”. Misdiagnosed as having had a stroke, having attended many hospital appointments in a wheelchair, Sarah – a founder director at Whistlewood Common – began to fight her way back to health again by returning to her lifelong love of the natural world, observing and learning from the way trees grow and thrive. Her unique book weaves together her own struggle against illness with a comprehensive, well-researched and detailed analysis of trees and principles of the nat-

ural world. Sarah explains more about the book’s genesis: “When I was recovering from a rare chronic illness I noted the patterns that I saw around me in the woods and applied them in my life to improve my overall wellbeing. “By mimicking the ways nature is

healthy and resilient I was able to heal myself and become happier and more fulfilled in the process.” Having taken around a year to write, Think Like a Tree contains practical exercises at the end of each chapter, suggesting ways in which the reader can connect with nature. In the book, Sarah says: “As humans, when we want to solve problems we turn to experts – teachers, scientists, craftspeople and engineers – but we have been ignoring the artists, builders, artisans, engineers, biologists and chemists that are living all around us in the natural world. They can build materials stronger than steel and tougher than ceramics, and do this without heat or toxic chemicals. They can withstand pressures, heat, drought, drying out, flooding and more.” Think Like a Tree can be bought from Amazon as either an ebook or hard copy.

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