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Figure 1. Small Modern Living Space

Our living space is changing. Smaller homes with fewer rooms are the latest trend. Perhaps this is primarily due to the economy, but whatever the reason there is certainly a shift in the way people use the space in their homes everyday! Here are some of the interesting furniture trends of recent times


Living room trends A current trend for living and family rooms is to combine both in one “great room”; often with an adjacent dining area. The “open concept” approach did not originate in our modern age. It was customary in medieval times to utilize one large room for dining, socializing, and entertaining. The furniture typically associated with just family rooms, can now frequently be witnessed in nearly Figure 2. Open Concept Living Room every room of the house. If you can relax and watch TV there, you are likely to find some type of comfortable oversized chair or recliner. Reclining sofas, love seats, and chairs are now more popular than ever! There are 2 primary reasons for this. The first is that the “boomers” are reaching an age where they appreciate the obvious health benefits, and added comfort, of being able to “prop your feet up” and relax a while. The second reason is that large screen TVs and great rooms have turned “lounging” into a favorite family pastime. There are several brief points I would like to make about living and family room furniture. The first is that the trend today is now toward “solid colors” for the major pieces. This allows you to dramatically change the look of your room easily and inexpensively, simply by changing pillows, an area rug, and some accessories. Another trend is toward less expensive furniture. When our parents bought a living room set, they expected it to last “forever.” Today’s “trendy” shopper,however, wants to be able to buy a new set about every 5 years or so! Overall “comfort” is also much more important than in years past. What used to be called “parlor furniture” is no longer something just “to look at,” and accordingly it must be made with more “user-friendly” fabrics as well! The last point to be made concerns “space.” Sectionals definitely have their appeal, but can be very limiting if you like to “rearrange your room,” or think you will be moving. Sectionals always require exactly the same space and spatial arrangement. However, modular units are composed of individual seats, which can be separated or rearranged. Modular units can also be the solution to putting adequate seating in places that are hard to get to, like basements that 2

have narrow stairways, or tight turns. So can reclining sofas, and love seats, because each seat is able to be taken apart from the frame, and carried down separately.

Insider’s note: Selecting upholstered furniture can be very “challenging.” Just think of everything that has to be considered: the color, style, size, price, “cleanability,” durability, and comfort. The best way to get started is to make a list ranking the relative importance of each. Then make notes about your specific “requirements.” (And don’t forget to take them with you when you go shopping!)

Bedroom furniture trends The most popular trends in bedroom furniture are media chests (to set TVs on), storage beds, and extra large night stands. All 3 are “multifunctional,” which is the big buzzword in the industry right now. Your two most important concerns should be, “how much storage do I need,” and “what size bed would be best.” In choosing a bed, the bigger the better! If you choose a queen size, and sleep with a Figure 3. Storage Beds for Small Bedroom

partner, your space is only 30" in width to sleep on. This compares to a crib size

mattress width that’s approximately 27"! Insider’s note: Invest in a good mattress! Don’t spend so much on the bedroom set that it forces you to compromise on your best choice for a good night’s sleep.


Dining furniture trends

Figure 4. Modern Dining Room

When selecting dining furniture the most important questions are, “how many people do I need to seat,” and “what is the best table size and shape for my space?” Of course, style, finish and chair comfort are important considerations too! Counter height dining tables, which are 36" high, can be easier to stand up and move away from, especially if one has a bad back, or leg problems. Some may come with a butterfly leaf, which conveniently stores underneath the table.

Insider’s note: Be sure to ask about table pads; they offer a lifetime of protection

Garden furniture trends Of course, your garden won’t be complete without furniture of chairs, benches and a table. It can really add beauty and complete your flower garden. Since outdoor stays outside and expose to sunlight and humidity, it is important to choose the best one. Select wood of high quality just like teak wood. Teak wood is a very popular wood used to make ships, furniture, doors, windows, cabinets, chairs etc. because of its durability and quality. It will last for so many years which prevent you from constantly change your furniture in your garden. Antex Furninesia is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor furniture located in Indonesia. Due to the increasing demand of customers for furniture made of teak wood, the company even more makes its best to meet all these demands. Figure 5. Modern Teak Outdoor Furniture by Antex Furninesia


Insider’s note: Connecting to the right source is the first step that you need to do to get what you really wanted. Connect to the right company that provides real high quality products.

Other accessories The accessories you choose can bring your room to life! They make all the difference. Use throw pillows to tie things together, make a splash of color, and help set the mood! Lamps provide style and balance, as well as light. Rugs make a room cozy and more intimate. Pictures and wall art make everything in the room much more interesting! And table accessories can pull it all together. Insider’s note: Go for the total look. You’ll be a lot happier; and your friends will be “amazed!”

A parting word We have now completed our brief time together! I wish you “all the best” on your great quest to turn your house into your home. If you improve your surroundings, you can dramatically improve the quality of your life! I hope you’ve enjoyed our brief journey together, fellow “Insider.”


What's new interesting furniture trends of recent times  

Our living space is changing. Smaller homes with fewer rooms are the latest trend. Perhaps this is primarily due to the economy, but whateve...

What's new interesting furniture trends of recent times  

Our living space is changing. Smaller homes with fewer rooms are the latest trend. Perhaps this is primarily due to the economy, but whateve...