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Read Lost Horizon Kindle Fire Online You can Download on this link Hilton’s bestselling classic about a man who stumbles on the world’s last great hope for peace: Shangri-La Hugh Conway saw humanity at its worst while fighting in the trenches of the First World War. Now, more than a decade later, Conway is a British diplomat serving in Afghanistan and facing war yet again—this time, a civil conflict forces him to flee the country by plane. When his plane crashes high in the Himalaya mountains, Conway and the other survivors are found by a mysterious guide and led to a breathtaking discovery: the hidden valley of Shangri-La. Kept secret from the world for more than two hundred years, Shangri-La is like paradise—a place whose inhabitants live for centuries amid the peace and harmony of the fertile valley. But when the leader of the Shangri-La monastery falls ill, Conway and the others must face the daunting prospect of returning home to a world about to be torn open by war. Thrilling and passionate, Lost Horizon is a masterpiece of modern fiction, and one of the most enduring books of the twentieth century.


A top-five book for me. Lost Horizon isn't a thriller, but I kept turning the pages anyway, caught up in the wanderlust of the characters, the (still topical) sense of foreboding clouding the world they lived in, and the familiar, human desire for more that pricks at the paradise they inadvertently discover. This book is a mental (or spiritual) exercise, something you might think back on years after you've read it, the kind of read that makes you feel as though you better understand the human experience for having read it. Spend $10 and go to Shangri - La..

================================================== enjoyed the descriptions of the Himalaya and of the philosophy behind the fictional paradise in the wilderness. Perhaps the times between the two world wars created an environment of unrest which naturally lead people to seek a peaceful haven from the chaos of our world. This timeless novel touches that nerve in every peace loving person. Even 70 or 80 years later, still the world yearns for peace, both from war and from economic turmoil.

However, James' vision of paradise is far from perfect. Just being moderately good doesn't guarantee a society of the peaceful coexistence of differing ideologies. Without a governing body administrating laws based on core values founded on true principles, they seek in vain for peace and tranquility who work to build a utopian society..

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Read lost horizon kindle fire online  
Read lost horizon kindle fire online