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Biography After spending 10years based in London working within the advertising, art and publishing markets, Daniel now finds himself living and working in Chile. His focus is on his own artwork as well as a freelance designer and creative, working under the umbrella of Cinema from Chile. With an extensive back catalogue of working on top fashion titles such as GQ, Vogue and Vanity Fair, Dan found himself at the cutting edge of what differentiates art and style. It is this premise that remains constant in his work. Learning various techniques that combine all that he has learnt is his primary focus. Exploring the moods and patterns whilst remaining at the forefront of contemporary fashion is a skill he has now fine tuned. These principles have served as a benchmark for his work, which are reflected in his current run of work focusing on Nursery Rhymes and Book titles.

About the work This current line of work, Nursery Rhymes, was a concept Dan started 2years ago. By using themes that have endured changing cultures, and are understood by most, the prints offer meaning and values that have changed with the time. Daniel became interested in the often dark and sinister meanings that lie behind most Nursery Rhymes or fables. This topic fascinated Daniel and he sought to bring these meanings to life in a contemporary zeitgeist. With the use of modern celebrities or fashion, representing figures for each title, a modern juxtaposition was created. The main use of the celebrity was to highlight two main areas; the modern fascination with celebrity status, and how we may, or may not have changed, in the years since the titles first publication. A further line of work is to follow with the Seven Deadly Sins and film titles amongst his targets.

Alice in Wonderland

A character perplexed by the notion of fact and fiction, Daniel has used Victoria Beckham as his representation for this piece. This has proved a hugely successful print and is available in grey and yellow backgrounds.


Illustration, silk screen and multi media manipulation

Sleeping Beauty

Helmut Newtons incredibly powerful portraits served as the inspiration behind this piece. It´s aim is to again highlight how the portrait has evolved over time and the new lengths we explore and become accustomed to seeing.


Illustration, etching and media manipulation


A piece that has changed many times, but its core element remaining constant. Ghandi is the focal point of character reference but is draped instead of his customary gown, in the American flag. Its meaning is that that everything, from the East to the West now comes rubber stamped with capitalist ideals.


Illustration and etching

Little Red Riding Hood

The original fable was constructed to warn little girls of the perils of men. The development of voice for women now in society can no better be represented than by Madonna. It is not warning against perils of women, more to state how far we have come since its first edition.


Pen, pencil and media manipulation

Emperors New Clothes

Not speaking of what is right infront of you can be perfectly addressed by Michael Jackson. Dressed in his Peter Pan outfit, Dan seeks to question the notion of his past and why our reaction ranged from the delirious to the insanely angry over his legacy.


Pen, hatch drawing and media manipulation


The only piece in the collection that carries no celebrity association or particular meaning – it is more a free flowing piece that despite carrying no reference point, Dan liked so much he included in the show.


Pen illustration, stencil and media manipulation

Origin of the Species

Using parallels from the classic Greek era, that of David and integrating it with fashion and media of the current generation, the Ipod, Daniel is again attempting to pose the question, “just how much have we evolved…:”


Illustration, stencils and media manipulation

Little Red Riding Hood

This is the same premise as the earlier L.R.R.H, but is a single portrait. Daniel wanted to carry a big impact of Madonnas face as she is such an iconic figure.


Illustration, etching, stencil and media manipulation

Oranges and Lemons

One of the oldest fables that was researched, Daniel was amazed to find that the story plotting the route of famous cathedrals around London, was also detailing the route of old executionary sights that children would be taken to to watch what happened if they were to break the law. Depicted as Andy Warhol in a crisp suit carrying a knife, this was the very first piece of the collection and remains a firm favourite.


Illustration, Etching and media manipulation

Snow White

Probably regarded as the “jewel in crown,” Snow White continues to be the biggest appealing piece. Loved for its simplicity as well as its striking impact, Amy Winehouse was depicted as the virginal bride – no further explanations of the irony is really required.


Illustration and media manipulation

Celebrity endorsement

Daniel was asked to do a commission for Heather Mills – who he depicted as Jessica Rabbit. Her full review of his work can be seen at

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