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Why the Healthcare Industry Needs Call Answering Services The Healthcare industry is an ever changing machine. It has never been more important to stay on top of the changes in the industry than today. One of the important trends emerging over the past few years in Healthcare has been the introduction of a variety of medical call answering services for single practice medical offices, large multi practice medical offices, hospitals and even in-home hospice care centers. But just why are these medical call center services so important? There are many reasons why having a call answering service for your practice or business is now smarter and more cost effective than ever for generating business as well as keeping patients coming back. Here are a list of definitive reasons that operating a medical call answering service can help both patients and a practice thrive. Accurate and fast reporting of patient details When a patient calls in for anything from needing immediate medical care to scheduling a follow up appointment, a call answering service will always be ready to assist and take down details in an accurate and quick manner leaving your existing staff free to focus on other patients. The inbound call center operators can then take the obtained information and pass it along to the appropriate medical physician rapidly and in an efficient manner. Enhanced freedom of in-office staff While the live answering service is working to diligently answer all patient calls, the in-house staff at the practice will be free to focus on the patients in the office already. This will enhance the amount of care they are able to provide to patients. Enhanced Triage With a medical 24 7 call center in place the practice will be able to efficiently place a priority of incoming patients. This enhanced efficiency also translates to patients who will be able to call in and told if they should actually come in to the office or not. This eliminates unnecessary visits to

the office which in turn gets the patients who do need care to the doctor faster. Patients will also be able to work with the answering phone service to fill out paperwork ahead of time. This will also streamline efficiency for the practice. Operators available 24 hours a day With a phone answering service, patients will be able to reach an operator 24 hours a day 7 days a week. As we all know medical emergencies don’t wait for normal business hours. Our answering services will be ready at all hours to help patients with potential emergencies. Operators also screen calls insuring that a practice will never receive an undesired call. HIPAA compliant An essential part of any call response service is that they are HIPAA compliant. This is in reference to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 that provides protection at a federal level for an individual’s health information held by any organization or body. Entities covered by the privacy rule for handling patients medical information covers medical answering services which comply with the privacy and security rules of the act. Urgent Calls can be easily handled Urgent calls to the telephone answering service are handled in the most efficient way possible. As always, urgent calls require an urgent response. A medical call service will provide an instantaneous and direct message straight to the most important person receiving the call such as the primary care physician or hospice Nurse. Urgent calls are urgent and they need to be handled as such. This is why most services used by medical practices pick up 80% of incoming calls in the first 3 rings of the phone. Many if not most of incoming calls to these services are not in fact emergencies, however the trained operators are more than capable of handling an urgent call at a moment’s notice. For more information visit us at

Why the healthcare industry needs call answering services  

The Healthcare industry is ever changing. For this reason it is essential to be up on the latest trends and services in order to succeed. Th...