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Barbell Bench Press - How to Bench With Proper Technique _____________________________________________________________________________________

By David Glenn - How to Bench Press: A Complete Guide Working out using the barbell bench press is a very effective form of exercise to provide strength gains in your upper body muscles such as the pectorals, triceps and biceps. Before you begin a workout you must understand the correct form to use otherwise you will be putting yourself at risk of a serious injury. To Learn More About Bench Press Bar

Firstly, you need to get into the correct position by lying on your back on a bench whilst the barbell is locked in a safe position above your head. Rather than having a perfectly flat back, it should be slightly arched as you lay on the bench. If you lie with a flat back you won't be in the best position to maximize the results of your workout. Keep your chest out making sure your muscles are in the best position to work at their maximum and keep your shoulders back to increase the weight you can lift as well preventing an injury. For the barbell bench press exercise, your feet should remain on the floor, providing support and stabilizing your body.

It is important to get the correct grip on the bar so you can get the best results out of the exercise. Your arms must be extended overhead in a shoulder width position. If your forearms and upper arms form a right angle when you bring the bar to your chest, you have the correct technique. If your arms are to narrow on the bar you will be working your arms a lot more than your chest and if your grip is too wide, your back will get more involved in the lifts also decreasing the strength gains in your chest. Before you begin the lifts, check your entire body position. Whilst lying on the bench, the bar should be above your head and neck so that you bring it down to your chest.

Once you are set up in the correct position you can begin the barbell bench press, maintaining the correct technique at all times. To begin with, push the bar up off its support and hold it overhead for a few seconds to get the most out of the muscles involved. Your arms must be kept in the correct position, extended with your elbows locked and keeping them in a straight line to prevent injury risk from swaying backwards or forwards. Your arms are now supporting the bar above your head and now you start the full exercise by bringing the bar down. Just before you bring the bar to your chest, take a deep breath and hold it in. Rather than simply lowering the bar, you should see it as though you are pulling it down to your chest with your pectorals with your core and upper back muscles providing support. Also, your elbows should be kept into your body. As you bring the bar down to your chest ensure you continue to look up and never remove your focus from the ceiling above you. Keep looking straight ahead above you in order to maintain the correct form as it will keep your head your neck and your back aligned. If you move from this position you will be putting yourself in serious injury danger during the bench press exercise.

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