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ANSLEY ZIMMERMAN Education Bachelor of Science in Interior Design Program CIDA Accredited Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS Graduation Date - August 2018 Major GPA -3.18 Overall GPA - 3.09/4.00

Related Courses Revit Drawing I AutoCAD Design I + II Digital Design Textiles for Interiors Hand Rendering Principles of LEED Furniture Design Environments for Special Needs Color + Lighting Construction + Detailing

Experience Graphics and Branding Intern May - January 2018 Happy Homeowner - Huntsville, AL Created branding and web design for company Researched for clients as well as data entry Intern ADA Transition Plan May - September 2016 Division of Campus Services - Starkville, MS Assessed ADA requirements at Mississippi State Starkville Campus Ensured the compliance of ADA in buildings prior to 2010 Recorded data and site photos through Excel Upholstery Assistant December 2015 Artisan Upholstery Shop - Huntsville, AL Deconstruction and upholstered furniture Assisted selection of fabrics for clients Personal Assistant June - August 2015 Totally Infused - Huntsville, AL Collaborated with clients on business branding Data entry for current clients and assisted in client meetings

13751 Monte Vedra Road Huntsville, AL 35803 256-679-9996


Honors + Awards Brasield & Gorrie Student Competition 1st Place - Interdisciplinary Project ASID MSU Student Design Competition 2nd Place - Product Design 2nd Place - Design II Project





ASID Student Chapter: Student Volunteer Chairman South Central Chapter Member Career Day Committee

August 2016 - Present August 2015 - Present May 2015 - March 2016

Service: Thanksgiving Food Drive Art in the Park Starkville Care Center MSU Big Event Service Day Academic Insight Recruiter Dominican Republic Mission Trip

Fall 2017 Fall 2016 Fall 2016 Spring 2016 Spring 2016 Summer 2012












Product Design






Clayton House + Aviso

Clayton House

Hospitality Responsibilities Concept Research Branding Space Planning FF&E Selections Renderings Custom Products

Client Needs Lobby with bar Restaurant located in lobby Spa + fitness on first floor Guest rooms Rooftop bar

Team Project / Studio VI / Fall 2017 Revit / Photoshop / Illustrator / AutoCAD

Located in Louisville, KY

Ground Floor The Beaumont Triple Crown Bourbon Bar Julep Spa

Levels 2-17 Clayton House Guest rooms

Rooftop Lincoln Social Rooftop Bar



Concept Images

Furniture + Lighting Selections Lobby space is where guests are greeted with the traditional style of Clayton House. Deep colors are used in the space to create a relaxed environment.

First Floor

Material Selections

Furniture + Lighting Selections The lobby space includes a bourbon bar. The traditional style from the lobby is carried into the bar area. The bar is a lounge space where people can relax and unwind in a public setting. The fireplace crates a residential and traditional atmosphere.

Material Selections



Material Selections A restaurant is located in the lobby for the public to use. Traditional style is carried throughout the space. The linear lighting as well as the linear antique mirrors draws the space upwards to contrast the horizontal banquette seating.

Furniture + Lighting Selections

Custom Wallcovering

Furniture + Lighting Selections The entryway to the spa includes a live wall and a rounded entryway for a welcoming atmosphere. The spa includes light colors and a relaxing environment. Linear lights accent the hot tub area and lightly colored tiled wall. The ceiling beams add interest to the ceiling and the floor to ceiling live wall. Chaise lounge seating adds to the relaxing environment.

Material Selections



Guest Level The guest room levels include floors 6-17. They include single rooms, king and queen rooms, and suites. The traditional style of the hotel is brought into the guest rooms through the crown molding, custom headboards, custom furniture, and the material selections. Rich colors are implemented into the rooms to add to the traditional atmosphere.

Material Selections

Corridor Elevation

Custom Corridor Carpet on guest level



Maquette of Guest room

Furniture + Lighting Selections The rooftop bar reflects a modern style. Linear lines go through the space to add the modern atmosphere. This is featured in the pergola and the glass roof over the covered portion of the rooftop bar. Fire pits are on the edges of the open portion of the rooftop for comfort as well as a more intimate atmosphere.

Material Selections

The rooftop bar includes a variety of seating options, an indoor area, a covered portion, and an outdoor section. The different areas create private spaces for groups to enjoy, including large open spaces for everyone to use.

Rooftop Model



Rooftop Level


Hospitality Responsibilities Concept Research Branding Space Planning FF&E Selections Renderings

Client Needs Outdoor dining Indoor dining Private dining Bar with seating Variety of seating

Team Project / Studio III / Spring 2017 Revit / Photoshop / Illustrator / AutoCAD

Located in Vina Del Mar, Chile

Seating Requirements Outdoor dining + seating for 20 Indoor dining + seating for 100 Private dining + seating for 30 Bar + seating for 10



Concept Images

The bar is located at the entrance of AVISO. Allowing for customers to wait at the bar before being seated. The linear lighting mimics the linear detailing on the bar front. Linear design elements, such as the bar detail, shelving, and more are used throughout the space. Colors used in the space symbolize the colors on the Chile flag.

Material + Furniture Selections

Reception Elevation The exterior facade incorporates the indoors and the outdoors by implementing materials such as concrete and greenery. The climate of Chile allows for people to spend most of their time outside. AVISO incorporates outdoor dining to allow customers to get the best experience.

The variety of seating options allow customers to be a first priority. The outdoors is brought indoors with dividing dining sections with partitions covered in greenery. The four top dining area is kept private with the use of partitions. The rectangular lights above the dining tables illuminates the dining area.

Material + Furniture Selections Included in the variety of seating in AVISO are booth seats that accommodate for multiple sizes of parties. The tables are finished in a grey wooden tabletop that brings nature inside along with the greenery in other dining areas. The booth seating areas are divided with a partition to increase privacy between the dining spaces.

Material + Furniture Selections




Armstrong Middle School

Armstrong Middle School

1st Place Student Design Team

In stit uti ona l Responsibilities Concept Research Space Planning FF&E Selections Renderings

Client Goals Increase natural daylight Create flexible spaces New wayfinding

Interdisciplinary Project / Studio V / Fall 2017 Revit / Photoshop / InDesign / AutoCAD

Located in Starkville, MS

POD #1 POD #2 POD #3 Additional Classroom Stairwells Additional POD Administration Multipurpose Classroom MSU Teaching Classrooms Storage + Mechanical




Concept Images

First Floor DN


Second Floor

Orientational wayfinding in the school allows students and guests to easily navigate through the space. New Pod signage assists students to find their destination quickly.

Pod Signage Interior Wayfinding

POD Signage

South Section

Original art piece constructed from custom acoustical wall panels, seen on the featured wall, in Learning Commons absorb sound. The mural allows people to orientate themselves in the space using orientational wayfinding.

Circa Sofa Fabric

Campfire Fabric

Brody Fabric

Transforming the traditional library into learning zones promotes collaboration and learning. Research shows that natural light increases brain productivity, which led to the decision of introducing an atrium and skylights.



Multi-functional space provides the school with a location that can be transformed for any type of space. The space opens to the courtyard to stimulate students minds and connect students to the outdoors.

Outdoor space that students can access allows them to be able to use different environments and enhance creativity. Science classes use the flexible space for classes and experimental gardening. Pre-construction Demolition Total Estimated Budget: $4,094,472.15

Structure Mechanical, Elec.& Plumbing Interior Exterior


Estimated Schedule: June 4th- December 7th

Finishes Landscaping Post-construction








NEXT Medical Clinic

Healthcare Responsibilities Concept Research Branding Space Planning FF&E Selections Renderings

Individual Project / Studio VI / Fall 2017 Revit / Photoshop / Illustrator / AutoCAD

Client Needs Open offices Work Cafe for classes Exam rooms with natural lighting Massage + Mothers rooms Incorporation of technology

Located in Seattle, WA

Spaces Conference Rooms Open Office Work Cafe Private Offices Phone Rooms Exam Rooms Reception + Checkout Supply Room + Storage Mothers Room Massage Rooms Circulation

Concept Images



Doctors offices have moved their focus to the patients. This allows doctors appointments to be more confidential and provide patients privacy as the first priority. Smart boards in the exam rooms allow for easy communication between doctor and patient.

Material Selections

Furniture Selections Work Cafe is used for wellness and cooking courses, as well as group meetings, and information sessions. Open layout offers the room flexibility for any type of event. Variety of seating allows people to work in groups and to meet one on one.

Furniture Selections

Material Selections

Open Office

Work Cafe

Lighting Selections

Open office has ample windows for natural day lighting. Research shows this increases the productivity of the people using the space. Workstations allow people to work sitting or standing to increase brain function. The open layout is furnished with a variety of seating. Reflected Ceiling Plan



Material Selections

Furniture Selections


OFS Headquarters

OFS Headquarters

Corporate Responsibilities Concept Research Branding Space Planning FF&E Selections Renderings

Team Project / Studio VI / Spring 2018 Revit / Photoshop / Illustrator / AutoCAD

Client Needs Break out spaces Small + large conference rooms Open office workspaces Variety of seating Spaces for training courses

Located in Huntingburg, IA

34 Corporate

Concept Images

Risers are used for employees to relax or take a quick phone call. Geometric black and white carpet is used on three of the risers, while a accent stair covered in orange carpet. This is located near the Team Room, with lockers for employee storage.

Material Selections

Team Room Elevation

Furniture Selections

Research shows that orange increases productivity, this color is uses in all spaces to accent the black and white used in the space.

Furniture + Lighting Selections




Color & Lighting + Furniture Design

Product Design Color & Lighting Design + build a lamp Create AutoCAD drawings Programs AutoCAD


3" 16

1" 92

1" 92

4" 4" 1" 52

3" 16 4"

1" 52

1" 32

Front View


1" 32

Side View

Top View

Lamping Information Shape - Rope Source - LED Size - 9' Wattage - 1 / foot Lumens - 34 / foot

Creative Furniture Design Design a product through research Use Rhino to produce 3D printed chair Create specs for item Programs AutoCAD Rhino Concept Images

Product Sketch


Product D e s i g n


Photography + Design 1 & 2





Hand Rendering + Design l+ll


Handmade 3D Collage Recreated Collage Created two 6"x6" collages, right side is made from paper, a texture, and an object. The left side is hand painted recreation of the right side.

24"x24" Painted Chose two different designs from separate cultures. The background was in cool colors and foreground was in a warm color The design was hand drawn and hand painted.

Painting Color Study This project was to choose a painting and create a color study through an AutoCAD line drawing.



ANSLEY ZIMMERMAN 13571 Monte Vedra Road Huntsville, AL 35803


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