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Capstone High School CBSE School in Hoskote Bangalore

Capstone High is a brand new educational institution, but with a wealth of experience, that goes to great lengths to provide your child a solid head start. Conceptualized and created by Ryall Associates, who have developed some of Bangalore’s leading schools, Capstone High is a success story waiting to be scripted.

• The word 'Capstone' signifies 'crowning achievement'. • At Capstone High, we believe that every child is special. • We go to great lengths to provide a solid head start to enable each child to realise his / her potential and reach the pinnacle of achievement. Hence the name, 'Capstone'. • Our logo is made of tangrams which represent timelessness, diversity, a strong foundation and innovativeness.

• The curriculum is integrated with guidelines prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the acclaimed theory of multiple intelligences. Capstone High encourages the exploration and demonstration of these intelligences by providing multifarious opportunities for children to learn and excel in a variety of ways. • Admissions are open for the academic year 20142015 commencing in Jun 2014.

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Capstone high school  
Capstone high school  

Capstone High is a premier CBSE School in Hoskote Bangalore. Admissions are now open for 2014-15.