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PORTFOLIO Anshul Singh Pursuing Masters in Design IIIT - Jabalpur 2014-2016

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MERE A SIMPLE SIEVE FOR YOUR KITCHEN “avoid touching the waste while disposing it”

THE PROBLEM Most people find it frustating to remove the solid waste collected in the sink strainer using there hands and then throw it in the dustbin. Since the size of the stainer is small this problem occurs frequently. Most times the strainer chokes. THE SOLUTION MERE is big ( compared to the drain hole ) that most food items (even small grains) are blocked, but still the water manages to pass through it. It can be folded and carried for the waste disposal by the user. All what user has to do is to keep in on the sink bowl. If after cleaning user feels to throw the waste, just grab the HANDLES and dump the waste in the dustbin or any nearby place. User can wash it using the water jet of the kitchen faucet itself.

PinYourBin* A social app to place virtual dustbins.

*soon to be released on Google Play Store.

User turns on his Location services and place a bin where he feels the need for a Dustbin. The pinned data from all users are collected at a server which aggregates the data and suggests places where a dustbin should be placed to concerned authorities. As more bins are placed the app recommends locations to set up more dustbins which will ultimately prevent litter.



Logos for different companies assuming that they ventured in other sector

Pepsi Banking Solutions

Air-India Shoes

Jockey Eat-Out

Titan Fisheries

Nike Airlines

Portfolio Anshul Singh  

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Portfolio Anshul Singh  

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