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This edition is published in Australia in 2013 by QUT Publishing. 2 George St Brisbane, QLD 4000 Copyright Š 1213 by QUT. All rights reserved. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retreival system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior consent of the publishers. Printed in Brisbane, Australia. Design by Anshula Dang.


Design Proposals

4 Candice 15 Nenita  30 Toby  43 Celesta  52 Socorro  63 Analisa  74 Elly  89 Vonnie  112 Johnie  123 Malcolm  135 Rocio  148 Arielle  155 Darrick  167 Cory  179 Anibal  180 Cortney  191 Olen  210 Cami  226 Gale Lea  236Thelma  255 Lawrence  272 Shelia  283 Alissa  297 Sonya  312 Cristi  325 Jane  332 Jade  348 Eveline  357 Chrystal  362 Brant 

Paul Wayland Emanuel Gillis Wharton Stoker Mcmasters Seagle Haberkorn Brummett Mcqueeney Figueiredo Ramsier Vining Cave Rankins Mink Jimerson Cadwallader Moorehouse Bushong Malbon Franceschini Shaner Boateng Yazzie Kucera Notaro Lang Jones



Identified Dross Using the framework outlined in DROSSCOAST locations within the existing urban fabric were identified. These locations are mostly industrial, mining, large scale commercial buildings and properties adjacent canals that are in disrepair. With 51% of industrial site sales in Gold Coast being ‘forced’ (i.e. foreclosed business) they make the ideal starting point to build as city. In addition, the nature of ownership of these sites means that acquisistion is easier compared to negotiating with a suburban neighbourhood.

Dross Linkages By connecting the identified dross it reveals the SPINE that the city can be built around. Also it reveals the ‘non - city,’ which is pre- dominately low density suburban neighbourhoods or nature reserves. For Gold Coast to transition from a adolescent city into a mature city capable of hosting international events on a regular basis is must develop in these locations. These sites become the locations for the infrastructure that will support over 4.5million residents (local and transient) and it will be around this infrastructure the city will grow.


Ecological Corridors The current urban form generated from the Dross is as a result of the current urban condition shaping the new city, however, for a resilient city the landscape must also inform the urban structure. Therefore, ecological corridors where identified and fragmented patches were connected to form a connected landscape. The identified dross sites are also used as a means of connecting the fragmented patches formed by rapid urbanisation. These sites generate a myriad of landscape typologies, whether they be post- industrial landscape, salt marshes, freshwater corridors or provide opportunities for agriculture.



James Davies Gold Coast to Airport


Even with its rapid change, the Gold Coast remains a distinct tourism hotspot. The Gold Coast is one of three geographical locations in the world where the temperature, humidity and amount of daylight creates an ideal comfort zone for the most perfect days in the the year. Students of the Queensland University of Technology have documented a rigorous position about the experience and the potential of the Gold Coast as an Ocean Metropole for the future. To experience this volume best, read on one of Gold Coast’s 287 perfect days and when the colour of the colour matches the dial, this volume will unlock for your enjoyment!

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