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An Active Security is a Better Security

INTRODUCTION We all know the old illustration– security guards get paid to sleep at their stations and in their cars. This illustration itself represents the work of passive security. This type of security service is comparatively not effective for maintaining safety. In this world offices and homes requires private and active security services for protecting people, property and assets. There are very few security services which provide and serve their clients with best security services. A security officer should be vigilant at all times.

ACTIVE SECURITY SERVICE Patrol is an expert way to execute active security. Patrolling should be made generally by security officers on site. However, patrols should always be performed randomly. Mixing up patrols gives effective and better security because criminals cannot perfectly predict the upcoming patrol. Proper patrolling discourages all criminal activities.

TECHNOLOGY In this tech world the security guards individually must say goodbye to submitting reports in a written way when their on duty as the technology has got many devices and ways to communicate with each other. Cell phone use are on the rise and is practiced by best private security companies. As both of these devices cooperate for the data to be jotted down faster along with voice acceptance.

CAMERAS SHOULD BE ACTIVELY MONITORED Monitoring cameras at regular intervals is the process of concentrating and watching monitors which are attached with wire to all the security cameras. Achieving security cameras from the organization that a private security guard is employed, is a positive strategy as they are well and very highly trained in the limitations, functions, and operations of the supervising videos.

FINAL THOUGHTS Well trained and many years of experienced criminal offenders will try to seal their identification from all the security cameras. If the video display units are regularly monitored by well trained private security guards, then relevant protocol can be followed. The client and the local police department will all be informed instantly while the act is taking place. There are many security services companies who provide the best security services. And also recruit many of the security guards and give them security jobs.

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