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table of contents 8 Creating Joyful Kids with the 10 Toy Minimalist Method I was done. I didn’t want to clean up anymore. I believe children need toys to play with, but do they really need so many?

18 The POWER of 11 Minutes Motherhood. It can be exhausting. But what if you could be supermom first thing in the morning? Impossible? Sweet Beets womens wellness owner, Melissa, shares her special routine.

34 What to Expect

24 Savvy Family Spotlight: The Bermans

That You Aren't Expecting During Birth and Delivery

Filmmaker love birds. Married three months after they met. Adam and Mariko share the story of how they met, life now as a family, advice and resources for expecting parents and some the challenges they've conquered along the way.

A couple of little tidbits, gruesome as they may be, that you aren’t expecting but maybe should.

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The Savvy Family Expo: Celebrate Parenthood on March 3, 2018

Baby Bump 30 The Baby Bump Expo: Celebrate Pregnancy on March 3, 2018

11 A Parent's Checklist to Selecting the Right School

32 Creating a Positive Pumping Experience for You and Your Partner

12 Six Family Friendly Hikes around the Puget Sound

36 Product Review: Where Have You Been All My Life, Austlen Stroller?

14 Are You up for the Challenge? Welcome to the Real Food Project!

40 Three Amazing Pre & Postnatal Wellness Therapies You've Probably Never Heard of

28 Meet the Mamas Behind Savvy Family 42 Is Your Baby's Pacifier Safe & Clean? Five Expert Tips from MAM 29 Product Review: Earth Mama Organics: Organic, Versatile and Doesn't Rhyme with Gasoline.

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Pacific Northwest friends and welcome to Savvy Family! You are here, so that must mean that you are either planning for pregnancy, pregnant, have a baby, or have a kid or two (or more). We created our Baby Bump platform for all the families out there in their infancy stages. Savvy Family supports everyone “From the Bump to Bon Voyage”. Which ever stage you are indoesn’t it just make you feel a little crazy? I am a mom of three kids, with two dogs, a current house remodel underway, and a business owner, so I'm pretty sure that I am just a high functioning crazy person!

balance and share how to apply just a few little things into your world that might help. We promote "the village" approach. We were not meant to parent alone. Heck, as human beings, we aren't meant to do much of anything alone. Ok, trips to the bathroom- those are supposed to be alone, yet as parents we have company there 99.29% of the time.

We are backwardswe are parenting in isolation and have company for bathroom breaks. We need to turn this ship around people!

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Savvy Family is meant to be the place where it doesn’t have to feel so crazy. We aim to find

So follow us online for our weekly articles at Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Join us for the region’s largest family focused expo events. Be sure to grab a copy of our Savvy Family magazine from our events and from free newsstands throughout our region. And join us on our quest to rebuild the village approach to parenting in the Pacific Northwest! Cheers, - Nadine Kohler & Family Director of Savvy Family

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With so many stages of parenting and childhoodwhat's a parent to do?

Find resources, shopping, entertainment, adventure inspiration, and the latest and greatest home, tech, and family products for savvy families.

Saturday, March 3, 2018 The Greater Tacoma Convention Center Tacoma, WA 6

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There's somethingSavvy forFamily the whole family! h Family Fun Zone entertainment featuring bounce houses, face painting and more!​ h Caspar Babypants LIVE performance h Healthcare practitioners & schools h Family car safety h Healthy families workshops h Savvy Family REAL FOOD Project h Tons of family focused exhibitors, resources and shopping

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Creating Joyful Kids with the 10 Toy Minimalist Method ARTICLE by Baylie Carlson, Simple and Sensible

My mom and grandma would order a single slice of chocolate cake to share, take a few bites, declare it ‘too rich’ to finish, put their forks down and stop eating. Two bites into a decadent slice of cake filled with raspberry ganacheand they weren’t going to finish it. Looking low across the restaurant table from my child perspective, I was confused, because obviously there is no such thing as too much cake. Eat all the cake. Always. What is wrong with these women?


I was done. I didn’t want to clean up anymore. I believe children need toys to play with, but do they really need so many? I wanted to keep enough to enjoy but limit them AM I AWFUL? so that cleaning up was not OR AM I AWESOME? overwhelming. THE ANSWER IS We are going on five years NEITHER, IN FACT, of ten toys and I AM LAZY. I still think it is a fantastic decision.

We cram two adults, a kindergartener, a toddler and a baby into a 204 sq. ft. Tiny House on wheels and couldn’t be happier. Our space is small but our lives are full! Our lives are full of adventure, nature and community, and not so full of stuff; we have no room for it. Our journey to minimalist toys predates our decision to live in a Tiny House. Our children have ten toys to play with, ten toys total between three kids. Am I awful? Or am I awesome? The answer is neither, in fact, I am lazy. Your living room is the epicenter of a toy explosion, completely destroyed by the adorable tiny human who wants nothing to do with cleaning the 8

aftermath. Honestly, neither do I. You see, I am lazy. While living in our conventional house, I had an epiphany while watching our daughter Freyja gleefully pull every toy from the shelf and toy box. I realized that it was the action of taking them out (flinging them out?) that brought her joy rather than actually playing with the toys.


We pick very high-quality toys that inspire imagination and creative play. I wanted to have less toys to clean up, but more dedicated attentive play with the toys that were available. A shift in my parenting perspective was my decision to not purchase multiples of a toy when my child showed interest. My daughter loves her baby doll, but she doesn’t need a collection of baby dolls that becomes distracting from the one she already has.

Instead, a baby carrier and a new outfit for her baby would bring her more joy. As adults we love collecting things, but collections become distractions. The two bites of cake brought enough joy to my mom and grandma. Now, my grown-up perspective helps me understand that the entire cake wasn't going to bring them more joy. The same applies to toys. Sometimes, less is more!

Tiny House dweller. Minimalist. Lover and mother of three. Alaskan. Writer. Baylie has always been very transient, wanting to take in the whole world. For a year she could fit all of her possessions in a suitcase and be off to the next adventure at a moments notice. Minimalism comes naturally to her, until it comes to art, then she wants to keep it all! She lives with her husband and three littles in a tiny house in the South Sound in only 204 sq. ft.

Follow Baylie on Instagram @ simpleandsensible or her blog

There are so many stages of parenting and childhood, and just when you think you have mastered the stage... it changes!   What's a parent to do?!  

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Providing resources and reconnecting the village approach to parenting for the savvy Pacific Northwest family. Education Family Adventure Arts & Enrichment REAL FOOD Project Lifestyle Inspiration Product Reviews 9


A Parent's Checklist to Selecting the Right School

Savvy Family

ARTICLE by Nadine Kohler

As a parent and former private school Admissions Director, I know the stress involved in choosing a school for your child. There is the daunting feeling that the decision you make will impact them FOREVER.

O Is this school location practical for you? If the school is not convenient to your home and or work, this could be a difficult long-term school solution. The extra time needed to get to school could cause unnecessary stress for you and the kids. Plus, if being a part of the school community is important to you, proximity to the school location helps immensely. Everything from PTA meetings, playdates, and "coffee with the principal" style events becomes harder to make happen if the location is not convenient.

O How do you feel visiting the school? If you don’t feel a positive vibe on your visit- get out. Don’t second guess yourself! As a parent, your instincts are important. The feel and culture of a school should be pretty apparent from the first time you visit. We once visited a local public school and when we walked in the office, not a single person looked up from their phone or computer. We stood at the counter for an awkward few minutes and finally had to waive at someone and say, “Ummm.. hello?” to get their attention. Yikes. That visit didn’t last long.

Keep in mind that it’s never too late to change schools! Yes, some schools will fill up so choosing your school early does indeed help. But if you find that a school just isn’t a good fit, don’t be afraid to try something new and research other schools. Schedule a classroom visit, take your student along, meet other families at drop off or school pickup to see if a switch feels right.

O Will your student thrive here? This can be a really difficult question, but it really breaks down to taking a look at your child and their personality. Are they shy? Do they love the arts? Have they struggled at all in learning and need extra support in one area or another? Consider the strong personality traits of your student and share these with an admissions director or principal to see what their response might be. Our oldest daughter is very musical, loves the arts, and gets overwhelmed with tests. With her going into the fifth grade, we will be searching for a middle school and you better believe I want a school that will help her feel confident in test taking and also have art and music programs that she will thrive in!

O What are the school’s test scores? This is a controversial one. For low income areas, even though the school may have fabulous teachers, dedicated administrative staff, and great programs, often many students can be transient or unsupported at home which impact the overall test scores of the school. So, it's something to consider, but perhaps not fully base your decision on. In regards to test scores at private schools, make sure they are sharing results from a nationally or state-wide based testing program. Also, the scores need to be showing how they compare state-wide or nationally, not within the school. Sounds funny, but some schools will have test scores published that (intentionally or not) only show how a handful of students average from one grade level but appear to be listed as school-wide. 11


Family Friendly Hikes around the Puget Sound ARTICLE by Nadine Kohler

As winter melts away in the Pacific Northwest we are ready for spring and summer time hikes! No need to complicate plans- we have six local hikes found near the I5 corridor and close to home- and for the more adventurous type family, some that are a full days hike.


Tumwater Falls This is a great starting point with little hikers and you can even find a playground to enjoy at Tumwater Falls Park. Length: 0.5 mi. round trip Dog Friendly: Yes


Difficulty Level: Easy Parking Pass/Fee: None

Location: Off I-5, Olympia

Grove of the Patriarchs The name of this hike alone will inspire adventure! The hike will take you into a magical part of our region with fun bridges to cross and mammoth trees. Length: 1.5 mi round trip Dog Friendly: No

Difficulty Level: Easy Parking Pass/Fee: N/A

Location: Off HWY 12 to SR 123, Mount Rainier


Franklin Falls This is a great hike for young and new hikers and offers beautiful views. The falls spray a bit during the heavy melt period (April – July), so be prepared to be misted or wear some light rain gear. Length: 2 mi. round trip Dog Friendly: Yes


Difficulty Level: Easy Location: Off I-90, Snoqualmie Pass Parking Pass/Fee: Northwest Forest Pass

Poo Poo Point What group of kids won’t want to go on a hike called POO POO POINT? Yes, this one makes our list mostly because the excitement to go to Poo Poo Point will just be too much to contain! Make sure your hikers are ready for an increase in elevation as the trail has some incline to the trail. Length: 7.2 mi. round trip Dog Friendly: Yes


Annette Lake Ready to take the hiking to a whole new level? This is a great spot for a first time backpacking overnight experience! There are campsites and a lake to enjoy. Length: 7.5 mi. round trip Dog Friendly: Yes


Difficulty Level: Medium Location: Off I-90, Tiger Mountain Parking Pass/Entry Fee: None

Difficulty Level: Medium Location: Off I-90, North Bend Parking Pass/Entry Fee: Northwest Forest Pass

Lena Lake This hike provides two great trails. The lower trail leads to the lake and is an easy to medium level trail and the upper trail provides more of a challenge and leads to beautiful views! Length: 7.2 mi. round trip Dog Friendly: Yes

Difficulty Level: Medium/Hard Location: Off HWY 101, Hood Canal Rainier Parking Pass/Entry Fee: Northwest Forest Pass

Looking for more hike options? We will report on additional hikes in our area all season long. Check us out at to see our latest on local hikes!

Savvy Family

Are you up for the

#RealFoodChallenge? More Than Half of What Americans Eat Is ‘Ultra-Processed’ And those foods account for 90 percent of U.S. added sugar intake, says a new study published in BMJ Open Medical Journals. 4

Photo by Brooke Lark


What does processing do to my food? Food processing is any deliberate change in a food that occurs before it’s available for us to eat. When food is processed it loses valuable nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, and gains not-so-valuable nutrients like salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats.

For example, check out the ingredients in an AtkinsTM Triple Chocolate Bar. It’s actually marketed as a low-carb friendly health food!

d e s s e c o r P y l Minimal Win

Fruits & Veggies canned or bagged s rrie be , as pe ts, carro


Dairy eese regular milk & ch

ood al F


Meat & Seafood en canned tuna & chick

Beverages 100% fruit juice, wine

Seasonings Nuts & Seeds real mayo, olive oil, s roasted nuts & seed r tte salt, bu

Fruits & Veggies frozen or fresh apples, berries, grapes, carrots, greens, squash

Obviously, most foods we eat are processed in some way- apples are cut from trees, ground beef has been ground in a machine and butter is cream that has been separated from the milk and churned.

Dairy unsweetened raw milk & cheese, Greek yogurt, whole eggs Meat & Seafood fresh chicken, beef, shrimp Nuts & seeds raw nuts & seeds Whole Grains brown rice, oats, quinoa, 100% whole wheat bread

Highly Processed

Beverages & Seasonings water, tea, coffee, raw honey

mechanical processing Vs chemical processing

Processed Meats deli meats, jerky, hot dogs


Ready-to-Heat Entrées frozen TV dinners, pizza, chicken patties, nuggets Refined Grains sugary cereals, white bread, cookies, cake mixes, chips, crackers, pies, candies Sweetened Beverages soda, fruit drinks, lattes, energy drinks Seasonings margarine, bottled dressings, broth

If it’s a single ingredient food with no added chemicals, then it’s been mechanically processed and is still real food. Foods that have been chemically processed and made solely from refined ingredients and artificial substances, are what is generally known as “processed food.” 3

What is clean eating? At its simplest, clean eating is about eating whole foods, or “real” foods — those that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible. 1

If you see a bunch of strange ingredients you can’t pronounce, you’ve probably left the land of clean eating! 2 15

What is the Real Food Project?

Take the Real Food Quiz!

Making sure your children get the right nutrients can be difficult, especially with busy schedules and so many unhealthy options targeting children.

Use the food information on page 25 to answer the questions below to find where you’re at on the Real Food Meter!

The Savvy Family Real Food Project hopes to support parents in making sure their children eat more healthy, real foods and less processed foods, by providing resources, educational tips and partnering with healthy food-focused partners.

Are you up for the challenge? We’re teaming up with Whole Foods Market to encourage and challenge Pacific Northwest families to eat 100% real foods! Watch this spring for our #RealFoodChallenge and our free REAL FOOD Meal Guide.

1 How often do you eat real foods? 3 Never/Rarely 2 Sometimes

1 Mostly/Always

By participating in the challenge, your family will receive special deals via email, healthy eating tips, recipes, and will be entered to win a great $500 REAL FOOD Project Prize!

2 Savvy Family 14 Day Meal Plan

How often do you eat minimally processed foods? 1 Never/Rarely 2 Sometimes

3 Mostly/Always

3 How often do you eat highly processed foods?


--- 5-7---4 Almost there

-9 --

Real Food Champ !

3 Mostly/Always



1 Never/Rarely 2 Sometimes

Mayday, Real Food Needed!

Savvy Family Real Food Meter

Real Food Project Partners We are grateful for the collaboration from local healthy partners whose focus is on putting real food on your family’s table and making sure you as a parent have the information you need to make healthy food choices for your family.

Register for the #RealFoodChallenge! 3 easy ways to register!


3 1 - Fitness Magazine, 2 - FitGirlsWorldwide FGW Media Ltd, 3 - Authority Nutrition, 4 - The Atlantic Julie Beck, 5 -


Register at the Real Food Project table during the fall expo!


Give salad the night off. #Beets #MakesMeWhole

Savvy Family

The POWER of 11 Minutes "Before becoming a mama, if you would have told me that I’d be able to move mountains in the 11.2 minutes between getting out of bed and kids coming downstairs, I would not have believed you." -Melissa Jorgensen, Sweet Beets

ARTICLE by Melissa Jorgensen, Sweet Beets Wellness PHOTOGRAPHY by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Before becoming a mama, if you would have told me that I’d be able to move mountains in the 11.2 minutes between getting out of bed and kids coming downstairs, I would not have believed you. Now? I’m in awe of what I can accomplish in those quick early morning moments 18

before I’m in full blown Mama-mode. It’s taken me some time but I can confidently say that I have a morning routine that, most days, sets me up for a successful day of being mama, running my business, and taking care of myself. It takes time and loads of self-grace to develop new habits and routines. I have found that working on one thing at a time and only adding something new once

you feel like your behavior has become your habit makes for the most sustainable lifestyle changes.

1. Start with your breath My day starts early as I have my first fitness client at 5:30 AM. I will admit, my first flinch after turning my alarm clock off is to check my social media or email. This does not set me up for a productive morning routine.

Recipe Start with about 1 liter of filtered or distilled water.

Lemon Detox Water

Savvy Family

Squeeze in juice from 1 lemon. Pour in a large splash of apple cider vinegar. Now, get spicy! I usually use cayenne pepper, black pepper, and turmeric powder. Wowzer! This concoction tickles the liver to help with detoxification, wakes up your metabolism (pppssssppp... you might need to use the loo soon), and helps kill off any bacteria or viruses in your digestive tract. *LIFE HACK: make this in a jar the night before so it’s ready for you!

I have worked to replace this habit/impulse with taking 3-5 deep breaths before my feet even hit the ground.

2. Oil Pulling After going downstairs, the first line of business is to pop a cube of coconut oil in my mouth. I swish the oil in my mouth for about 10-15 minutes while I go about the rest of my morning routine of making the coffee, putting clean dishes away, and feeding the animals. Why oil pull? Oil pulling is ancient ayurvedic medical technique used to improve oral health as well as detoxify the body. It took me a while to establish this habit but now I LOVE it. In addition to killing plaque and bad bacteria in your mouth, it whitens your teeth and leaves your gums feeling so amazing. It is also 10 minutes of the day when I don’t have to talk!

3. Lemon Detox Water AND Supplements I found this water to be so important in staying healthy year round. The “recipe” is flexible and easy to change to suit your needs. I like mine really strong so I don’t shy away from spices and a lot of lemon and apple cider vinegar. This is the time I also take my supplements. I’m a huge believer in getting nutrients from food and not pills but I do take a couple vitamins and give them to my kids as well. We use a liquid vitamin d3 and b12 spray from Garden of Life every day. If I get through these rituals before I have to speak to another living soul, I know I’m going to have what I need to make mama magic happen the rest of the day! Remember, pick one new habit at a time to add to your morning routine. Build slowly and before you know it, you’ll be a morning routine guru.

Melissa Jorgensen, owner of Sweet Beets Wellness, is a plant based nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coach. She is passionate about helping other women heal their relationship with their bodies while realizing their full potential. She believes that motherhood does not mean an end of self, but simply an extension of self and is passionately designing a life that allows her to raise her family while still living out her hearts desire as an outdoor enthusiast, ultra runner and coach. When she's not rounding up her two wild little boys or coaching, you can find her talking to her vegetables in the garden, creating plant based meals in her kitchen, or tearing up trails in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Follow Melissa on Instagram & Facebook @sweetbeetswellness 19

Wholehearted Wellness through Plant Based Nutrition & Mindful Movement Fitness & Running Personal Training Nutrition Counseling Small Group Workouts Meal Planning Wellness Retreats

20 Tacoma, WA

22 23

Savvy Family

A Savvy Family Spotlight: Adam, Mariko & Miyako Berman ARTICLE by Ashley Stocker PHOTOGRAPHY provided by the Berman Family

The Berman’s iconic "happy family" photo was captured at the first ever Baby Bump Expo back in 2015. “Although we didn’t know the family’s name, they were given the title, “Happy Family” because the photo was so striking and represented the audience we were hoping to see at the shows,” said Nadine Kohler, Director of Events. As fate would have it, they’ve continued to come to each show and even partnered with the Baby Bump and Savvy Family team on creative projects like the Baby Bump “Let’s Stroll Dads” promo video.

How did you and Mariko meet? Mariko and I met while working on a film production job together. She was living in Vancouver, BC at the time producing British Columbia tourism films and I was working on a piece. Mariko was returning to Japan soon and I knew I met the most wonderful woman in the world, so I convinced her to marry me three months after we met! We were married for a little over two years before we had our daughter, Miyako, in the summer of 2014.

Did you experience any challenges in your journey to parenthood?

Adam and Mariko share how they run their successful production company, travel abroad, and raise their adventurous daughter, Miyako.


Mariko's pregnancy was really, really tough. She spent a lot of time in the hospital getting IVs and fluids because she couldn’t hold food. At 36 weeks we went to get a novelty 4D ultrasound for fun. The ultrasound technician was really concerned and urged us make an appointment that day with our OBGYN. Once our doctor did another ultrasound, they said she needed to be induced tonight because the placenta was failing. "You have a short window to have this baby," they said. Two days later, our healthy baby girl was born.

What advice would you give expecting parents as they prepare for parenthood? We tried to prepare as much as we could, but no matter how prepared you are, the whole scenario ends up being completely different in the end. Don’t expect things to go exactly the way you plan, but be thankful when you have a healthy baby.

What resources did you find helpful in preparing for parenthood? We took a class at the Birthing Inn in anticipation that we would do an all natural birth there. And we also took a child CPR class at St. Joseph’s. Mariko discovered the Baby Bump Expo while researching online and trying to find out what we were getting ourselves into [parenthood]. We went and had a such a great time and so much fun. I think what we liked most about the expo was being able to see everything in person all in one place. We thought we were pretty up on everything, but we got to see the latest and greatest in everything baby which was amazing. We tested out the strollers on the Stroller Trail, and it was so helpful that Mariko could try on all the different baby carriers. That’s a really hard thing to make fit right. It was great that she could try them on before buying because the carrier she had in mind and liked actually didn’t fit right so she was able to find a different brand that was the best decision for her. We've gone to the show every year since! Last year at the Baby Bump and Savvy Family Expo, we discovered Caspar Babypants. Chris Ballew, who is best known as the former lead singer of the

band Presidents of the United States of America, is now an amazing and incredible children’s musician called, Caspar Babypants. We bought a few CDs at the last show. Miyako sings along, jumps around and knows all the words. That will be the highlight for her at the Savvy Family show this year.

Tell us about your family production business! We both have degrees in film production and are professional film makers. We make TV ads, kickstarter films and company videos. It was natural for us to start a production company because we have so much in common and our career paths are similar. We do work for Nike, Mariko does tours in British Columbia, and we made the Baby Bump Expo promo video last year. It’s sort of a dream to do something we love to do and share in the joys of raising our daughter.

Photo by Oona Copperhall Photography

The Berman’s iconic "happy family" photo was captured at the first ever Baby Bump Expo. As fate would have it, they’ve continued to come to each show and even partnered with the Baby Bump and Savvy Family team on creative projects like the Baby Bump “Let’s Stroll Dads” promo video.

What's it like running your family business with a little one? I think it’s called don’t sleep. If you don’t sleep and exercise then you can raise a kid and run a business. A friend of mine said, "Choose sleep, fitness, family or career. Pick two and sacrifice the other two."

Can you share a funny story about Miyako? Miyako's favorite thing in the world is taking a bath. A big part of the culture in Japan is baths. They have these “Onsen” or recreational hot springs or family bath houses. She just loves it so much. The Japanese word for, “I just love it” is “Suki”. So she yells “Onsen suki! Onsen suki! over and over.

Between visiting family in Japan and traveling with her parents for work, Miyako is a pretty experienced traveler. One time in the airport, Miyako took off and jumped on the Delta airlines cart. She sat on it hoking the horn and being obnoxious. But instead of getting scolded and yelled at, the airline staff just laughed!

Savvy Family

Meet the Mamas Behind Savvy Family Heidi, Ashley and Nadine share about their parenting journey, must-have products, and their vision for the PNW's biggest and best baby and parenting expos! PHOTOGRAPHY by Berman Photography

Where are you at in your parenting journey?

he wants to come in and snuggle with his mom. Bringing up the rear, is our almost six-year-old son. He is definitely the baby of the family. Knowing that he’s the last, I’m Nadine: Our parenting journey has clinging onto every little thing that some arrived at a new station- the baby phase of would consider parenting is over. him a “baby” or Our youngest “toddler”, yet there turned five and is also a part of we've completed me that can’t wait preschool. As I felt like we spent for that stage to you always hear the first year catering be done! parents say- it to our baby's is indeed bitter every need. Then out of Ashley: It's been sweet! We will no where he became quite the transition miss so much but a toddler! moving from the are also ready "newborn-baby" for adventuresstage to the toddler camping trips, stage. Our sweet, sharing our innocent baby boy favorite childhood now has strong opinions, wants, and is books and movies, and much more is in super displeased when those wants aren't store for us! met immediately. We are really thankful for our amazing pediatrician, wise friends Heidi: My preteen daughter is starting who've been through this season and to go through many changes. Because of parenting books to help navigate. Behavior her newfound independence, her needs and attitude aside- I'm really enjoying his have changed as well. My 10-year-old son little personality! It's so cool to watch him is also expressing his need and want for become a little boy. independence, yet there is still time when 26

What’s the best piece of parenting advice you’ve received? Nadine: Most of the “advice” we get from people is junk we have already heard, things we already know or have tried, or things that we think are little crazy. BUT, in the mix of the bad advice, if you keep listening, you will get some gems like: 1) Do what works for you and each baby, 2) Deep breaths and positive thoughts, 3) It's okay to ask for an accept help, 4) Find a community for support- parenting really takes a VILLAGE! Heidi:

I’m a perfectionist and have control issues. I've been told (more than once) to stop, enjoy the moment and stop trying to make everything into my idea of perfection. You can’t control everything, especially when kids are involved. You’ll drive yourself crazy and miss out on so much. I’m still working on this but I have learned that it is okay if some things are not perfect. Let things go!

Ashley: It felt like we spent the first year catering to our infant's every need. Then out of no where he become a toddler! It

was a relief to hear from our pediatrician, that our role as parents isn't to make our son happy all the time (which was becoming exhausting!), but rather to help him develop life skills at a young age so he can navigate life without us someday. Often that means saying "no" or giving time out.

What are your favorite products and services? Nadine:

Oh gosh, I've had so many favorite things over the years, from my Baby Bjorn and Moby Wrap to the Diono car seat with the straps that never get tangled! One of my absolute favorite is the Playland service at Fred Meyer! That’s right! It was my saving grace! One hour of free childcare that my children loved (with CeCe) while I shopped in peace. One time I just got a Starbucks drink and sat there!

What’s your funniest parenting moment? Nadine:

We laugh all the time as parents- at ourselves, at our kids, and at the moments that once seemed horrible that we can now laugh about. There was the “Great Poo Disaster of 2011” when Moo smeared poo all over her crib and the walls when we thought she was just sweetly waking up from a nap. Or the time Matt realized that Nate was too big for the front pack and his feet hit at just the wrong spot – Ok- maybe that was funnier for me to watch than for Matt!

Heidi: I’m pretty sure it involves poop in one way or the other- a child’s not mine. Life is just funny with kids around. They say and do the craziest things and we as parents react in such a crazy and funny way at times.

Ashley: I love my BOB Stroller which allows me to continue running with our dog at the park nearby. Also, our Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 high chair is AMAZING! Feeding a toddler is a hot mess but this chair is so easy to clean. And the high chair and booster seat break down separately so it's portable, or two children can be seated at the same time.

families in our region. We launched these events wishing that we had opportunities like it when we were pregnant and just starting our parenting journey. Our culture has moved away from the “village” approach and we think it is time to reconnect with one another and learn how to be the best parents we can be together.

Heidi: We started Baby Bump to create a venue that allowed parents to explore their options. It can be overwhelming to walk into a big box store with hundreds of choices (think of the bottle aisle alone), trying to figure out what you should buy. We want to build a show that educates the parent on all of the fantastic options so they can make an educated choice on what they need, not what a store thinks they should buy.

Ashley: We've had our dog, The Savvy Family Expo is a natural part of Chloe, for five years our evolution. I may be done with the baby before our son stage (sad but true), but there is still a need was born. She's out there to educate parents and introduce very much our fur products that benefit their growing baby and before children. What worked for your first child kids, the love of doesn't always work for the second child. our life. Recently, Now you're deciding on schools and child when we've left care, activities, raising happy, healthy the grandparents children. There is so much opportunity to house, we are all situated in the car and provide options and education. I am really about to drive off when the grandparents excited to see where this show will go! run outside yelling, "You forgot Chloe!" I wish I could say this has only happened Ashley: I support the Savvy Family once. We've also been so distracted coming and Baby Bump inside the house after marketing a long day that after department several minutes we through creative turn to each other art direction and We launched and ask, "Where's graphic design. these events wishing Chloe?" only to find My goal is to we had opportunities her on the front communicate like it when we were porch waiting to be our vision in pregnant and starting let inside. Poor Chloe! a way that’s our parenting straightforward, journey. aesthetically pleasing and What is your fun! I really love vision for being home with Savvy Family my son and also fulfilling my creative and & Baby Bump? professional aspirations.

It wasn't uncommon for me to use the pump while commuting on I-5. Is that against the law?

Heidi: My musthaves for new parents are 1) baby carrier to be close to them and let’s be honest, house chores don’t get done magically, so to be hands free is awesome! 2) A good breast pump. With two of my kids, I went back to work while breast feeding. Having a good pump saved my life. It wasn't uncommon for me to use the pump while commuting on I-5. Is that against the law? Not sure, but thankfully I never got pulled over and had to explain that one. I did get an odd look from a trucker once. And 3) a bouncer. How it puts baby in a trance just long enough for mom to take shower, go to bathroom, or make dinner is truly amazing!

Savvy Family


My biggest hope for Savvy Family and Baby Bump is that it would be an awesome resource and support for

Interview continued on page 28 27

Savvy Family

How do you balance work and home life?

chair which you feel the need to pick up rather than work. But in the end, I have cherished the opportunity to be with my kiddos and still do what I love!


Creating balance while raising three kids, having a career as an architect, co-owing Savvy Family, trying to maintain a marriage and possibly getting that much needed workout in once in a while is a myth! Something always has to give- for the sake of your Some weeks I sanity.

Nadine: Some weeks I feel like I am super mom, and then other times I am on the verge of a breakdown. Some practical tips are to minimize TV, take the time to plan out meals on Sunday before the feel like I am super week gets going, and mom, and then find ways to share loads other times I am on with others, like carpools, dinners with friends, and the verge of getting the kids to help a breakdown. out. And sometimes working from home means slower productivity with a toddler in your arms at your desk and puzzle pieces scattered under your work


I've learned to recognize that there are times when I have to focus more on one aspect, like the kids, than others, and to rely on help from my husband or inlaws. I won’t lie, I have fed my kids frozen

yogurt with fresh fruit for dinner. I have purchased store bought cookies for a school fund raiser bake sale and even requested to end my date night with my husband early to catch up on sleep. I’ve pulled dirty clothes out of the hamper because I had nothing clean to wear, and responded to a text message from my husband at work, missing an important agenda item. The stories are endless and they are the same as yours. Stop judging yourself, we all do it!


I'm learning that it's impossible to manage every area at 100% efficiency (and still be sane and loving toward your family). So when I have a big project, I release myself of the pressure of having a clean house and committing to extra activities. The power that the word "no" holds is very freeing. I also aim to work before my son wakes up and create engaging “stations” or quiet time to keep him occupied when he's awake. Lastly, I use the help of friends and family. I couldn't work without their help and support.


It's Organic. It's Versatile. And Doesn't Rhyme with Gasoline. ARTICLE by Ashley Stocker PHOTOGRAPHY provided by Mama Earth Baby & Savvy Family

Earth Mama Angel Baby is now Earth Mama Organics! They're still providing you with the same herbal organic and natural products that pregnant women and new mamas trust, but now with a new exciting look and is less of a mouthful to say.

A natural skeptic I must admit, I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to natural hygiene products, especially deodorant. I know they are safer but bottom line- no one wants to smell bad. What really made me think hard about the products I use, was when I got pregnant with my first child. All of the sudden I had a heightened sense to anything that I put in my body that could potentially hurt him. Medications that I used

before and didn't think twice about for myself, I began to asked, "If it's harmful, or unsafe to use while I'm pregnant, why am I even using it when I don't have a tiny person inside?"

Safely nurturing mamas Nadine and I are excited to find a company who's goal is to safely nurture mamas by combining generations of women's wisdom with traditional plant remedies to create certified organic products. ALL their products are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women- and those with sensitive skin!

Actually natural and actually work We are happy to report that Earth Mama Organics products work- especially the deodorant! We've noticed with other natural

Savvy mamas will love using Earth Mama (and) Baby Organic products!



These products just feel GREAT on your skin. There's no propylene glycol, artificial fragrance, parabens or aluminum and just the perfect balance of baking soda and magnesium. All products are dermatologist tested and clinically tested for irritation.


There's something for baby too! They also have products developed just for baby- including the NEW Baby Face Organic Nose & Cheek Balm that uses organic ultrarich calendula coconut balm to soothes baby's face. This stuff is great as my son's poor face gets raw and red from drool and the harsh winter weather.



deodorants that we smell really bad after several hours or the deodorant dries out our poor armpits. We were pleasantly surprised find no discomfort, itching, or stinkiness! We did sweat a bit, but hey, it's not an antiperspirant, so that's okay!


This is tough because most of us can afford a $10 stick of deodorant, but we are probably used to a $2 stick. It does take a little time to create a shift in thinking and make organic body-care products a priority in the budget. But there are other organic brands that beat them on the price.



Safe for pregnant, breastfeeding and sensitive skin! The ingredients are natural- like actually "natural" and plant-based, not that fake mumbo jumbo we get from some corporations selling us less than natural products labeled natural.


The updated modern and uncluttered design makes each product easy to read. Also, their mini deodorants are travel-savvy and squee-cute! They're perfect for your diaper bag or purse.



We LOVE the scents! "Bright Citrus", "Sweet Orange" and "Ginger Aid" smell amazing while being gentle and aren't overly fragrant. They also offer non-scented deodorants.



There aren't any significant cons to report. The deodorant container felt a little cheap and was super difficult to twist, but the quality of the deodorant itself makes up for the container. 29

Celebrate Pregnancy & Parenthood!

Find the best in baby product merchandisers, baby boutiques, doulas, photographers, educational opportunities, and all things maternity and baby!

Saturday, March 3, 2018 The Greater Tacoma Convention Center Tacoma, WA 30

Purchase tickets at:

Come shop, learn and celebrate!

General Admission: $20

{ Guest speakers

General Admission at the door: $25

{ Car seat safety workshop { Lactation consults { Mothers' Nursing Lounge { Tons of maternity focused exhibitors & shopping

{ Stroller Trial Trail and more!

Photography by Berman Photography & Oona Copperhall Photography

20% OFF * Baby Bump Expo Tic

ket Price!



*Excludes VIP. Not to

be used to purchase

tickets at the door. 31

Baby Bump

Creating a Positive Pumping Experience for You and Your Partner ARTICLE by Sheri Wallace, Lactation Professional

Gazing into the eyes of the beautiful new baby cradled in your arms is a lot different than staring at the plastic breast pump that you have just connected to yourself. But believe it or not, regardless of how you are expressing milk, it is an “emotional habit”, says Sheri Wallace, a lactation professional and past Director of Marketing for Ardo breast pumps. Sheri shares a wealth of information about the emotional experience of breastfeeding and pumping as well as the importance of preparing BEFORE baby even arrives. “I can’t tell you how many calls we get from stressed out moms trying to use their breast pump for the first time in an hour of desperation- and then they wonder why they aren’t getting any milk.” Sheri explains that similar to breastfeeding, pumping breast milk is a hormonal and emotional response. Babies have a hormonal trigger for mothers, between their smell, the connection with their eyes, and their touch while nursing to help new mothers form a positive association with feeding them. Your breast pump, well, it is safe to say you really have no love for that machine!

Sheri's Three Practical Tips For New Pumping Moms 1. Do your research Learn about what type of breast pump might suit you, your needs, and your breast best. A skilled lactation consultant like our friends from Nurturing Expressions, who will also be on site at the next Baby Bump Expo event, can help you determine which pump might suit you best. Do you need it to be very quiet? Do you have sensitive nipples? Do you need it super portable? Do you plan to use it daily? These are all good questions to ask to help determine the right pump 32

for you and in turn will hopefully make your pumping process the best it can be.




2. Don’t wait until it's hectic to try your breast pump Be ready, early on, to just give the breast pump a try after a feeding, when your partner is there and baby too. Create a peaceful experience with your pump for the first time, by having your partner there to assist and only pumping for a few minutes the first time. A moment of

tears and engorged breasts is not a good introduction to using your pump.

3. Include your partner in the pumping process It's especially important during the first few times using the breast pump. Your partner helped make the baby, and now they may wonder how they can help when it comes to a mom who is breast feeding. Being a positive emotional support for breastfeeding and pumping is a critical role for partners and for the success moms will find in this endeavor. Simple ways for the partner to create this positive environment is to hold baby next to mom while she is pumping, tell her she is doing a great job, rub her neck or shoulders, or just put an arm around her for physical touch and support! An initial positive experience with the breast pump will most certainly help future pump sessions.

Learn more from the experts at Ardo by stopping by their booth at the spring Baby Bump Expo on March 3, 2018!

Baby Bump


entally Prepare Yourself M epared for

pr Something I wasn’t livery of my de d an th with the bir ick labor. Now first child was a qu up- you need before you beat me ry. sto ole to hear the wh over that since I was told over and I would be late it was my first child, long labor. So a and it would be ed for physical ar ep pr I that’s what agined going and mentally. I im few painless a into labor with and going t, firs at contractions ng around the out for coffee, nesti bag, going for house, packing my er 8 hours of aft n a walk, and the going to the laboring at home, hospital. eks, my water When I was 37 we Seinfeld, of g hin broke (watc n 30 minutes course!) and withi e labor with I was in full activ tes apart at nu mi 2-3 contractions bag wasn’t 45 seconds long. My d an was out packed. My husb bee and had fris playing ultimate r the night pulled an all nighte car and my prior. We got in the n the urge ga be y body immediatel later our son to push. Three hours was born! the end, (no It all worked out in car and boy the in baby birthed rly maternity was I glad I did ea sh someone photos) but I wi mindful and be had told me to es of laborprepared for all typ ture of what to have a mental pic look like uld co each scenario match. I to ls too and with the htened frig so remember being y my ad ste , us that I couldn't foc do to at wh of nk thi breathing or dar gu ht off next. I was so caug t ou d pe rip en like the rug had be lly. nta me t fee from under my want to keep For my next child, I er possibilities an open mind to oth to happen or r besides what I prefe happen and to al” what is “typic ch situation mentally picture ea of tricks. x and gather a toolbo



Consider a Doula ive impact

sit I had no idea the po ring labor, du ke ma a doula can ur first child. especially with yo ing, “Ya, ya, I remember think extra add-on an ya, that’s just don’t really expense, that you ve." need, just nice to ha th at the St. Thankfully, giving bir nter comes Ce ry Joseph Midwife me tell youwith a doula! Let ING! Because doulas are AMAZ probably one is or let’s face it, lab things women of the most taxing ntally. do physically AND me u’re hydrated, They make sure yo speak d an comfortable, ey you. Th help encouragement to thing steady. you keep your brea “fluff ” or like d That may soun is a common silliness, but there ally it's usually point in labor, ironic t few pushes las right before the born, that ing be by of the ba ma wants to the exhausted ma ling mentally give up. She’s fee defeated. ed to me. I This totally happen a few hours had been pushing for s. I told res og pr without much do this n’t ca “I ff, sta the labor done.” I’m d. anymore. I’m so tire nage ma to w ho The doula knows alth he l nta me ur yo and care for during labor. e care of you, Doulas not only tak se or partner. ou but also your sp ur spouse is yo itt Think abou and labor experiencing birth red and sca e ar with you. They to do! at wh tly ac ex don’t know ht as rig y hubb The doula told my ga rin du t ou my son was coming by ba the en wh , ow water birth, “N ter wa o the first comes out int y be white or ma he , th) bir r (wate ’t breathed sn ha he gray because panic. Don’t in oxygen yet. Don’t ur panicked let your wife see yo use her to ca ll face, or that wi ) “This is him ing fac s panic. (I wa er lat told me totally normal”. He the doula nd that he himself fou ul. lpf especially he cares for you In short, the doula ouse in a way and your partner/sp th experience bir that makes your the best it can be.



What to Expect that You Aren't Expecting During Labor, Delivery, and Beyond

Baby Bump


ARTICLE by Nadine Kohler & Ashley Stocker PHOTOGRAPHY by on Unsplash



4 5

One of our biggest take aways from labor and delivery (other than our babies!) was utter shock at how much no one told us. No matter how many books we read, information received from prenatal appointments, or advice from experienced mothers, we can't help but ask, "Why didn't anyone tell me about this?" The typical response to this seems to be, "Well, no one wants to scare you,” as if no one would have a baby if they knew? We hate to bust this theory, but if this was the case, no one would have a second, third, or any more children after the first!

Leave Your Undies Behind

You don’t need to pac k your own underwear. That’s right. It’s the first time you are packing an overnig ht bag and don’t need your panties. You r underwear and even largest pad won’t do the trick. In fact, it wouldn’t come close. Instead, the hospital/birth center will be providing you with some lovely mesh-like underwear (if you can call them that) that hold a diaper-like pad. Yep , your baby isn’t the only one leaving in diapers. Sound fun? Well how about this pos itive take on it- you will be thankful for it’s giving sides and shutter at the idea of the tight elastic in your regular panties- or even the wornout elastic from your period panties.

Yup, Those Diapers are for


u Those momma diapers will come in handy, because there is a lot of blo od. I believe I had read, “... expect heavy bleeding like a heavy period cycle.” Um yeah ok, if your heavy cycle is anything like after giving birth- then GOOD HEAVEN S have mercy on you! Keep in Mind that Your Birth Plan May Change

Everyone will nod that they have your birth plan, but make sure you have your own advocates to help implem ent that plan. Your partner and a dou la can be very helpful in getting you and the baby the care you had hoped for. All that said, also be prepared to be at pea ce if your birth plan has to change for safety reasons. It can be quite devastatin g if you had envisioned a beautiful water birth and find yourself being wheeled into an O.R. for a cesarean surgical birth. Exp ecting this as a possibility, slim as it may be, will help you have peace about the birt h regardless of the path.


Kegels Smegles

Work those upper bodies mo ms and dads! Upper body strength will not only come in handy during actual birt h, but also for carting around your new bundle of joy in a bucket car seat, moving the stroller(s) and all of the baby gear. You'll suddenly find that it requires more strength than you thought- and being strong will help to prevent common bac k, elbow and wrist injuries.

Here are a couple of little tidbits (gruesome as they may be) that you aren’t expecting, but maybe should be. 35

Baby Bump

PRODUCT REVIEW ARTICLE by Nadine Kohler PHOTOGRAPHY provided by Austlen Baby Company

Hello Austlen Stroller. Where have you been all my [parenthood] life? Flashback to 2007

Flashback to 2009

My baby is asleep in a bucket car seat, but I need to go grocery shopping. It’s dangerous to balance the car seat on top of the shopping cart, so I stick the car seat in the cart and start piling groceries around my baby‌ getting back to the car after the groceries were bagged was a nightmare.

My now toddler refuses to stay seated in the child seat of the shopping cart. If only she was happily strapped into her stroller, with her cup holder, snack tray, and toy. Then maybe I could grocery shop. *sigh*

Fast forward back to 2017 HELLO AUSTLEN Stroller! Where have you


been all my life? Everyone buys a stroller, maybe two, or even three- the stroller you keep in the car with the bucket seat adapter snap-in, then the umbrella stroller for travel or easy trips and maybe jogging stroller or double stroller once you have number two. For grocery shopping alone, this stroller is worth it! The stroller has a cargo bag add-

Baby Bump

on and can hold just as much as the shopping cart, but now your baby is safe or your toddler is happily strapped in. For trips to the zoo, picnics at the park, or a day at the beach, you CANNOT go wrong with the Austlen Entourage for hauling all your stuff.


No matter how much you pare down, a day at the beach requires some gear when going with kids. This stroller can actually carry a cooler! That’s right, no more dragging the cooler to the beach behind you and multiple loads to the car. You can do it in one trip!

Consider it your workout for the day And while one of the only downfalls of the stroller is how heavy it is, it still maneuvers beautifully and with the ease of one hand. Lifting the fully loaded Austlen back onto a curb may need some extra hands but perhaps you can just consider it that exercise session you skipped because being a parent is exercise enough!






TOP quality! A durable and classy looking stroller that maneuvers beautifully with the ease of one hand, despite how much stuff is piled on top.




Higher price stroller model, but will last and accommodate your growing family, your weekly shopping and adventures!



Keeps your baby or toddler in a safe place while shopping or on adventures wins this stroller major points!


Absolutely great functionality- the compartments are easy to access and fold up when unneeded. A little heavy or bulky for some to get in and out of a vehicle.



Safety for grocery shopping and adventures with ease!



It's a tad heavy, even when unloaded, and doesn’t come with some of the normal expected features like cup holder, snack tray, etc. You have to purchase these attachments as well as the cargo bag which is simply a must-have! 37

Our customers actually are the future HEVEAÂŽ Non-toxic natural

rubber baby products available at 39

Baby Bump

Three Amazing Pre & Postnatal Wellness Therapies You've Probably Never Heard Of ARTICLE by Blair Fillingham, MTRNL

Whether you're planning on getting pregnant, expecting a baby soon, in your postpartum phase, or had your babies years ago, Blair, founder of MTRNL, the world’s first online prenatal and postnatal yoga studio, shares her experience with three less common wellness therapies you should gift your body with in 2018!

1. Maya Abdominal Massage I first experienced Maya Abdominal Massage when I was looking for ways 40

to heal my cesarean scar. I had done all of the work to heal it superficially- using castor oil heat packs, and all kinds of creams- but I still experienced pain in the deep scar tissue underneath. Not only pain, but it was lumpy. I learned that massaging the scar tissue could help to “break it up” and help smooth things out. What I didn’t know about this therapy, is that it is more commonly used to help women with fertility and pregnancy than with postpartum health. According to the book Rainforest Home Remedies, Mayan remedies can help with menopause,

migraines, painful menstruation, infertility and even help correct a prolapsed or tipped uterus. So, what is it exactly? While you relax on a massage bed, a Maya Abdominal certified masseuse will gently massage the tissues surrounding the uterus. They will apply very specific techniques learned from Dr. Rosita Arvigo, who learned from Don Elijo Panti, who is considered “the last Maya master healer in Belize” by the New York Times. I loved every moment of my massage

Baby Bump

The thing that struck me about this experience was how incredibly gentle, comfortable, warm and feminine it was. It was a stark contrast to my experiences at the OBGYN – which often felt cold, clinical and often painful. My vagina was very relieved! This therapy can help with everything from incontinence, to painful intercourse – and can even help “condition” your lady parts for giving birth. I highly recommend finding a pelvic floor PT before you get pregnant, or early in your pregnancy, to get an evaluation and personalized guidance on how to prepare your pelvic floor for pregnancy in a way that will serve you through birth to menopause and beyond.

something that feels good. We practice this regularly in the prenatal yoga classes I teach so that mamas-to-be can experience it for themselves.

Here’s to trying new things in 2018! Enjoy, and let me know how it goes or if you need a referral to someone near you who is certified to practice these therapies.

3. Hypno Therapy

(and after three years you can barely tell I ever had a scar.) It was gentle, simple, and allowed me to really focus my energy on my womb for an hour – which helped me to remember how incredible our bodies are.

2. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy I didn’t realize there were physical therapists that specialized in pelvic floor health until a pregnant friend of mine referred me to her therapist. This was after I had two babies – so I was disappointed that I missed out on this amazing therapy during my pregnancies. But I decided I could benefit from going to see her, because I was experiencing discomfort during sex. I wanted her help to get my lady parts back into their ‘pre-baby’ condition (when sex was not uncomfortable!)

Every week I hear of more and more scientific evidence proving how connected our mind and body is. It is something that I learned through my yoga practice, and experienced for myself, but it is cool to see research that proves it. My perception of hypnotherapy was based on what I had seen on stage over the years. I listened to a few ‘hypno birth’ podcasts when I became pregnant, but quickly dismissed them as way to woowoo and, frankly, boring. Alas, I then witnessed a friend have an unmedicated birth without ANY pain. She was practicing a method of hypnotherapy created for women in labor. It worked. It was incredible! (For anyone thinking that she was just someone who had a high pain threshold- keep in mind that she learned this technique AFTER having an incredibly painful birth experience with her first baby.) I was able to experience deep hypnosis during my second labor too. Something magical happens to your perception of pain when your mind is focused on

Blair created MTRNL.COM, an online prenatal/postnatal yoga studio, because she believes that the health and vitality of mothers is crucial to the future of our planet. MTRNL yoga classes bring women from around the world together to feel strong and supported as they journey into pregnancy and through motherhood. Blair became a certified prenatal yoga teacher and yoga teacher after 17 years working for companies including Microsoft, Xbox, Nokia, Intel and Samsung. She lives with her two daughters and her high school sweetheart on 5 acres overlooking Mt Rainier, in Carnation, Washington.

Follow MTRNL on Facebook at @mtrnlyoga or visit to learn more 41

Baby Bump

Is Your Baby's Pacifier Safe & Clean? ARTICLE by MAM PHOTOGRAPHY provided by MAM

If you are a parent of a little one that uses a pacifier, we are pretty sure you have done the most common cleaning and maintenance method for a paci- examine for hair and dirt, give it a quick blow, lick it off yourself, then put it back in baby’s mouth! While we have all done it, I am sure we can use a few tips from the experts on pacifier safety. Our friends at MAM have been developing pacifiers since 1976 and are committed to high quality design, and safety. For more information from MAM on pacifier safety and hygiene visit

1 Inspect your child’s pacifier before each and every use.

2 The "Pull Test"

This is not only relevant for teething babies or babies with teeth. Even before babies’ teeth emerge, their gums are very hard and can cause damage to any pacifier.

Regularly sterilize the pacifier. After sterilizing, wait for an additional 5 minutes before giving the pacifier to your baby. During cleaning, a small amount of water may enter the nipple. This can be easily expelled by gently squeezing with clean fingers.


When was it last cleaned? Clean the pacifier before each use under warm running water. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents.

4 Clean + Sterilize


5 Perform a ‘pull test’ prior to each use. To perform a ‘pull test,’ pull the pacifier in all directions. Carefully check for any signs of damage or weakness. If any damage or weakness is found, discard the pacifier immediately.

Replace your child's pacifier often Never dip the soother in sweet substances or medication. This can cause tooth decay. For hygiene and safety reasons, always replace the soother after one to two months of use.

Freshly Laundered Cloth Diapers Delivered to Your Home Each Week! No rinsing, no pins... just toss your soiled diapers in the pail- we'll take care of the rest!

Why chose cloth for your baby? } } } } }

Healthiest diaper option for your baby Best option for our environment Convenient Affordable Adorable


Putting children & families ďŹ rst for more than 50 years.

Schedule a complimentary

Newborn Talk

to select your pediatrician before your baby is born! 253-383-5777 • 43 45




Your baby’s umbilical cord is made up of tissue and contains blood. Both cord blood and cord tissue are rich sources of powerful stem cells.

Newborn stem cells are smart. They “know” how to find injured cells in the body and start a healing process.¹ In other words, they may help the body help itself.

They’re powerful.

They’re special.

Beyond current uses for cord blood stem cells, researchers are excited about the use of newborn stem cells in potential treatments, such as regenerative medicine.

Newborn stem cells are different from adult stem cells like those found in bone marrow. CBR® preserves newborn stem cells when they’re at their peak, so their unique advantages may be used in the future.2,3,5

To learn more call us at 1.888.CORD BLOOD (1.888.267.3256) or visit References: 1. Meier C, Middlelanis J, Wasielewski B, et al. Spastic paresis after perinatal brain damage in rats is reduced by human cord blood mononuclear cells. Pediatr Res. 2006;59:244-249. 2. Broxmeyer HE, Lee MR, Hangoc G, et al. Hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells, generation of induced pluripotent stem cells, and isolation of endothelial progenitors from 21- to 23.5-year cryopreserved cord blood. Blood. 2011;117:4773-4777. 3. Ballen KK, Verter F, Kurtzberg J. Umbilical cord blood donation: public or private? Bone Marrow Transplant. 2015;50:1271-1278. 4. Munoz J, Shah N, Rezvani K, et al. Concise review: umbilical cord blood transplantation: past, present, and future. Stem Cells Transl Med. 2014;3:1435-1443. 5. U.S. National Institutes of Health. website. Accessed December 2015. Ultimate use of newborn stem cells will be determined by the treating physician who will consider if they are applicable for the condition and should come from the patient or a suitable donor (siblings of the same biological parents have a 25% chance of being a perfect match and a 50% chance of being a partial match; biological parents will always be a partial match). There is no guarantee that treatments being studied in the laboratory, clinical trials, or other experimental treatments (including regenerative medicine applications) will be available in the future. 47

a celebration of

pregnancy & parenthood

Go to the bathroom alone. Don't parent alone! Join us for the annual Baby Bump and Savvy Family Expos h Guest speakers

h Caspar Babypants LIVE

h Mothers' Nursing Lounge

h Pop-up boutique shopping

h Stroller Trial Trail

h Car seat safety workshop

h Lactation consults

h Face painting

h Bounce houses

For event dates, information and tickets visit h 48

Savvy Family Spring 2018 | Issue 2  

In this spring edition, Savvy Family highlights Six Family Friendly Hikes around the Puget Sound for families needing fresh air and sunshine...

Savvy Family Spring 2018 | Issue 2  

In this spring edition, Savvy Family highlights Six Family Friendly Hikes around the Puget Sound for families needing fresh air and sunshine...