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EXCLUSIVE REVIEW! Austlen Entourage Stroller: Where have you been my whole [parenthood] life? Don't miss the

HAVE YOU LEFT THE LAND OF CLEAN EATING? Join the movement of PNW families eating REAL food!


Baby Bump & Savvy Family Fall Events! Saturday, Sept. 16

Fall 2017 | Issue 1


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,cause parenting is a trip! 3

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Meet the Mamas behind Savvy Family Nadine, Heidi and Ashley share about their parenting journey, must-have products, and the vision for Savvy Family!

23 Keeping your youth safe on the field

Dr. Gary Tart from Pediatrics Northwest shares five tips to having fun while staying safe on the football field!

24 Are you up for the [real food] challenge?

41 Hello Austlen Stroller. Where have you been all my [parenthood] life?!

The Savvy Family Real Food Project partners with PNW families and local businesses to eat 100% REAL FOOD for 14-days!

Why would you add yet another stroller type to your list of needs? Because this stroller is awesome and will make your life so much easier!

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Savvy Family Expo Program Guide

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Baby Bump Expo Program Guide

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Additional Features 14 The Real Meaning Behind 'Tiny House Living'

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27 Healthy Eating When You're on the Go


Car Seat Safety Expert Panel

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38 How To Have A Positive Pumping

5 Ideas for Experiential Christmas Gifts

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letter from the editor.

Editor-in-Chief + Director of Events Nadine Kohler Artistic Director + Architect Heidi Kihlman Visual Communications + Graphic Design Ashley Stocker Contributing Photographers Amanda Bower Amie Hancock, Poverty Bay Photography Julia Larson Saperstein Oona Copperhall Photography

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PNW friends and welcome to the Savvy Family world! With our first Savvy Family Publication, I would like to introduce to you what SAVVY FAMILY is! It seems to have all started a little backwards... We jumped right into the deep end and created the Baby Bump Expo, the largest baby and maternity expo the Pacific Northwest region has ever seen. Our first show in April 2015 proved to be a huge success and from there we knew the parents and parents-to-be in the region were happy to join us on this adventure. By 2016 we saw a need to grow the event to follow our families as their children grew. We launched the

Savvy Family Expo to debut in 2017, catering to families with children over the age of one. We envisioned a show with family resources like education and enrichment options, an inspiration for family adventures and vacations, home technology and organization, a REAL FOOD Family Project, and to provide a fun family outing. Then flipping through our Fall 2016 Program Guide, we had an epiphany- THIS “Program Guide” should be a regular publication! There is so much content to share, so many new products to try, and so many families to reach that we knew a magazinestyle publication was in order. At this point, we realized SAVVY FAMILY and our new publication piece was truly the overarching umbrella of our business. Keep an eye out for our seasonal publication pieces, follow our blog and sign up for our newsletters! We will keep you posted on all of the latest and greatest in the parenting world and keep you informed about our family expo events so that you can come to shop, to learn, and to celebrate! Thanks for joining us on this journey and enjoy. Cheers, -Nadine Kohler & Family Director of Savvy Family


Photo by Amie Hancock

She carries her Olli wherever she goes. He carries her purse whenever she asks.

BOOTH 414 Clek, Olli and are registered trademarks of Clek Inc. Š2017

Meet the Mamas behind

SAVVY FAMILY They’re moms just like you- trying to juggle life’s demands and all that comes with being a mom. Nadine, Heidi and Ashley share about their parenting journey, musthave products, and the vision for the PNW's biggest and best baby and parenting expos!

Where are you at in your parenting journey? Nadine: Our parenting journey has arrived at a new station- the baby phase of parenting is over. Our youngest turned five and we've completed preschool. As you always hear parents say- it is indeed bitter sweet! We will miss so much but are also ready for adventures- camping trips, sharing our favorite childhood books and movies, and much more is in store for us!

Heidi: My preteen daughter is starting to go through many changes. Because of her newfound independence, her needs have changed as well. My 9-year-old son is also expressing his need and want for independence, yet there are times he wants to come in and snuggle with his mom. Bringing up the rear, is our almost five-year-old son. He is definitely the baby of the family. Knowing that he’s the last, I’m clinging onto every little thing that some would consider him a “baby” or “toddler”, yet there is a part of me that can’t wait for that stage to be done!

Ashley: We are first time parents to a delightful 10-month-old boy, Zeke. The beginning was rough, just trying to adjust to this total-life change, but we’re getting the hang of things now and are absolutely crazy about our little man! 8

What’s the best piece of parenting advice you’ve received? Nadine: Most of the “advice” we get from people is junk we have already heard, things we already know or have tried, or things that we think are little crazy. BUT, in the mix of the bad advice, if you keep listening, you will get some gems like: 1) Do what works for you and each baby, 2) Deep breaths and positive thoughts, 3) It's okay to ask for an accept help, 4) Find a community for support- parenting really takes a VILLAGE!

Heidi: I’m a perfectionist and have control issues. I was once told (more than once) to stop, enjoy the moment and stop trying to make everything into my idea of perfection. You can’t control everything, especially when kids are involved. You’ll drive yourself crazy and miss out on so much. I’m still working on this but I have learned that it is okay if some things are not perfect. Let things go!

close to them and let’s be honest, house chores don’t get done magically, so to be hands free is awesome! 2) A good breast pump. With two of my kids, I went back to work while breast feeding. Having a good pump saved my life.

"It wasn't uncommon for me to use the pump while commuting on I-5. Is that against the law?" Not sure, but thankfully I never got pulled over and had to explain that one. I did get an odd look from a trucker once. And 3) a bouncer. How it puts baby in a trance just long enough for mom to take shower, go to bathroom, or make dinner is truly amazing!

Ashley: I love my BOB Stroller which allows me to continue running, the Solly Wrap, Prince Lionheart play mat saved my rug, and he cannot sleep without his WubbaNub binky.

Ashley: "Don't worry

about having a clean house- focus on enjoying your kids and what's important to you." I came to the realization that I just cannot do it all. I’ve embraced the mess and it feels very freeing. I even had a few mom friends say the appreciate me having them over with a messy house because it makes them feel better!

What are your favorite products and services? Nadine: Oh gosh, I've had so many favorite things over the years, from my Baby Bjorn and Moby Wrap to the Diono car seat with the straps that never get tangled! One of my absolute favorite is the Playland service at Fred Meyer! That’s right! It was my saving grace! One hour of free childcare that my children loved (with CeCe) while I shopped in peace. One time I just got a Starbucks drink and sat there!

Heidi: My favorite kid product is actually the individual developing right now. Parent innovators blow my mind! My must-haves for new parents are 1) baby carrier to be

What’s your funniest parenting moment? Nadine: We laugh all the time as parents- at ourselves, at our kids, and at the moments that once seemed horrible that we can now laugh about.

"There was the 'Great Poo Disaster of 2011' when Moo smeared poo all over her crib and the walls. We thought she was just sweetly waking up from a nap!" Or the time Matt realized that Nate was too big for the front pack and his feet hit at just the wrong spot – Ok- maybe that was funnier for me than for Matt!

Heidi: I’m pretty sure it in involves poop in one way or the other, a child’s not mine. I really can’t think of just one funniest moment- not one that wouldn’t result in visit from CPS. Life is just funny with kids around. They say and do the craziest things and we as parents react in such a crazy and funny way at times.

Nadine & Heidi Baby Bump Expo in 2015

Ashley: We will do anything to make Zeke laugh. Getting that gummy smile and deep belly laugh just makes our day. We found that he thinks it's really funny when we burp, so while I was at the checkout line at Fred Meyer, he got fussy, so I (forgetting I was in public) burped rather loud and waited for him to laugh. Nothing! He was over it and I felt weird!

Nadine Mom. Wife. Director of Events.

What's your vision for Savvy Family? Nadine: My biggest hope for Savvy Family and Baby Bump is that it would be an awesome resource and support for families in our region. We launched these events wishing that we had opportunities like it when we were pregnant and just starting our parenting journey. Our culture has moved away from the “village” approach and we think it is time to reconnect with one another and learn how to be the best parents we can be together.

Heidi Mom. Wife. Artistic Director. Architect.

Ashley Mom. Wife. Graphic Designer.

Heidi: It can be so darn overwhelming walking into a big box store, with hundreds of choices (think of the bottle aisle alone), trying to figure out what it is you should be buying. We built the Baby Bump show to educate parents on all of the fantastic options, so they can make an educated choice on what they need, not what a store thinks you should buy. The Savvy Family Expo is a natural part of our evolution. I may be done with the baby stage, but there is still a need out there to educate parents and introduce products that benefit their growing children, like schools, child care and activities.

Ashley: I engage with our Baby Bump and Savvy Family audiences online, design graphics and support the marketing department. My goal is to communicate our vision in a way that’s straightforward, aesthetically pleasing and fun! I love how I can be home with my son and also fulfill my creative and professional needs!

How do you balance work and home life? Nadine: "Some weeks

I feel like I am super mom, and then other times I am on the verge of a breakdown." Some practical tips are to minimize TV, take the time to plan out meals on Sunday before the week gets going, and find ways to share loads with others. Carpools, dinners with friends, and getting the kids to help out. And sometimes working from home means slower productivity with a toddler in your arms at your desk and puzzle pieces scattered under your work chair which you feel the need to pick up rather than work. But in the end, I have cherished the opportunity to be with my kiddos and still do what I love!

Heidi: Having balance while raising three kids, having a career, owning businesses, trying to maintain a marriage and possibly getting that much needed workout in once in a while is a myth! Something always has to give- for the sake of your sanity. I've learned to recognize that there are times when I have to focus more on one aspect, like the kids, than others, and to rely on help from my husband or in-laws. I won’t lie, I have fed my kids frozen yogurt for dinner before. Add fresh fruit on it and call it a balanced meal! I have purchased store bought cookies for a school fundraiser bake sale and even requested to end my date night with my husband early, to catch up on sleep. I’ve pulled dirty clothes out of the hamper because I had nothing clean to wear, and responded to a text message from my husband at work, missing an important agenda item. The stories are endless and they are the same as yours. Stop judging yourself, we all do it!

Ashley: I thought I had excellent time management skills when I worked full-timeHA! Now I'm super intentional about my time- waking up before my son does and having a game plan in mind for the day (what to do while he’s awake, what to do while he’s napping) and creating engaging “stations” to keep him busy. My family and mom friends are such life savers too! Photos by (listed top to bottom): Oona Copperhall, Amie Hancock, Amanda Bower and Amie Amie Hancock. 9

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Berman Films


Aleva Naturals

Berman Photography



Buckle Me Baby Coats

College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors

Ardo Medical USA

BWI- South Puget Sound

Covered Goods

Austlen Baby Co.

Cascade Culture Yogurt

Cozy Wozy

Catbird Baby

Crane USA

Babo Botanicals

CBR from AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Crescent Womb

Baby Bjorn

Channing Baby & Co.


Baby Diaper Service

Chart a' la Cart



CHI Franciscan Health Women's and

doTERRA Essential Oils


Children's Services

Dr. Brookley Pavnica - Chiropractor

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Bemax- Disposable Baby Diapers

Christian Faith School



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MTRNL: Prenatal + Postnatal Yoga

Prenatal Ease

My First Diapers

Pure Romance


Purely Essential Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Nola Baby Co

Rhea Lana's of Tacoma


River Babe Thread

Holy Rosary Regional School iBaby Inland Mama / Amy Plass Just Between Friends Kanga Care Kangaroo Karry Kent Eye Clinic 11

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Samaritan's Purse

Susan Brown's Baby

Usborne Books & More

Sara Lee

Sweet Beets Wellness

Valley RV Supercenter

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Tacoma Baptist Schools

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Tacoma Tot

Voya Financial Advisors

Silver Sage

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department / Dirt Alert

WA Dept. of Health / Newborn Screening

Tea For Eve

Washington Poison Center

Tekhni Wovens

Western Washington Toyota Dealers

That Dad Mat

Witney Estus Photography

The Birthing Inn

Young Living essential oils

Sloomb Smith Brothers Farms Sound Family Medicine Sparkling Mama Springfree Trampoline Thirsties Sproutable Try it Tiny STOKKE Tyke and Tots Stuck on You Ubbi


Wholehearted Wellness through Plant Based Nutrition & Mindful Movement Fitness & Running Personal Training Nutrition Counseling Small Group Workouts Meal Planning Wellness Retreats Tacoma, WA 13

The Real Meaning Behind ‘Tiny House Living’ Intro by Nadine Kohler, Savvy Family Article by Maggie, Try it Tiny

One of the pillars of Savvy Family is encouraging families to adopt positive and healthy lifestyle habits. While the minimalist and Tiny House Movement may seem like a long-shot for families with kids in the house, there are principals of the minimalist movement that we think fit perfectly into a Savvy Family Lifestyle! Maggie, our friend and founder at Try it Tiny shares that it’s not really about the size of the house at all, but about shifting what’s important from the stuff to the experiences!

that is rooted in self-sustaining practices. All of this while valuing experiences over belongings. No matter the size of your family or your home, here are tips to living tiny in a big world:

1) Reassess your excess We all have it and we can continually make improvements on reducing it. For those starting out, I highly recommend the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge. It’s a simple, nofuss way to eliminate all the ‘stuff’ we don’t really need.

2) One team, one dream

A little

over a year ago, I decided to make a pivotal change in my life, and dedicated my time to supporting the tiny house movement. I quit my corporate job, became a full-time aspiring minimalist and started working around the clock on an idea that would remove barriers to living tiny – called Try It Tiny. Try It Tiny is an online marketplace for long and short-term tiny house and land rentals (to park tiny houses) across the country. This provides a ‘try before you buy’ opportunity as well as tiny house parking options without requiring a mobilitylimiting investment in land. What I’ve found in Try It Tiny’s short life is a validation that living tiny has little to do with the size of one’s home. To me, living tiny means reducing excess and striving for a minimalistic lifestyle 14

if you’re needing to jump start your new lifestyle or re-commit to it, sometimes it’s best to be fully immersed in it. Rent a tiny house or challenge your family to a different kind of living experience for a weekend and re-focus on why it’s a priority.

A saying I use at Try It Tiny regularly, also applies to families living tiny. It takes the whole ‘team’ for a family to successfully live tiny. Organization is essential and ‘everything has a place.’ This mentality can feel daunting or painful if the burden falls on only one or two family members. Try to I now appreciate that everyone who wants encourage the entire ‘team’ to be to commit to living tiny, can do so involved and make it fun. Turn in their own way. Best of luck! Take the cleaning into a competition For more thoughts from our as you reduce clutter and team, check out Try It Tiny relish in the benefits of at spending more time outside and exploring together.

3) Re-commit the crew Once again, it’s my firm belief that living tiny can be accomplished in any size home, with any size family. As is the case with dieting, your faith or a New Year’s resolution;

30 Day Minimalist Challenge! challenges/30-day-challenge

Who do you hope your child will be at 25? Join us

Learn how to raise good kids who grow up to be amazing adults

Serving students from Pre-K through grade eight! We offer a dual language immersion program through grade five. Call (253) 272-7012 for a tour or visit us at 15











TRIPP TRAPP® T H E C H A I R T H AT G R OW S W I T H T H E C H I L D ™ V I S I T U S AT B O OT H 307 Childhood has many milestones. Celebrate each one with the iconic Tripp Trapp® chair. Designed in Norway by Peter Opsvik in 1972, Tripp Trapp® allows freedom of movement with both depth and height



adjustable seat and footplates. This ensures your child a comfortable and ergonomic seating position at any age. Versatile enough to be used from 6 months to adulthood, it’s the only chair you’ll ever need.

5 Ideas for Experiential Christmas Gifts ARTICLE by Nadine Kohler PHOTOGRAPHY by Gareth Harper on Unsplash

We all know that even as determined as we may be to minimize the number of things and toys our kids get at Christmas, we will inevitably buy a few fun items for under the tree. Hopefully these five ideas will help inspire you to incorporate experiential giving into your holiday routine this year! (Hint, hint, hint grandparents!)



Buy them an art box subscription

The gift of dance A pair of tap or ballet shoes and a certificate for dance lessons will bring fun, exercise, and an enrichment opportunity!

One of our favorite local PNW companies is Outside the Box Creations, providing high quality art boxes to your door for your kids to enjoy! And who doesn’t get excited when a package arrives? Check them out at



Make it a tradition to go to a holiday theatrical performance

Movie time!

Broadway Center for the Performing Arts in Tacoma has “Charlie Brown Christmas Live” and The Paramount in Seattle has “Elf- The Musical”!

Children’s tickets average about $7 per movie, so a $100 gift card to a local movie theater or Fandango would provide them about one movie outing per month!

5 The annual pass keeps on givin' An annual pass for a child or family is the gift that keeps on giving! You can choose the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle or Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Hands on Children’s Museum in Olympia, or even Wild Waves and Enchanted Village for thrill seekers or older kids! 17


Purchase tickets at savvyfamtickets (Children under 12 are free!)

Photo by Amie Hancock


Sponsors & Partners

Savvy Family Expo Sponsors

Savvy Family REAL FOOD Project Partners 19

Performances, Shows & Workshops PERFORMANCES & SHOWS 3rd Floor/Ballroom

12:30 PM

Image Studio Of Dance Show

Performing Dance Troop from Fircrest

2:00 PM

Caspar Babypants Show

Family Dance Party with Caspar Babypants Live!

TODDLER PLAY AREA! Exhibit Hall on the 5th Floor

Sponsored by the Children's Museum of Tacoma

 Kumon: A fter School Ma th & Reading Programs

 Image Studio of Dance

Caspar  Babypants

WORKSHOPS 5th Floor/Exhibit Hall

12:30 PM

Car Seat Safety with Expert Panel

Mat York, CPST, CBE, & Retail Specialist, Julie McCuen, CPST & Marketing Manager, Amie Hancock, CPST, and Scott McAllister, CPST & Brand Manager

2:30 PM

Getting Back into the 'Back to School' Groove

Carol Irish, Kumon South Puget Sound

3:15 PM

Probiotic Health- For Kids and Adults!

Kris Fuhr, Cascade Culture, Wholesome Yogurt, Inc

FAMILY FUN ZONE 3rd Floor/Ballroom

Bounce Houses, Springfree Trampoline, Face Painting and Platinum Touch Photobooths! Swing by Platinum Touch Photobooths' booth for a complimentary family photo! (Limit one photo per family).


Featured Workshop Speakers Kris Fuhr

Baylie Carlson

Cascade Culture, Wholesome Yogurt, Inc

Tiny House Growing Family @tinyhousegrowingfamily

@CascadeCultureYogurt Kris Fuhr a probiotic enthusiast, is reintroducing a beloved yogurt brand, Cascade Fresh back to the market and crafted the yogurt with health benefits in mind! She is passionate about probiotics, no sugar, and grass-fed milk from cows that are cared for by humane farmers. Kris has presented on the topic of probiotics at the Probiotics Summit in Boston 2016, Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conferences, as well as other local business groups since 2010. Come meet Kris and get inspired about the magic of probiotics for your savvy family’s health!

Probiotic Health: For Kids and Adults! We know so much more about diet and gut health, as relates to our overall health than we did growing up. But are you really familiar with probiotics? As parents, it's not always easy to know if your kids are getting the right foods- and now we have to think about the right "good" bacteria too? Kris with Cascade Culture, Wholesome Yogurt, Inc is happy to share a wealth of knowledge on the benefits of probiotics, how much you need, and how to easily include them in your family's diet.

Tiny House dweller. Minimalist. Lover and mother of three. Alaskan. Baby wearer. Googley eye bomber. Yoga dabbler. Writer. Baylie has always been very transient, wanting to take in the whole world. For a year she could fit all of her possessions in a suitcase and be off to the next adventure at a moments notice. Minimalism comes naturally to her, until it comes to art, then she wants to keep it all! Now she lives with her husband and three littles in a tiny house in the south sound in only 204 square feet. Stop by Baylie's booth this fall to meet her!

Tiny House Growing Family- Minimize the Stuff- Even with Kids! (Workshop coming Spring 2018)

Don't miss this

Spring 2018 Workshop with Baylie Carlson,

It can be done. Tiny house living Tiny House Growing Family with kids? Yes, it certainly can be done. But, what if you are not interested or planning to move into a tiny house? Then how does minimalism apply? Baylie will share about her adventures as a tiny home mom and how you too can embrace a minimalist attitude even with your kids!

Car Seat Safety Expert Panel Speakers What do you need? How to install it? When do you turn the seat for front facing, or transition into a booster? Car seats are big purchase and a big deal involving the safety and wellbeing of your child! Join us for our interactive Car Seat Safety Workshop and Expert Panel discussion with industry experts and certified safety technicians from Diono, Clek, and MultiCare Health System.

Mat York, CPST, CBE, & Retail Specialist

Julie McCuen, CPST & Marketing Manager

That Dad Mat



Amie Hancock, CPST MultiCare Health System

Scott McAllister, CPST & Brand Manager Diono 21

The coolest coats

To Hit The Car Seat Have Arrived!

LEARN more and SHOP at Follow us @bucklemebabycoats 22

Keeping Your Youth Safe on the Football Field ARTICLE by Gary Tart, MD, FAAP PHOTOGRAPHY by Julia Larson Saperstein

Football season is here again and more young children than ever, are playing tackle football. The experience can be fun and rewarding, but given the physical contact that takes place in this sport, attention must be paid to safety.

1 Look for certified coaches and organizations Coaches should all be certified by an organization such as USA Football or the Youth Football Coaches Association (YFBCA). Look for coaches who teach proper fundamentals, including heads up tackling (never lead with the helmet). They should also emphasize good sportsmanship and following the rules. All coaches and volunteers should undergo background checks.

Use proper gear


A properly fitted helmet is crucial in football. All other equipment such as shoulder pads and cleats should also be checked for the proper fit.

to recognize the signs 3 Learn and symptoms of concussion

water, water, and more 4 Drink water

All coaches should be trained in this. If there is any question of a concussion, a player should not re-enter the game, due to this being the most critical time during a concussion. Players with a suspected concussion should be cleared by a medical professional before returning to practice.

Good hydration should be stressed, as in all sports. Keep extra water bottles in the trunk of your car or bring along several re-fillable water bottles.

Not sure if it’s a concussion? And if it is, what do you do? According to, "Not every bump causes a concussion, but it's important to know what to watch for. Concerned about the lasting effects of concussions, doctors now recommend these steps after a hit to the head: 1. The player should immediately stop playing or practicing. 2. The player should get checked out by a doctor before returning to practice or play."

Don’t forget to have fun!


Despite the intensity on the field, parents and coaches should put an emphasis on keeping it fun.

For more on youth football safety, visit or talk to your child’s provider.

Gary Tart, MD, FAAP has been helping patients at Pediatrics Northwest in Tacoma since 1998.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Are you up for the

#RealFoodChallenge? More Than Half of What Americans Eat Is ‘Ultra-Processed’ And those foods account for 90 percent of U.S. added sugar intake, says a new study published in BMJ Open Medical Journals. 4



What does processing do to my food?


Food processing is any deliberate change in a food that occurs before it’s available for us to eat. When food is processed it looses valuable nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, and gains not-so-valuable nutrients like salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats.



For example, check out the ingredients in an AtkinsTM Triple Chocolate Bar. It’s actually marketed as a low-carb friendly health food!

d e s s e c o r P y Minimall

This most certainly isn’t food!


Fruits & Veggies canned or bagged


Meat & Seafood en canned tuna & chick

Beverages wine 100% fruit juice, Dairy eese regular milk & ch


ood al F

Seasonings Nuts & Seeds real mayo, olive oil, s roasted nuts & seed salt, butter

Fruits & Veggies frozen or fresh apples, berries, grapes, carrots, greens, squash

Obviously, most foods we eat are processed in some way- apples are cut from trees, ground beef has been ground in a machine and butter is cream that has been separated from the milk and churned.

Dairy unsweetened raw milk & cheese, Greek yogurt, whole eggs Meat & Seafood fresh chicken, beef, shrimp Nuts & seeds raw nuts & seeds Whole Grains brown rice, oats, quinoa, 100% whole wheat bread

Highly Processed

Beverages & Seasonings water, tea, coffee, raw honey

mechanical processing Vs chemical processing

Processed Meats deli meats, jerky, hot dogs


Ready-to-Heat Entrées frozen TV dinners, pizza, chicken patties, nuggets Refined Grains sugary cereals, white bread, cookies, cake mixes, chips, crackers, pies, candies Sweetened Beverages soda, fruit drinks, lattes, energy drinks Seasonings margarine, bottled dressings, broth

If it’s a single ingredient food with no added chemicals, then it’s been mechanically processed and is still real food. Foods that have been chemically processed and made solely from refined ingredients and artificial substances, are what is generally known as “processed food.” 3

What is clean eating? At its simplest, clean eating is about eating whole foods, or “real” foods — those that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible. 1

If you see a bunch of strange ingredients you can’t pronounce, you’ve probably left the land of clean eating! 2 25

Take the Real Food Quiz!

What is the Real Food Project? Making sure your children get the right nutrients can be difficult, especially with busy schedules and so many unhealthy options targeting children.

Use the food information on page 25 to answer the questions below to find where you’re at on the Real Food Meter!

The Savvy Family Real Food Project hopes to support parents in making sure their children eat more healthy, real foods and less processed foods, by providing resources, educational tips and partnering with healthy food-focused partners. We’re challenging Pacific Northwest families to try eating 100% real foods for 14 days! Register for the #RealFoodChallenge and receive your free 14-day Meal Plan. Your family will also be entered to win a great $500 Project Prize, healthy eating tips, and a surprise gift upon completion of the challenge!

1 How often do you eat real foods? 3 Never/Rarely 2 Sometimes

1 Mostly/Always


Savvy Family 14 Day Meal Plan

How often do you eat minimally processed foods? 1 Never/Rarely 2 Sometimes

3 Mostly/Always

3 How often do you eat highly processed foods?


--- 5-7---4 Almost there

-9 --

Real Food Champ !

3 Mostly/Always



1 Never/Rarely 2 Sometimes

Mayday, Real Food Needed!

Savvy Family Real Food Meter

Our Real Food Project Partners We are grateful for the collaboration from local healthy partners whose focus is on putting real food on your family’s table and making sure you as a parent have the information you need to make healthy food choices for your family.

Register for the #RealFoodChallenge! 3 easy ways to register!


3 1 - Fitness Magazine, 2 - FitGirlsWorldwide FGW Media Ltd, 3 - Authority Nutrition, 4 - The Atlantic Julie Beck, 5 -


Register at the Real Food Project table during the fall expo!


Eating Healthy When You're on the Go! ARTICLE by Rebecca Taxier, MD, FAAP PHOTOGRAPHY by Julia Larson Saperstein

Back to school means back to balancing homework, sports and other extracurriculars which can make it difficult to eat healthy when you’re always on the go. After a long day of school, what child isn’t hungry? Try these healthy snack options!


Pair a fruit, vegetable or whole-grain plus a protein This combo is a great way to keep your child feeling full between lunch and dinner. O Cheese & whole grain crackers O Celery or carrots with hummus O Fruit or berries with yogurt O Apples & peanut butter O Hard-boiled eggs

Healthy snacks aren't as convenient as many prepackaged snacks and do require thinking and planning in advance. Get your kids involved in helping to choose and prepare healthy foods. Make your own trail mix together and allow them to pick out the combination of dried fruits, nuts, and healthy cereals they like.

Rebecca Taxier, MD, FAAP has been helping patients at Pediatrics Northwest in Federal Way since 2015.

drinking water Water is a zero-calorie, no-sugar thirst quencher. Having a reusable water bottle available for each child minimizes the temptation to run into the grocery or convenience store for soda. Even juice or sports drinks, which seem like a healthy option, often have as much sugar as soda and contains none of the fiber in a whole piece of fruit.

O Popcorn - pop your kernels in a brown paper bag to avoid extra additives

5 It's all about the variety 4 Keep a cooler in the car

3 Get your kids involved!

2 Avoid extra sugar by

Extend your options for eating on the go by having a cooler with ice packs with you. Yogurt and cheese are great options if you can keep them cold. Frozen bananas and grapes are also fun and healthy.

Make sure that it’s not the same snack everyday. Adding variety can mean less complaining and help prevent a detour through the drivethrough for an alternate snack.





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Photo by William Stitt on Unsplash 28

Sponsors & Partners 29



in an extra special experience and purchase a limited VIP ticket to the Baby Bump Brunch and Fashion Show! Upon arrival you will enjoy a mommimosa, meet & greets, and gourmet brunch while you watch a maternity fashion show produced by Darcy Camden of Styled Seattle from the King5 daytime show, New Day Northwest! You will gain access to the exhibit hall at 10:00 a.m. for the Baby Bump Expo NW event! On your way out, claim your VIP Swag at our VIP Concierge Desk which is full of great products valued at over $200 each!

VIP TIMELINE 9:00 a.m. 9:15 a.m. 9:20 a.m. 10:00 a.m.

Check-in Brunch Served Fashion Show Enter Exhibit Hall

GET YOUR VIP TICKET! Visit to purchase your VIP ticket. Hurry- seats fill up fast!



Find more VIP Sponsors and their products on display at the show!

VIP Giveaway Booth!

VIP GIVEAWAY! Diono Rainer Car Seat


9:00 AM

Don't miss our


VIP Bump Brunch & Fashion Show

Presented by Styled Seattle with Stylist Darcy Camden

2:00 PM

Caspar Babypants Show

Family Dance Party with Caspar Babypants Live!

Cloth Diaper & Potty Training Learning Lounge Stroller Trial Trail Nursing & Resting Lounge


Sponsored by Ardo & Nurturing Expressions

Exhibit Hall 5th Floor

12:00 PM Babywearing 101 Green Mommy Jenn (Jennifer Green) with BWI (Babywearing International)

2:00 PM

Babywearing Bonding & Expert Panel

Hosted by Mat York, That Dad Mat


Babywearing Station Sponsored by Baby Bjorn, Catbird Baby, Tekhni Wovens, Onya Baby and Pacific Northwest Wovens!

g Lounge

sing & Restin

hion Sh


Mother's Nur


g 101

HEALTHY FAMILIES WORKSHOP STAGE Exhibit Hall 5th Floor 10:30 AM Breastfeeding, Pumping Basics & Q&A Tracy Corey, RN, IBCLC, CFM & Mat York, That Dad Mat 11:30 PM Midwives and Doctors: Choosing Your Care and Birth Location Heather M Ranney, CNM WHNP 12:30 PM Car Seat Safety with Expert Panel Hosted by Mat York, That Dad Mat 1:30 PM 5 Easy Poses for Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum Blair Fillingham, MTRNL 32


Jennifer Green CBE & Postpartum Doula

Mat York, CPST, CBE & Retail Specialist

Heather M Ranney, CNM WHNP

Babywearing International South Puget Sound (BWI-SPS)

That Dad Mat

CHI Franciscan Midwives at St Joesph and Midwifery Birth Center

@BWISouthPugetSound Jennifer Green lives in Tacoma, WA with her husband and two little boys. She is a postpartum doula and stay at home mom. Jennifer co-founded BWI South Puget Sound over six years ago and is a Certified Babywearing Educator (CBE). She and friends saw that there was a need to help moms and educate them on comfortable carriers, so the group was formed! The group has grown from 40 members and one monthly meeting to over 3,000 members and four monthly meetings. The group also has a carrier lending library with over 150 carriers that are lent out on a monthly basis.

Babywearing 101 Babybearing Basics is a great presentation for expectant and new parents! Do you want to wear your baby but not sure what's the right thing for you? Do you know the difference between a ring sling and a soft structured carrier? Jennifer will talk through the different types of carriers and show you how they work. After the class Jennifer and volunteers from Babywearing International- South Puget Sound will be available for hands on help and questions at the Babywearing Station!

@ThatDadMat Find Mat York, known as "That Dad Mat "throughout our show as our returning Baby Bump Expo Ambassador! Mat will bounce between our Cloth Diaper & Potty Training Learning Lounge, Babywearing Station, and workshop stages. Loving father of three wonderful children and husband to his VBAC warrior wife and homebirth momma, Mat's passion for car seat safety and natural parenting has come naturally through the joy of fatherhood! He has a wealth of experience with baby gear and product brands which he brings to all of his workshops and presentations!

Come meet Heather M Ranney, a Certified Nurse Midwife with Franciscan Health System. Her experience includes a DONA certified doula, neonatal intensive care nurse, as well as working as a high risk OB nurse prior to becoming a midwife. She is passionate about women’s health and childbirth. As a midwife, she is an active advocate for all the choices that woman have surrounding childbirth.

Breastfeeding and Pumping Basics

Midwives and Doctors: Choosing Your Care and Birth Location

Mat will partner with Tracy Corey, RN, IBCLC, CFM from Nurturing Expressions to cover breastfeeding and pumping!

Car Seat Safety and Expert Panel Join us for our interactive Car Seat Safety Workshop and Expert Panel discussion with industry experts.

Babywearing Bonding and Expert Panel Learn more from the babywearing experts about the benefits and product options for you as baby grows!

Women have many amazing options for childbirth! Explore midwifery, ask questions and discover what we have to offer. We support women in all modes of delivery; water birth (hospital or birth center), the new Midwifery Birth Center, hospital deliveries (medicated and unmedicated). Midwives also provide postpartum and women’s healthcare. Our Centering Pregnancy is a wonderful way to combine prenatal education and care in a group setting. Couples enjoy the support and friendships. There will be a panel of midwives to meet, information on the Midwifery Birth Center and St Joseph’s Medical Center. 33


Amy Plass, CPST and Cloth Diaper Educator

Tracy Corey, RN, IBCLC, CFM

Blair Fillingham

Inland Mama

Nurturing Expressions





Amy Plass, the mother of three littles, is a self proclaimed "cloth diaper evangelist." She often says she owes all of her success with cloth diapers to the people who doubted her. A nurse in the hospital joked, "we'll see how long that lasts" when she told her how excited she was to begin cloth diapering her baby. Since then she has been learning everything she can about cloth diapers, and teaching "Intro to Cloth Diapering" classes at a local retailer. In addition to being a cloth diapering advocate, Amy is also a CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) and blogs about motherhood and baby gear at Whether you're expecting or looking to switch from disposables, Amy's goal is to take you from skeptical to confident!

Tracy Corey– famously known in the lactation community as “The Boobie Coach”– is the owner and founder of Nurturing Expressions, a unique durable medical equipment provider specializing in breastfeeding support and services, as well as compression and mastectomy therapy. Ms. Corey has been a Registered Nurse for nearly 30 years and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for more than a decade. As a nurse and home health worker, Tracy recognized a great need for easier access to breast pumps and breastfeeding support. In 2004, she founded Nurturing Expressions with the mission to provide guidance, consultation, and compassion to all families at any age and stage of life.

Blair Fillingham is the Founder of the world's first online prenatal/postnatal yoga studio - www.MTRNLcom. After 15+ years building some of the world's biggest technology brands, having two babies and becoming a certified prenatal yoga instructor, Blair decided to combine her experience and passion to develop an online yoga studio that serves pregnant women and mothers around the world. She is passionate about empowering powerful women to be powerful mothers.

Cloth Diaper & Potty Training Learning Lounge

Breastfeeding, Pumping Basics & Q&A

Amy is back at Baby Bump Expo NW to spread the news about modern cloth diapers at our Cloth Diaper & Potty Training Learning Lounge. She will help you make informed decisions about which diapers are right for you, your baby, and your budget.

Breastfeeding and pumping takes dedication, work, and support! Meet our Lactation Specialist for the show, Tracy Corey, CMF, RN, IBCLC from Nurturing Expressions who will partner with Mat York, That Dad Mat to provide a workshop on breastfeeding and pumping! They will come prepared with common mistakes, tips and tricks, brand specific advice, and tons of breastfeeding support resources. Feel free to be ready with questions at any pint to see how they can help you with your journey!

5 Easy Poses for Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum


Whether or not you have ever practiced yoga, there are five prenatal yoga poses that you and your partner should practice to prepare your body for labor, giving birth and ensuring all your parts are given the best chance to bounce back after pregnancy. Blair will share inspiring pregnancy and birth stories, while teaching you and your partner why these poses are so important.


Jennifer Green

Alisa DeMarco

Babywearing International South Puget Sound

Tekhni Wovens

Bridgette Kovacevic

Amy Rainbow

Mat York

Amy Wraps Babies

That Dad Mat

Baby Bjorn

Go beyond the basics of babywearing and learn more from the experts about the benefits and product options for you as baby grows, and more! 35

a celebration of

pregnancy & parenthood

JOIN US IN 2018! Saturday, March 3, 2018 The Greater Tacoma Convention Center 36


DARCY'S MUST HAVES: Foundations. A good nursing bra will provide comfort and support before and after your baby is born. Mama Spanx or other maternity shapers will lift and smooth your bump, they are great under dresses and tunics. Jeans. 1-2 pairs of basic maternity jeans will get you through your pregnancy. Avoid stretching out your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans; pack them away for now, you'll be back in them before you know it!

Darcy Camden is Seattle's top personal wardrobe stylist and owner of Styled Seattle ( Catch her regularly on Q73 Fox News This Morning and every Tuesday as the resident fashion expert on KING-S's New Day Northwest. Darcy, along with her team of experts at Styled Seattle, has coordinated over 600 hundred style makeovers for women and men in the Pacific Northwest. She is also a new mom whose newfound love of shopping for baby clothes has taken quite a toll on her style budget. Follow her on Twitter & lnstagram @darcycamden

Shop as you grow. Don't rush out and buy a ton of maternity clothes in your first trimester. It's nearly impossible to predict what you will need and want to wear, especially considering your pregnancy will span multiple seasons and temperatures. Pick up a few new pieces every month to avoid buying a bunch of clothing you don't need. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat! Don't worry about repeating outfits frequently. Pregnancy is such a temporary state, you don't need to invest in a huge new wardrobe that you will only wear for a few months. Instead, get a few great things and proudly wear them over and over. Experiment with color. Resist the urge to drape yourself in black and gray.

Experiment with bright, bold colors and look for hues that you might not normally choose. Wearing colors you've never worn before is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy. Mix and match. Your pregnancy wardrobe can be a mix of maternity and nonmaternity clothes. You may be surprised how well certain ontrend items from your favorite stores fit over your growing belly. Stay true to your style. Even though you're pregnant, you're still YOU. If you loved skinny jeans and fitted tops before you became pregnant, don't be afraid to rock similar styles throughout your pregnancy.

Leggings. Black leggings are comfortable and stylish under tunics and shorter dresses. You'll need a little extra coverage on your legs when bending over becomes a challenge in your third trimester. Comfortable shoes. Your favorite heels or high boots might seem impossibly uncomfortableor even dangerous­during your pregnancy. Make sure to have a pair of flats or wedges to avoid discomfort. A great dress. Inevitably, an event or two will come up during your pregnancy, and you'll want to look and feel your best. Take the time to find something you love and have fun dressing up your bump (and take lots of pictures so you can document your "glow"). Fitted tanks and t-shirts. Stock up on pregnancy staples like tanks and t-shirts. Look for fitted options and wear them alone or layered under sweaters and jackets. Accessories. Jewelry and other accessories like scarves can add flair to your pregnancy wardrobe. You can change the look of an outfit simply by changing your accessories (so no one will notice you're wearing the same shirt twice in one week). 37

How To Have A Positive Pumping Experience for You and Your Partner ARTICLE by Nadine Kohler and Sheri Wallace, CLC Director of Marketing, Ardo USA

Gazing into the eyes of the beautiful new baby cradled in your arms is a lot different than staring at the plastic breast pump that you have just connected to yourself. But believe it or not, regardless of how you are expressing milk, it is an “emotional habit”, says Sheri Wallace, a lactation professional and the Director of Marketing for Ardo breast pumps.

#TWO Don’t wait until a dire moment to try your breast pump for the first time! Be ready, early on, to just give the breast pump a try after a feeding, when your partner is there and baby too. Create a peaceful experience with your pump for the first time, by having your partner there to assist and only pumping for a few minutes the first time. A moment of tears and engorged breasts is not a good introduction to using your pump.

We interviewed Sheri and learned a wealth of information about the emotional experience of breastfeeding and pumping as well as preparing for it BEFORE baby even arrives. “I can’t tell you how many calls we get from stressed out moms trying to use their breast pump for the first time in an hour of desperationand then they wonder why they aren’t getting any milk,” Sheri said.

Sheri's Three Practical Tips For New Pumping Moms:


Babies have a hormonal trigger to help new mothers form a positive association with feeding them. Your breast pump, well, it is safe to say you really have no love for that machine!

She went on to explain that just like breastfeeding, pumping breastmilk is a hormonal and emotional response. Babies have a hormonal trigger for mothers, between their smell, the connection with their eyes, and their touch 38

while nursing to help new mothers form a positive association with feeding them. Your breast pump, well, it is safe to say you really have no love for that machine!

Learn about what type of breast pump might suit you, your needs, and your breast best. A skilled lactation consultant like our friends from Nurturing Expressions, who will also be onsite at the next Baby Bump Expo event, can help you determine which pump might suit you best. Do you need it to very quiet? Do you have sensitive nipples? Do you need it super portable? Do you plan to use it daily?

These are all good questions to ask to help determine the right pump for you and in turn will hopefully make your pumping process the best it can be.

#THREE Include your partner in the processespecially the first few times using the breast pump. Your partner helped make the baby, and now they may wonder how they can help when it comes to a mom who is breast feeding. Being a positive emotional support for breastfeeding and pumping is a critical role for partners and for the success moms will find in this endeavor. Simple ways for the partner to create this positive environment is to hold baby next to mom while she is pumping, tell her she is doing a great job, rub her neck or shoulders, or just put an arm around her for physical touch and support! An initial positive experience with the breast pump will most certainly help future pump sessions.

Attending the Tacoma Baby Bump Expo on September 16, 2017? Look for Sheri at the Ardo booth near the Mother’s Nursing Lounge. She looks forward to helping families prepare for pumping, even before baby arrives!

Tacoma’s only stand-alone birth center Nationally Accredited by CABC Not affiliated with any hospital

Natural, Hospital-free Childbirth Suites and Services Personal, One-on-One Prenatal and Birth Care Water Birth Available in Every Suite Childbirth Education Classes IBCLC/RN Lactation Consultant Postpartum Support and Counseling Pre- and Post-natal Massage Therapy Birth Doula Workshops Midwife Assistant Training Programs (253) 761-8939 6002 Westgate Blvd Tacoma, WA 98406


Caring from Day One Schedule a complimentary Newborn Talk to meet our providers before your baby is born!

Comprehensive pediatric care in Tacoma, Gig Harbor & Federal Way • (253) 383-5777

Hello Austlen Stroller. Where have you been all my [parenthood] life?! Baby Bump Review: Austlen Entourage Stroller by Nadine Kohler

Everyone buys a stroller, maybe two, or even three- the stroller you keep in the car with the bucket seat adapter snap-in, then the umbrella stroller for travel or easy trips and maybe jogging stroller or double stroller once you have number two.

Flashback to 2007 My baby is asleep in a bucket car seat, but I need to go grocery shopping. It’s dangerous to balance the car seat on top of the shopping cart, so I stick the car seat in the cart and start piling groceries around my baby… getting back to the car after the groceries were bagged was a nightmare.

"So why would you add yet another stroller type to your list of needs? Because this stroller is awesome and will make your life so much easier!"

Flashback to 2009 My now toddler refuses to stay seated in the child seat of the shopping cart. If only she was happily strapped into her stroller, with her cup holder, snack tray, and toy. Then maybe I could grocery shop. *sigh*

For grocery shopping alone, this stroller is worth it! The stroller has a cargo bag add-on and can hold just as much as the shopping cart, but now your baby is safe or your toddler is happily strapped in. For trips to the zoo, picnics at the park, or a day at the beach, you CANNOT go wrong with the

Fast forward back to 2017: HELLO AUSTLEN Stroller! Where have you been all my [parenthood] life?!




TOP quality! A durable and classy looking stroller that maneuvers beautifully with the ease of one hand, despite how much stuff is piled on top.



Austlen Entourage for hauling all your stuff. No matter how much you pare down, a day at the beach requires some gear when going with kids. This stroller can actually carry a cooler! That’s right, no more dragging the cooler to the beach behind you and multiple loads to the car. You can do it in one trip!

4.5/5 hearts And while one of the only downfalls of the stroller is how heavy it is, it still maneuvers beautifully and with the ease of one hand. Lifting the fully loaded Austlen back onto a curb may need some extra hands but perhaps you can just consider it that exercise session you skipped because being a parent is exercise enough!


Higher price stroller model, but will last and accommodate your growing family, your weekly shopping and adventures!



Keeps your baby or toddler in a safe place while shopping or on adventures wins this stroller major points!


Absolutely great functionality- the compartments are easy to access and fold up when unneeded. A little heavy or bulky for some to get in and out of a vehicle.




Safety for grocery shopping and adventures with ease!



It's a tad heavy, even when unloaded, and doesn’t come with some of the normal expected features like cup holder, snack tray, etc. You have to purchase these attachments as well as the cargo bag which is simply a must-have!



Your baby’s umbilical cord is made up of tissue and contains blood. Both cord blood and cord tissue are rich sources of powerful stem cells.

Newborn stem cells are smart. They “know” how to find injured cells in the body and start a healing process.¹ In other words, they may help the body help itself.

They’re powerful.

They’re special.

Beyond current uses for cord blood stem cells, researchers are excited about the use of newborn stem cells in potential treatments, such as regenerative medicine.

Newborn stem cells are different from adult stem cells like those found in bone marrow. CBR® preserves newborn stem cells when they’re at their peak, so their unique advantages may be used in the future.2,3,5

To learn more call us at 1.888.CORD BLOOD (1.888.267.3256) or visit References: 1. Meier C, Middlelanis J, Wasielewski B, et al. Spastic paresis after perinatal brain damage in rats is reduced by human cord blood mononuclear cells. Pediatr Res. 2006;59:244-249. 2. Broxmeyer HE, Lee MR, Hangoc G, et al. Hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells, generation of induced pluripotent stem cells, and isolation of endothelial progenitors from 21- to 23.5-year cryopreserved cord blood. Blood. 2011;117:4773-4777. 3. Ballen KK, Verter F, Kurtzberg J. Umbilical cord blood donation: public or private? Bone Marrow Transplant. 2015;50:1271-1278. 4. Munoz J, Shah N, Rezvani K, et al. Concise review: umbilical cord blood transplantation: past, present, and future. Stem Cells Transl Med. 2014;3:1435-1443. 5. U.S. National Institutes of Health. website. Accessed December 2015. Ultimate use of newborn stem cells will be determined by the treating physician who will consider if they are applicable for the condition and should come from the patient or a suitable donor (siblings of the same biological parents have a 25% chance of being a perfect match and a 50% chance of being a partial match; biological parents will always be a partial match). There is no guarantee that treatments being studied in the laboratory, clinical trials, or other experimental treatments (including regenerative medicine applications) will be available in the future. 42 43 45

There are so many stages of parenting and childhood, and just when you think you have mastered the stage... it changes!   What's a parent to do?!  

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Your online parenting resource guide! Education Family Adventure Arts & Enrichment REAL FOOD Project Lifestyle Inspiration 46

Life is a journey. We partner with you to make the most of yours. Our providers will be there with you from a positive pregnancy test to the delivery of your newborn – assisting you with birth control options and care for each member of your growing family.

253.848.5951 • • Puyallup • Sunrise • Bonney Lake 47

a celebration of

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JOIN US IN 2018! Saturday, March 3, 2018 The Greater Tacoma Convention Center 48

Savvy Family Fall 2018 | Issue 1  

It's our mission to provide resources and reconnect the village approach to parenting for the savvy Pacific Northwest family through our Pac...

Savvy Family Fall 2018 | Issue 1  

It's our mission to provide resources and reconnect the village approach to parenting for the savvy Pacific Northwest family through our Pac...