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Reading Comprehension Questions Below you will find a list of questions to help you in your reading.  By stopping your  reading at the ends of paragraphs or chapters and asking and answering these types  of questions, you will improve your understanding!!!!  Use these questions to help  guide you through your reading.

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Before Reading (BR) What do you think this book/ chapter will be about? What words or phrases  might be in this  book/chapter? What do you already know  about this topic? What do you predict will  happen in this  book/Chapter? What happened in the  previous chapter?

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During Reading (DR) What is important? Do you notice a pattern? Who is telling the story? What do you think this word  means? Are your predictions correct? How does the author show  us what the character is like? Where does this story take  place? Can you visualize (see in  your mind) this part of the  story? Do you want to change your  prediction now that you have  read part of ….? Is the story making sense? Where did you find this  information? What is the setting? If you met one of the  characters in this book, what  would you ask/say to them? Does this book remind you  of anything? What do you think will  happen next?



After Reading (AR) What did you learn about the  book or about yourself as a  reader? What important facts could  you tell someone?


Can you tell me, in your own  words, what happened?


Does this remind you of  anything? Have you read other books  on this topic? What character did you find  the most interesting? Why? How did we know what the  author was thinking? Why is this important? What do you still want to  know about…? What evidence supports that  idea? What are some interesting  facts? How do you connect to this  story? How would you feel if you  were in this situation? Explain how you like/dislike  the main character. How are the characters  different? How would you change the  ending?

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

What is the problem and how else  could you solve it?

Reading Comprehension Questions  

Questions designed to help students think before, during, or after about what they are reading.