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Goddess Driven

“Goddess Driven” Kenji’s too stubborn to admit that he can’t account for long periods of time; and too proud to ask for help. He blindly ignores the fact that the woman he loves has become a shell of her former self, and sports new scars after each of his blackouts. He keeps telling himself he can get it under control… and he thinks he has, until Aimii leaves him and he realizes just how far his “Other” has gone. Now it’s time for him to pick up the pieces and move on, but his “Other” wants Aimii back, and she’s thrown into even more danger than he can imagine. ~~ A strong, intelligent woman does not put up with abuse, right?!? So maybe, I’m not as strong or intelligent as I think I am. That’s the lingering doubt in Aimii’s head as she enters the third year of dealing with Kenji’s violent behavior. Existing in a state of shock day-in and day-out, she’s certain that she has no one to whom she can turn, and no place to run. Until the moment that was the last straw. Now Aimii has to protect someone else. She finds strength in the strangest places, and accomplishes things she never dreamt she could. Coming Soon


Goddess Driven An EzoĹŒkami Novel


From: Aimee’s Diary

Yesterday Kenji took me to the park near the beach in town. We usually don't hang out on Eclipse because seeing Robert at times becomes too painful. This time I just really wanted to be alone with him. I love the guys and all, but Kenji will always be the reason I am in this family, dysfunctional as it is. Maybe it's Stockholm syndrome. Anyway, while we were at the park, a little girl playing on the playground started crying for her daddy. Seeing no one right away, I went over to comfort her. Before I could reach her however, Robert appeared out of nowhere and snatched her away. He ignored me as usual but as he passed he snarled at Kenji.. "You're supposed to keep her away from me." I nearly collapsed from the pain, truly wanted to die but Kenji just smiled his special smile. Later after he took me home, he dragged me into a wing of the house that's usually shut down. As he pulled me thru the unlit rooms he began ripping my clothes off. Knowing that he was in one of his moods, I quietly let him lead me thru the dark. Whatever had set him off, I could always tell when it was gonna be a bad one. This one was bad and the guys were not here to buffer it. Finally, he stepped behind me and bent me over what felt like the edge of a chair. As he pushed himself inside my ass, he leaned over and whispered into my ear "You wanna have another baby to replace the one you…” he chuckled, “misplaced?"


I’d long since learned to hold back my tears, but as the lights came on in that childless nursery and I found myself facedown in an unused crib with Kenji violently tearing at my body, the image of Robert’s little girl came to my mind.. She had the most beautiful Silver-Grey eyes. I cried myself to sleep last night. Despite the tears Kenji has managed to leave me alone. I may never understand what comes over him, I think he's bipolar, or maybe it's the full moon. What I do know is that up until yesterday I’ve been content to live here. I can take his sexual cruelty, in many ways I have come to accept that that's who he is. I could have continued to pretend he didn’t take our child away from me and I may never know if my baby is still alive. I can no longer continue to lie to myself though; the pain I have been hiding from is too much to bear. I will not get pregnant just to go thru this again. I Can't!!

Cruelty is not Love, and enough is enough.




Chapter One


It was a long time coming, but I left. I dumped out my purse and grabbed the only thing that existed before Kenji—my ATM card. Knowing that stopping to think was a bad idea, I simply walked out of Studio 69 and kept walking. I had no clue where to go, my only thought was that I needed out of the Studio. Ken had never moved us back to Packlyn Estates as promised. Whether or not a nursery was every really built in the house there, I don’t believe he had ever intended to return there with me. I couldn’t go there anyway, the guys were there. After all this time, I just am not clear on how much they would stand for me against Kenji. I know that to the world I am one of the family, but within the family I feel like everyone’s chew toy.

I flagged the first taxi I saw, and asked him to take me to a hotel. The driver, an older man, looked me over a few times, grinned, but didn’t say a word. He dropped me off at the hotel closet to the Eclipse Port and rejected my payment saying that it was simply a pleasure to be a part of history. He also promised to be right there when I was ready to leave. And he was, because there were “no rooms available at the moment”. At the second hotel, same thing. In fact, I was summarily denied a room, almost immediately upon walking into the building. At the third hotel I was beginning to feel a little dejected so I thought “just one more time”, and walked into the lobby. As with every other place, as I approached the main desk, the Concierge took one look at me and shook his head. “Ma’am, if you are looking for a room, I’m sorry but I cannot help you here.” He had not even looked at his computer. I looked at my reflection on the desk’s polished surface. I was neat, clean and none of my scars were showing. “Why not?” I asked, confused. “I really can’t, Ma’am.” He refused to meet my eyes and at this point I had come too far, through too much.

“Then I’d like to see your manager.” He seemed almost relieved to pass the buck. When the manager arrived, I recognized her as a visitor of the Inn. Melody had grown up on the Mainland near Eclipse and had frequently visited Thorpe’s with her parents. “Mrs Thorpe, What can I do for you? “Melody, what a surprise. I’m actually, just trying to book a room.” “Well, what’s the problem” “The problem is that he won’t let me” Melody turned to the concierge, a question in her eyes. He pulled her away from the desk and whispered to her. Her eyes widened and she turned back to me, a look of both sadness and dismay in her face. “Mrs. Thorpe, have you been living on the Knight Estate?” “I have but what does that have to do with anything.” Mrs… Aimee, I’m sorry but no-one on the island is going to do anything to go against Mr. Knight. And sadly that includes renting a room to you.” Melody walked around the desk and walked me to the door. “Even a women’s shelter would turn you away, but


there used to be this lovely inn on the island. Maybe there is a room there for you?” I looked at her, this barely legal young lady with the compassion in her eyes and wondered just how much the world knew about my situation. How much of a monster was Kenji that an entire island would turn their backs upon seeing me coming. Melody squeezed my hand.. “Call Mr. Thorpe. He’ll help you, I’m sure of it.” I walked over to the payphone and tears in my eyes, made a call that may have been three years too late.



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"Goddess Driven" Preview  

Kenji’s too stubborn to admit that he can’t account for long periods of time; and too proud to ask for help. Then Aimii leaves him and he re...

"Goddess Driven" Preview  

Kenji’s too stubborn to admit that he can’t account for long periods of time; and too proud to ask for help. Then Aimii leaves him and he re...