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A. DIDACTIC OBJECTIVES: General (extract general and specific information; improve previous knowledge; value of English). Specific (revise the Past of To Be; revise the Past Simple; practise making and responding to suggestions; practise talking about the past )

B. CONTENTS: a) Communicative Skills (Procedures): Skimming & scanning. Prediciting & inferring meaning from context. Listening for general & specific information. Building oral texts talking about actions in the past. Making&responding to suggestions. Writing postcards. b) Reflection on Language (Concepts): Grammar (The Past of To Be; the Past Simple: regular&irregular verbs (spelling); short answers; time expressions. Vocabulary: (Topic-related: holidays: places, things for a trip. Travelling: languages. Time expressions. Pronunciation: (regular verb ending –ed) c) Socio-cultural aspects (Attitudes): Positive attitude towards the English language. Participate & collaborate in class using the English language. Respect & tolerance. Transversal topics: Multicultural Education. Education for Peace. Interdisciplinary areas: Spanish language. Geography. Literature. HOW:

1. Warm up: Topic introduction. Personal opinion. Controlled production. 2. Reading: Pre-reading: Identifying text-type. Questions. While-reading: General/ specific 3. 4. 5.

6. 7.

information. Meaning in context. Post-reading: Consolidation: personal questions. Grammar: Past Simple of To Be&regular Vs irregular verbs. Time expressions&short answers. Suggestions. Inductive method. Consolidation and progression. Computer. Vocabulary: Topic-based: holidays, places and things for a trip. Languages. Listening: Travelling abroad. Pre-listening: pictures&chart. While-listening: check answers&complete. Post-listening: brief paragraph on a holiday. Speaking: Talking about languages: opinion. Making suggestions. Talking about actions in the past. Pair-work. Fluency test. Teacher: monitor. Pronunciation: regular verb endings /d/ /t/ /Id/. Classify &check answers. Writing: ‘Postcards’. Pre-writing: model&brainstorming & paragraph planning. Coherence & Cohesion. While-writing: exercise&discussion. Post-writing: write a postcard.

C. EVALUATION CRITERIA: skim & scan texts. Grammar exercises. Students´oral exchanges about personal experiences.

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