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In this Unit.... -revise the past of to be -revise the Past Simple -practise making and responding to suggestions -practise talking about the past.


A) Read the holiday brochure text. Answer the questions. 1. Which brochure is it from? 2. How do you travel to the hotel? 3. What can you do there? 4. Why do they say ‘don’t forget your sun cream’?

B) Match the words to the correct pictures . Sleeping bag- rucksack – sunbathe- sun cream Have a barbecue - buy suvenirs- suitcasego sightseeing


Listen and check your answers.

D) Talk with your partner about each The one on the l eft shows picture: A: a bea ch...


Write a brochure description for your perfect holiday. Use the texts above and these questions to help: What type of holiday is it? How do you travel* there? What do you do? What should you bring?


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