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3rd Project’s Meeting


3rd Project’s Meeting PORTUGAL   

Project meeting for staff. Visit to the Portuguese school and pupils. Outcomes of the first year of the project in each country. Revision of the common website and development of it. Second year’s preparation: how to get the objectives.

3rd Project’s Meeting PORTUGAL 

Discussion about necessary things to be a Real Green School. Exhibition in each country (works, portfolios, artcrafts,…). Analysis of the students and teachers’ participation in the different countries in connection with the LUNCH/BREAKFAST BOX and the FRUIT DAY (results report).

3rd Project’s Meeting PORTUGAL 

Dicussion about the state of the work carried out in class: “THE TREE PROJECT IN SPRING”

3rd Project’s Meeting HOMEWORK 

Starting to pick up flowers and leaves to elaborate an HERBALIST

3rd Project’s Meeting HOMEWORK 

Celebration on 4th June, one SPECIAL DAY ON ENVIRONMENT that will be the same for all the coutries. In each school: the creation of a portfolio containing contests, compositions, drawings, photos, pictures,…

3rd project's meeting - PORTUGAL