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Daily Mass Sunday Masses Holy Day Masses: Special Intentions Mass

8am (in the chapel) Saturday: 5pm Vigil Sunday: 8am, 10:15am 5pm Vigil; 8am & 7pm 5pm first Saturday of month

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 18 Jer 38:4-6, 8-10; Heb 12:1-4; Luke 12:49-53 The bread, wine, candles and sanctuary lamp were donated this week in memory of the Merrick and Furlong Families by Nancy, Patsy and Emily Furlong. 5pm Vigil Mass Intention:Michael J. Lincks, Jr. 8am Mass Intention: Parishioners 10:15am Mass Intention: Teresa Zangari Monday, August 19 (Noemie devenoge Cannizzaro) Memorial of St. John Eudes Judges 2:11-19; Matthew 19:16-22 8am Mass Celebrant: Fr. Azubuike Tuesday, August 20 (Angelo D’Avino) Memorial of St. Bernard Judges 6:11-24a; Matthew 19:23-30 8am Mass Celebrant: Fr. Azubuike Wednesday, August 21(Patrick Peyton) Judges 9:6-15; Matthew 20:1-16 8am Mass Celebrant: Fr. Azubuike Thursday, August 22 (Elizabeth and Victor Merkel) Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary Judges 11:29-39a; Matthew 22:1-14 8am Mass Celebrant Fr. Nicholas Friday, August 23 (Jessica Chebuske) Memorial of St. Rose of Lima Ruth 1:1, 3-6, 14b-16, 22; Matthew 22:34-40 8am Mass Celebrant: Fr. Nicholas Saturday, August 24 (Mary Ann Sweeney) Feast of St. Bartholomew Revelation 21:9b-14; John 1:45-51 8am Mass Celebrant: Fr. Nicholas 5pm Celebrant: Fr. Azubuike (Deacon Tom Fox preaching) 5pm Vigil Mass Intention: Edward Nienstedt

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time: August 18 5pm Vigil Lectors: Ministers:

Fr. Nicholas Blanche & Eric Tyrkko Paul Bramfeld, Yvonne Brantuas Ann Dubin, Katherine Miller

8am Lector: Ministers:

Fr. Azubuike John Canning Marie Agosta, Laura Andrysiak Ana Arellano, Ralph Casey

10:15am Lector: Ministers:

Fr. Nicholas Eileen Moran Rosemary & John Murello Fran Roesch, Jane Serpico Joe Vulpis, Pat Warner

RENEW & RESTORE THE HOUSE OF GOD “Lord, I love the House in which You dwell” Ps. 76:8

We have just completed the first year of our capital campaign and have reached $1,150,217 in pledges! Total amount paid to date $784,308.00. Payments are due as follows: Monthly payments are due on/before August 31, 2013 Quarterly Payment is due on/ before September 30, 2013. Annual Payments are due December 31st, 2013. Credit Cards Payments continue to be processed the last day of each month. If your credit card expiration date is soon we will be contacting you. It is not too late to participate in the Campaign!! There is still time to enroll! If you have any questions, kindly leave a message at the Parish Office or email We are extremely appreciative of your generosity and your continued efforts to satisfy your pledged amount Thank you! The Campaign Committee

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St. Boniface Martyr Parish Bulletin August 18, 2013  

St. Boniface Martyr RC Parish, Sea Cliff, Long Island, NY

St. Boniface Martyr Parish Bulletin August 18, 2013  

St. Boniface Martyr RC Parish, Sea Cliff, Long Island, NY