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MY HOUSE My house is in Gerečja vas. It is white. It has got brown windows. There is a basement, a ground floor, 2nd floor and the attic. All together there are 12 rooms. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and an office. Jure Drevenšek, class 6

Hello! My name is Kaja. I live in a big blue house. Our house number is fifty – six. In our garden there are three big trees and four little trees. Around the house my mum has a lot of flowers. We also have a big chicken farm. I'm very happy in my home.

Kaja Intihar, class 5


MY HOME My house is white. It’s got three rooms, one hall , one kitchen, one bathroom, and one toilet. My room is orange, yellow and white. It has got big window. All other rooms are white. There’s a nice balcony. Behind the house there is a garden in which my dog Rex plays. Luka Novak, class 5


MY FAMILY In my family there are five people – me, my brother, my mother, my father and my grandmother. We have some pets too – some fish and a cat, called Tačko. My name si Manja Gabrovec. I'm twelve years old. My birthday is in June. I go to the 7th class. I live in Skorba. My favourite colour is orange and my favourite animal is a cat. My brother Aljaž is eight years old, and he goes to the third class. He likes watching TV and reading books. His favourite colour is green. He loves animals: cats, fish, rabbits and dogs. My mom's name is Renata. She is thirty–nine years old and she works in a kindergarten. My father is Andrej and he is also thirty – nine. He has got his own business. My grandmother Marinka lives with us. She is sixty–nine years old. She cooks for the whole family every day. Tačko, our cat, is one year old. He is so funny. I like my family! Manja Gabrovec, class 7 5




This is my school Hajdina.

This is the sign of our school.


8 Ana KolariÄ?, class 4

9 Saša Veber, class 4

10 Ana Marija TomaniÄ?, class 4

11 Karmen Veis, class 4

12 Marko Nahberger, class 4

13 Mia Molnar, class 4

14 Ana marija TomaniÄ?, class 4

KINDERGARTEN »NAJDIHOJCA« IN HAJDINA Next to school there is a kindergarten. There are sixteen playrooms called after colours of the rainbow. In the kindergarten there are a hundred children. They are one to six years old.


Here they learn the first words, meet new friends, play, listen to music and fairy tales. Children are very happy. Teachers organize performances, chestnut picnics and parents meetings. Children take part in several projects and workshops. There are often exhibitions of children's drawings. In June children usually have a trip.


Manja Gabrovec, class 7



My city Ptuj (Latin: Poetovio) is the oldest city in Slovenia. It was first mentioned in the year 69. It is a small town with a castle on the hill in the middle of the city. There are about 23,000 people. The river Drava goes through Ptuj. In Ptuj there are some shops, museums, galleries, schools, and a post office, a fire station, a police station, three old churches and a castle, a park and more. Here in Ptuj there is a small stadium of FC Drava.

Ptuj castle

The old part of Ptuj

Flags of European Union Slovenia and Ptuj

Coat of arms


Ptuj as seen from the castle.

Ptuj Tower



outside Town Hall



Kurenti in Ptuj Ptuj is the center place of a ten-day-long carnival in the spring. Kurent is believed to be the name of an ancient god of hedonism.

Kurenti or Koranti are figures dressed in sheep skin who go around the

town wearing masks with long red tongues, cow bells, and multi-colored ribbons on the head. Kurents go through town, from house to house, making noise with their bells and wooden sticks, to symbolically scare off evil spirits and the winter. Nik Volgemut, class 6

The Kurent or Korant Carnival


PTUJ Ptuj is a city in the northeast of Slovenia. It isn`t the capital, but it is the oldest city in Slovenia. It is 232 metres above the sea level. The river Drava flows through Ptuj. Our mascot is kurent. There are lots of shops, restaurants and supermarkets. We have a bank, a hospital, a fire station, a police station, a park, a sports centre, cinema, theatre, 4 churches, 4 kindergartens, 1 secondary school, 3 primary schools, some companies, 3 musical schools, etc.

Nuša Steiner, class 6

Ptuj by Night


HAJDINA Hajdina is a small village. There are two parts: Spodnja Hajdina and Zgornja Hajdina. In Hajdina there is a school, a small shop, a church, a playground and a cafe. I live here. I love Hajdina.

Barbara Toplak, class 7


Nina Ĺ tumberger, class 6 23



Nejc Ĺ tumbergr, class 7 25



Gabriela Ĺ tumberger, class 8 27

SLOVENIA Slovenia is a small country in Central and Southeastern Europe. There are about two million people. Slovenia borders to Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria. There are many natural beauties like mountains, the sea, pannonian lowlands and vineyards. The capital city of Slovenia is Ljubljana. There are about 270.000 people. There are big buildings, especially at the city’s edge. People love them because they are very old. There’s also the Ljubljana Castle on the hill. And there are many shopping centres. The children go to the primary school at the age of six. They finish primary school when they are 14. The lessons start at 9 o’clock and finish at 1 or 2 o’clock. People usually start work between seven and eight o’clock and finish between four and five. At the weekend people here like going to the cinema, shopping or just staying at home.

Barbara Toplak, class 7


MY COUNTRY Slovenia is a very small country. There are about 2 million people. They live in different cities.

The capital city is Ljubljana. In Ljubljana there are about 300.000 people.

Ljubljana Maribor is the second biggest city. It’s quite big and I like it. There is a big shopping center called EUROPARK. My father works in Maribor.

Maribor In Slovenia school starts at about half past eight and finishes at about two o’clock. People here usually start working at about seven and finish at about three or four. My friends like doing sport in their free time but they don’t like to study. Nina Ekart, class 7 29




jama« ( the Postojna

cave) is




Slovenia. The Postojna Cave is 20 km long. A lot of people from all over the world come to »Postojnska jama« to see stalagmites and stalactites. The most famous cave animal in Postojna Cave is the olm, called the »human fish«. Vistors of Postojna Cave can take a special train. We are proud to have these caves. Patrik Kolar, class 5 30

LIFE IN SLOVENIA Slovenia is a very small country. There are only two million people. In Slovenia there are people of different nationalities. The capital is Ljubljana. In Slovenia lessons at school start at about half past eight and finish at one or two o'clock. People usually start work between seven or eight o'clock and go home at four or five. A lot of my friends do sport in their free time. We have a lot of sports clubs. I'm in a dance club. At the weekend people here like going bowling, going to the cinema or just watching TV and listening to music. Nika VukoviÄ?, class 7


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