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Reintroducing the value of simplicity

Story Anour is Farsi and means light. It is also the name of a Danish Design Company established in 2007. Founder and Architect Arash Nourinejad realised his vision of creating a lamp of uncompromising design with visionary functionality, made from the finest quality materials. The label stands for highest level of craftsmanship, and continuing in the footsteps of Danish design traditions. Each piece is made with a focus on sustainability in design, production and technology. Individually tailored for each customer.

X MODEL / Brushed brass

I MODEL CORDLESS / Brushed brass

Vision Reintroducing the value of simplicity

Simplicity is about eliminating the noise from the essence. We stand for visual aesthetic and lasting value, a simplicity achieved through a complex process of design and thought.

T Model / Polished brass

Tradition & Innovation ANOUR is defined by Danish tradition and innovation. For us, this is not a contradiction in terms. Rather, these are values that complement each other and form a unity, a combination that is reflected in a range of fascinating products.

Y MODEL CORDLESS / Browned copper


T Model / Browned brass

Design “Great design is a reflection of its surroundings, and should interpret and adapt to the needs of society� - Arash Nourinejad

By working continuously with new ideas and technology, we perfect all aspects of the light. For us, design combined with functionality and the manufacturing process will lend the finished product the highest level of beauty.

I MODEL / Oxidized copper

DIVAR / Wall lamp

Finest Materials

We only work with the finest materials, many with their own unique characteristics. They give us the most beautiful results. Copper, brass, steel and wood. Leaving a wide palette of expressions and a beautiful ageing process.

T MODEL / Brushed brass

Craftsmanship Our products are handmade in Denmark by accomplished craftsmen. We choose pure and high-end materials that result in a clear and timeless design.

Tactile Experience

Model Cordless is a new serie of products that reach a higher level of simplicity. These hanging lamps are almost floating in the air to create a graphic appeal that will beautify your space.

X MODEL CORDLESS / Browned brass

DIVAR / Brushed brass

Tailor made A strength of ours, is the ability to develop bespoke solutions for all your projects. We make custom size to offer our clients the flexibility required to respond to their specific needs.

Nyrnberggade 23D, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark

Anour brand book 2017  

ANOUR is a Copenhagen based lighting brand, specializing in exclusive handcrafted luminaires.

Anour brand book 2017  

ANOUR is a Copenhagen based lighting brand, specializing in exclusive handcrafted luminaires.