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le hors-serie

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By creating le hors-sĂŠrie, we aimed at stimulating political, human debate concerned with the complexity of human kind whilst creating a beautiful yet contradictive piece of literature and imagery. In doing that, we introduce our beliefs in thinking of the

fashion industry as one with high opinions and ideals; collaborating with three creatively-challenged souls which share their reflexions on modern life whilst letting the reader explore what outcomes from this world of ever-lasting curiousness.

phoebe philo is the english designer behind the success of Celine’s handbags, timeless coats and furry shoes. She is the mother of three and works from london.

yok ono is a japanese artist and peace activist, wellknown for her avant-garde music and film making, as well as her ultimate marriage to John Lennon.

phoebe philo Udis dit vellia con pel mil essi nis moles quiam ius quo que comnis eum voluptatur aut odianda vendionsenit es ma parum fuga. Bitatento dolutento

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phoebe philo

of society. Society feeds itself from what it’s been given. It could be a burger, a book or some thoughts, we would never dare question it. Colors are engaging and wake me up. They are common, but you can play with them. Finding colors never yet found is better than exploring archeology. Colors are limitless, and justify hours of finding a yellow that had never been explored before. Commonality engages with creativity in a strange way; in a way that you or me don’t realise. We make because we believe in the quality of the result and trust our emotions. Emotions are never common, however. They reflect in each one of us what we have that no one else has. And, by definition, that would be everything but common. I trust my emotions therefore I am. And therefore I have a say in engaging with originality.

le hors-serie number 1

The word is rather straight forward, yet intriguing. We’ve all used it multiple times, on multiple occasions. Is it scary to spell out? Not really. Do we struggle in thinking of commonality? Maybe. Some words need no definition. Others don’t have subliminal meanings. It’s a common thing to do this, to do that. The world is common. We are common. Truth is, who decides what’s common? Because we do less, everything becomes more common. Yet the creativity of humankind is booming and, as I like to say, the originality of the things we make are far from gone. Making clothes is the ultimate moment when I feel like my commonality is challenged. As a designer, you have no right to reproduce, copy or let go of your weakness. Everything you do must be inspiring, physically appealing and, ultimately, a hit. If commonality would be a formal way of describing the normalness, then life would be uncommon in every way. Are we inflicting ourselves with what we want the world to be? This said, certain knowledge is required to be apt to think of commonality; a newborn is physically unable to think of commonality, for example. We live and create our very own commonality. Is there a norm for commonality? And are we, as human beings, allowed to have a common thinking of commonality? My answer is, probably not. But then, I’d be ignoring the common debate. The colors I use showcase my attempt at killing the letting go

defining commonality

phoebe philo

chapter one


number 1

Rochas, £360

Rochas, £360

Rochas, £435

Simone Rocha, £500

Christian Louboutin, £560 Maison Martin Margiela, £650

le hors-serie

le hors-serie

la chaussure

Celine, £390

number 1

la chaussure

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yoko ono

le hors-serie

yoko ono



chapter two self


number 1

la chaussure le hors-serie number 1

number 1 le hors-serie yoko ono 9

I have led myself to think of the world as a strange one. One minute you feel, the other you react. Of course we want to feel, we want to react. We feed ourselves emotions and sensations. We never saturate or get bored. We have an endless thirst for life, and a desire to act on it. Rare are the moments I remember myself going against my strongest desire. I have fears everyday, but who doesn’t? Life teaches you to fight them. If you get scared, you fight. If you fight, you get hurt. If you get hurt, you die. The essence of life, as I like to define it. Of course, we are not scared everyday. And that is the only thing making us immortal. The world leads us to think we are mortal, but the only thing leading our thinking towards it is our weakness. Pessimistic is not something I would describe myself to be. There is only so much you can do with pessimism. You can complain, you can sit, you can read, you can complain again; but fragility will surround you. Fragility, just like weakness is the es-

sence of a world encouraging people’s strong envy of doing nothing. I question the awareness we have about life. If you’re right, I’m wrong. And vice versa. Is that true? Knowing is vague. Acknowledging is big. Is there something such as measuring the knowledge one possesses? The brain is clever but remains unchallenged. We limit what we do because we are scared. Often, we fall. Amongst other things, we struggle at finding a life balance. Is there such a thing as a mathematical calculus for happiness? I have thought myself to acknowledge unhappiness. Or fear. Or anger. Finding balance is recognizing the emotions you are going through are part of yourself being alive. And living is happiness. Are we capable of differentiating love and obsession? It seems obvious one would be obsessed with what contributes to their fulfillment. Engaging with yourself to find what it is you’re most obsessed with however remains key. 10

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chapter three

Do I lack of time or is there too much space surrounding me? I often find it hard to say exactly. There is something rather cynical and abstract in thinking of time and space. Space, by interpretation more than definition is the empty, unfilled gap of air surrounding our heads, bodies and mind. I like to think of it as something left for me to use, rather than something that is left useless. Space is positive, the more we have, the more free we feel. Thus, the more we breathe and live. Time is exactly the same, but we have a certain power over time. Equally abstract in that sense, we can however feel time. We are in a rush, there is not ime to lose. The reachability of time is present but leaves straight away. A compression of time characterises the life we live. I am in the present, but I know that right when I’ll be thinking that it’ll be the future al-

the reachability of time and space fenella fielding

ready. I would even go as far as to say thinking is part of the future because it involves thoughts and we need to live the present to be able to have thoughts. We are obsessed with time. The white rabbit in Wonderlan employers chase time incessantly, squeezing out every lasdt second. Unlike space, the currency of time is regarded as a status symbol; isn’t is true that the less time you have the more important you feel? On another level, time is evidently the essence of what I would call the progression of life. Without time, we would all be immortal. And without space we wouldn’t live. Both are physically unreachable, but there is always more than meets the eye. , I like to think.

le hors-serie

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