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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) Treatment

About Us Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) – Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment In Anoosmadinaguda. PRP therapy is used in hair restoration for natural looking results.

PRP Treatment For Hair Loss  Hair loss has become a common major problem nowadays.  Many people including teenagers, adults , men and women, everybody is going through the problem of excess hair loss which is really unwanted by all.  This problem can be result of many factors. Hormonal issues, change of climate, change of water, excess medication and many more.

What is PRP? PRP is simply whole blood that is centrifuged to create an increased concentration of platelets with or without WBC’s.

PRP IS NOT!  Stem cells  MSC’s  Lipocytes  Bone Marrow

PRP Hair Treatment In Hyderabad PRP is a sophisticated treatment technology that uses elements present in an individual blood so as to regenerate their hair & skin as well as revitalize collagen, leading to healthful, young looking skin.

PRP Treatment For Hair Loss Procedure : We take about 15-16ml of your blood and centrifuged it. The plasma that contains growth factors get separated with the other plasma. Then with fine insulin syringes it is injected on your concern areas.

What do these Growth Factors Do?

Chemotaxis :  Directional movement in response to a chemical stimulus  Stems cells are attracted to the growth factors and migrate into the area. Cell proliferation :  Significant increase in cellular reproduction activity Possibly even a systemc effect :  Performance enhancing ?

PRP Hair Treatment Results Platelet Rich Plasma can be a source of happiness for people who are depressed because of their continuous hair loss. PRP therapy is indeed a wonderful procedure for hair restoration. It can also help in re-growth of new hairs on your scalp.

PRP Hair Treatment Cost Platelet Rich Plasma is indeed a wonderful treatment that can give you desired skin & Hair naturally. Visit Anoos Madinaguda Salon and Cosmetic Clinic and get the experience of this amazing treatment.

Contact Us Address 3rd Floor, Balaji Empire, Madinaguda, Opposite My Home Jewels. Hyderabad – 500050 .


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Platelet rich plasma therapy (prp) treatment in hyderabad – Anoosmadinaguda  

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) – Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment In Anoosmadinaguda.PRP therapy is used in hair restoration for natura...

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