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Summer Style

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Hanna Elkotni

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Food Critic


Jarod Hickman

James Wisniewski

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The Cold Messages


Isabel Pluchino

Alan Luo

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Black Holes & Us


Abi Cheriath

Victor tam

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How to tell if someone is lying to you Alan Luo & Abi Cheriath pg 16 Images Cited at End of Magazine

Did you like your last fortune? I hope you like these as well. See where your birthday falls, then read your horoscope.

Aquarius January 20 February 18

Pisces February 29 March 20

Aries March 21 April 19

Taurus April 20 May 20

Fame is one step away.

Follow your dream, you don't know when it will come true.

You will have good luck.

Your wish will come true.

Gemini May 21 June 20

Cancer June 21 July 22

Leo July 23 August 22

Virgo August 23 September 22

Your friends will always be at your side.

You will get a great present.

You will do great.

You are unstoppable if you try



December 22 January 19 You will have the best month ever.

September 23 October 22

October 23 November 21

Sagittarius November 22 December 21

Play it safe today, you don't know what will happen.

A test to you is like a walk in the park.

Everything will be fine.


+ Horoscope Helps + Enjoy Your Fortune and Have Fun! 1



Hi, it’s the Food Critic. Today, I'm going to talk about the restaurant Delicious Heights. Its a great place but there isn't much food for kids. Even though there isn't much kid food, the kid food is really good. Did you know Delicious Heights is right next to the school? You should definitely visit it. My favorite food there is the penne pasta with butter.You might like something else though and they offer a wide variety of all types of foods.     The kids menu is shown above, and all the food is delicious. If you do go, you and your family will have a great time. When you go make sure to try the sweet potato fries. They come with any meal you want. Trust me, if you want a good meal you should go to Delicious Heights. The coolest part about the menu is that they light up when you open them so you can read in the the menu in this dark 2 restaurant

ALAN LUO The next generation Xbox was announced on May 31, 2013 as the successor to the Xbox 360. It features new perks such as the Blu-ray Disc Drive and more processing memory. However, there are some disadvantages to the new Xbox such as the usual Xbox Live payment and the cloud powering. The Xbox One features stronger processing and more advanced graphics. The Xbox one will support 3840×2160 graphics and with the new HDMI support, you’ll be able to watch live TV on your Xbox. The Xbox One will also feature an 8-core processor that will allow games to run more smoothly and quickly. It

will also feature a 500 gigabyte hard drive that will allow you to store more stuff such as music and videos. The new Xbox merges all your entertainment into one, which has its advantages and disadvantages. While all your TV, Netflix, music, and other entertainment are all merged together, it may become confusing to sift through everything. It may also be difficult to transfer all of your entertainment to the Xbox One. However, now that all the entertainment is on one platform, you’ll be able to use special widgets to make entertainment more interesting. Sports especially will be improved. You’ll be able

to see your Fantasy Football league at the same time as the current game. The gaming aspect of the Xbox One has been completely revamped. The Xbox One has a new specialized AI processor that will improve NPCs throughout your game, making it both more interesting and entertaining. Rather than watching your AI buddy get stuck in a doorway, he’ll be able to provide cover for you as you sprint to the nearest enemy. The new graphics also greatly improve your game experience by making them look more realistic. And now, you’ll never miss a moment of your greatest game. Xbox One automatically records your most recent gameplay, so you’ll never have to regret not recording that perfect shot. However, the Xbox One is cloud powered, which means that you may have to always have Xbox Live to be able to access most of its features. Also, if you you’re planning on exchanging your Xbox 360 for the Xbox One, you’re not going to be able to play your Xbox 360 games. The Xbox One is not backwards compatible, which means that games released for previous consoles will not be able to be played in the Xbox One.


Have you heard about this game called Minecraft? If not, then you are missing all the fun of game. In Minecraft, you always start out by punching trees to get wood for building shelter. But, you also get to craft weapons in the game, such as pickaxes, swords, etc. When it starts to get dark, you need to be prepared to battle dangerous hostile enemies, such as creepers, skeletons, zombies, enderman, and other monsters, also known as mobs. One of best parts about the game is that you get to change are player’s skin or avatar, and that the game has tons of different worlds to explore such as The Nether, The End, and most of all, The Overworld. One of my favorite dimensions in the game is the Nether. The Nether is favorite dimension in the game is because they’re many different hostile creatures to battle, such as Ghasts, Zombie Pigmen, Wither Skeletons, and Withers. In some parts of the game, you will need to battle boss mobs. Boss mobs are the most powerful hostile creatures in the game, and it can completely wipe-out all of your players health points or HP. If you want to buy this game, you can buy the game card from Best Buy or you can buy it online at Also this game is available on PC, Xbox 360, and mobile devices. For more information about the game’s creatures and more, go to






Century 21 has really nice shirts for summer. One of my favorites is the FCNY Gauze Rolled Sleeve Blouse. Another cute one is JJ BASICS Cut Out Knit Top. There are different colors to choose from, but the grey will match with more things.

Skirts At Macy’s there are very nice laced skirts for juniors. The colors you can choose from are white and black. The Teen Vogue Juniors Skirt, Terry Pleated A-Line is cute, but it only comes in a grayish color and green.

Shorts If you're not that into skirts, then try Century 21. The FCNY Belted Pleated Skort comes in blue and a pinkish color. Or, try the LAVO Jeans Whites Studded Shorts.

Shoes Steve Madden sandals are great for the summer. The JelyBely is really interesting, they have spikes on the front part. The SHINEYY is also really unique, they have a cover on the front part. Spiral is a flat sandal with a spiral cover.

Old Navy has really nice jean shorts for guys. If you're not a really big fan of jean shorts, then get the plaid shorts at American Eagle. Or, get the Cargo shirts. There are 12 colors you can get. I recommend the light blue shorts, or the green shorts.


JCPenney has nice clothes for summer. There is a Call of Duty shirt, but it only comes in black. If you like stripes, then I recommend the Arizona Printed Rugby TShirt. It comes in 3 different colors. If you adore Nike then I would get Nike Hangtag Swoosh Tee. The colors that it comes in are red, yellow and black. They have other Nike shirts, too.

Shoes Steve Madden has very cool shoes. BATHH and ZINGGDD. They look like regular shoes, but are nicer. The BATHH are a more expansive than the ZINGGDD. If you're looking for something different than I suggest BURNLEYY. All these shoes are new arrivals.


Q: What did the pig say at the beach on a hot summer's day??

A: I’m bacon!

Ha ha!


Hello everyone and welcome to almost the end of May! And my jokes, of course. Cinco De Mayo good for you? I usually just ate mayo all day. Wasn’t I supposed to do that?

Q: Why is sun so the hot?

Q: H opti ow ma m n it ta ists do y ke e in a to scr s e light bulb w ?

an e k o ma n at T : A o essi . r p im a ch e b the

Q: W a ne hat wo uld rd p i c k a ca mp? for

Q: W rhym hat e sum s with me r ?

hey t , e on A: N like the feel ill come er w pow ack on b e. m i t y an

ing. h t o A: N playing be st He’d s again ches self. him

it’s , o n dun er I I : A mm ut. u b a nd o fi t ’ can AIT A W TE.. U N MI 8

Q: H the ow com su n e stay likes t o l duri onger n sum g the mer ?

Q: So I ’m

vacatio ni Vermon ng in t, and I picked up the local paper t o chec k out the fore cast. It read:

ny, n u ay: S F d o T A: rees So g e 76 D ht: Not g Toni y, 55 n Sun es F re Deg

Q: W ha the pira t did in th te sa y e po ol?

Q: W h sha y did th r e hum k eat a an l eg?


er w s n he a YS T : A WA h. L A is . Du e c n scie

e it s u a ec . A: B like fish ty ed look ooks tas l . Fish the time all

the e r a ew A: B w seas! yello

Q: A his s guy ro d the urfboar e o d the ther sid to oce an. e of rule Wha did t brea he k?

Q: What’s a person who games on a computer d uring the school year?


me a g A

sing s o r e oc A: N s into th ag ater! fl e th hw g u o r


Q: W pers hat’s a o gam n who com es on a pute r sum during mer ?

ne o l A A:


Enjoyed the little comedy you got here? Enjoy your summer, and I hope you aren’t the last joke here! 10

Isabel Pluchino I quickly zip up my jacket as I feel the cool fall air bite my arms. Anna and I agreed to meet at our favorite ice-cream shop today after school which, in perspective, may have not have been the best idea. I mean, it’s freezing outside! I can even see my breath a little. As I hurry to open the shop door, it resists. A small “CLOSED” sign peeks out of the window. That can’t be right! Anna told me it was open today! I pull out my phone to call her and see she left me some messages. My face boils in anger due to the fact that she lied to me and I’m still freezing as can be. Her first message says, “Sorry. Can’t get ice cream today. Greg’s bringing me horseback riding.” My hand tightly squeezed the phone in rage. I look down at her second message in disgust. “Look at the horsie!” A picture of her in an expensive-looking, WARM coat standing next to a giant, black steed appears on the bottom screen. It’s adorable. I love animals more than life, so I feel a pang of jealousy when I see the photo. I feel like she’s bragging now, which is typical of her to do. My hands are numb from the cold and my stomach is turning. Tears pinch the corner of my eyes because I’m stranded in an empty parking lot and I wish to be Anna more than anyone else right now. It takes every ounce of me to read the last message instead of throwing my phone at the cement wall. It’s from an unknown number, probably an advertisement or AT&T. My finger hovers over the delete message button when I glance at the message out of the corner of my eye. It says in capitals, “GET IN THE CAR.” My heart stops altogether as I see a black Toyota Corolla approach me. My hands are so cold, the phone slips out of me hand and falls to the newly paved ground. I don’t reach to get it though. I don’t dare to even breath. I feel like the cold has frozen me solid because I want to run, to run and save myself from possible harm, but I just stand there. Cold and fearing death. The car window rolls down and my heart starts pounding so hard. It’s Anna’s brother, Greg. Never was so happy to see anyone in my life! I jump into the nice, warm car and ask him where Anna is. He just stares into my eyes for a moment and then steps

hard on the gas. I realize his eyes are bloodshot and his face is tear-stained. A sob from the back seat startles me and I look behind me to see Anna clutching her leg, her face plastered with an expression of sheer pain. Her pant leg has been ripped off and used to stop the bleeding. Her entire leg is drenched in blood. “I’m..... so sorry.” she utters in a whisper. My entire world freezes. Nothing matters anymore. Not the fact she lied, not the fact she is one to boast, not the fact my mom left me stranded in a Shoprite parking lot. Only Anna matters to me now, so I can still have my best friend. “The horse.... I...... fell,” she croaks. “Shhhh..... don’t worry. It’ll be okay,” I manage to assure her without bursting into tears. All four doors to the car open and doctors rush in, giving Anna immediate aid. As fast as they could, they put a needle in her wrist connected to a few tubes and got her leg comfortable. I heard her screams from the waiting room. Her voice calling out to me and rattling through my skull. My fingernails dug deep into the arms of the chair I was sitting in to keep me from running to her. I imagine her falling off the devil-horse.... and it’s massive hoove coming down on her poor, helpless leg. She’ll never be the same again. After another torturous half-hour, I’m barely conscious. I want to see her so bad. Her screams stop and my so does my world. That’s when I start screaming. “HELP HER! PLEASE!” doctors struggle to keep my in the chair. “LET ME GO! LET ME GO!” Greg helps to calm me down. “She was given anesthesia, Emily! She’s going to be okay.” I stop flailing and punching the air. “She’s... not dead?” He nods. “I want to see her!” The doctors just look at each other. “NOW!” They lead me to her bright white room. Anna is in a deep sleep with an air mask on her face and her leg has stopped bleeding. I start crying as soon as I walk in. She looks so frail and empty looking. Like all the life has been drained out of her. “I’m so sorry, Anna. So sorry,” I whisper as I gently hold her hand. She’ll be okay, I remind myself. And as soon as she wakes up, I’m buying her ice cream.


Abi Cheriath

Black & Us Holes Confusing Black Hole Theories and Galactic Tumbles We have talked about black holes before. They can capture almost all matter with their infinite gravity and density. They carry an infinitely dense point at the center, known as the singularity. However, no one knows what happens if you unfortunately fall into one of these galactic monsters. Scientists and astronomers have pondered this and found that, it wouldn’t be pleasant. When you first cross the event horizon, the border into a black hole, you would be stretched out like toothpaste coming out of a tube. To describe this, the British astrophysicist, Sir Martin Rees, coined the term, “spaghettification”. You would barely have any time to react to this however because the atoms in your brain would also be stretched out. This spaghettification happens because the gravity in the black hole intensifies rapidly every inch you are inside one. That means, if you went into a black hole headfirst, your upper body would be stretched out dramatically compared to your lower body, which is in a fraction of the gravity that your head is feeling. Now let’s get to the confusing explanation of what would happen if you

are going into the black hole at the speed of light, time slows down. You are going at the speed of light because the black hole’s gravity pulls you at that speed. This means, if you are looking forward into a black hole, you would be able to see everything that fell into the black hole, including stars and planets. If you are inside a black hole, looking outward, you would be able to see everything that will fall into a black hole. So, to put it into a nutshell, you would be able to see from the Big Bang to the far future. Congratulations, you have just proved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Now that we have gotten falling into a black hole out of the way, let’s move on to the equally confusing theories concerning black holes. One groundbreaking and interesting theory is that black holes are portals to other universes. In fact, this theory suggests that we may live in another universe’s black hole. To explain what this theory is saying, first we have to look at the singularity of a black hole. According to Einstein, singularities are infinitely dense and infinitely hot single points. The assumption that has been carried is that when matter enters the singularity, it is

immediately destroyed. However, this theory states that singularities not only spare matter, but spits matter out to be building blocks in other universes. Think about the Big Bang theory. The theory states that the universe was formed from a singularity. Think about it. If this theory states that singularities spit matter out into different universes, then the singularity that started the Big Bang could have been from a black hole in a different universe and the matter and energy released by it could have been the matter and energy sucked into that black hole. This new theory fully explains the Big Bang. Another theory was that when you cross the event horizon, you hit a maelstrom of particles and are burned to a crisp in a wall of fire. These firewalls supposedly would form because of the matter swirling around inside the event horizon. Many scientists have been skeptical of this, however, because it messes with Einstein’s theories about gravity and energy. As these theories set forth by Einstein are regarded in stone, this theory was a shocking implication. Because this theory was established based on quantum mechanics, it was creating a conflict of quantum mechanics and general relativity. To settle this once and for all, scientists went to CERN, Europe’s particle physics lab near Geneva, Switzerland. Though this theory is shocking, scientists have heard this quantum mechanics explanation before. In 1974, physicist Stephen Hawking at the University of Cambridge, showed that

black holes eventually evaporate. This conflicts with the theory of general relativity, which states that black holes can only swallow mass and grow. The thing is, if black holes evaporate, the information within them is lost. However, the main rule of quantum mechanics is that information cannot be lost. So, how could Hawking’s theory conflict with the very thing it was based on? This was known as the black hole information paradox. To avoid this paradox, the team that made the “firewall theory” knew that they had to eliminate either general relativity or quantum mechanics from their point of view, since their theory made both conflict with each other. They decided to abandon general relativity. Many scientists thought that this was outrageous. To say that there was a better option than Einstein’s general relativity was almost worthy of science treason. To save general relativity, one scientist came up with a theory that if some particles in the black hole are connected to the ones radiating outward from the black hole, then energy generated would be less powerful, causing a firewall not to form. This new theory would save Einstein’s old equations about black holes, while also requiring revision with the opposing side, quantum mechanics. However, the creators of the firewall theory have been finding weaknesses in the theories that are against black hole firewalls. Though many things are still up in the air, one thing's for sure, firewalls will be here to stay for a while.

How to tell if someone is Abi Cheriath


Alan Luo

to you We’ve always been there. We’ve all done it sometime or another. We’ve all lied before. But now, we’re going to tell you how you can see whether or not your best friend is lying about eating that last cookie. There are multiple ways to tell whether or not that person is lying from looking to the eyes, to listening to how they talk. First, if you think someone is lying, ask them to confess. Sometimes, this is easier to do (depending on the type of person) than using all of the tools in the article. With that out of the way, let’s get on to the mind games. Peoples’ body language can greatly dictate if they are lying or not. If the subject is not making many movements of the body when they are talking, then they are probably not telling the whole truth. Also, if the person avoids any eye contact, you can tell they are lying (you can bait someone you think is lying by staring them straight in the eyes). If you see an alleged liar scratching their ears, face, or nose, they are usually nervous. This means that they may be lying. An even better tactic to find out whether someone is lying is to listen to their dialogue. If a person’s emotions don’t match up to what they are saying, they are probably lying. For example, if someone says “I’m angry.”, but they’re smiling. You can tell someone is lying by their facial muscles. You can physically see a person’s facial expressions 15

contort if they are lying because they are forcing an expression. Always remember, a liar takes the defensive in the face of accusation while an honest person takes the offensive. If you suspect someone is lying, always look for little things, as they do tell a lot. If you notice that someone is fidgeting more than usual, that may be a sign they are lying. Especially if they are moving their arms or legs around, as if they don’t know what to do with them. If they start playing with nearby objects, such as pencils or paper, that may be another sign. They do this to ease their nervous tension. A good way to find out whether a suspect is not telling the truth is to bait them into giving you the feedback you want. As was said before, try taking the offensive in the conversation and notice if the person becomes defensive. Notice if the person dodges your questions by seeming to take the offensive in the conversation. Another way to bait a person is to ask uncomfortable questions about what they are lying about and notice if they don’t maintain eye contact or turn their head away. Lastly, an opposite way to bait someone is to change the subject yourself. A liar will act much more relaxed while a truthful person might be confused about why you are changing the subject. Lastly, look for evidence. Even if a subject shows some of these systems, don’t automatically assume that they are lying. You still need some evidence to base your claims on. Say a little kid takes the last cookie out of the cookie jar when he is not supposed to. If you notice cookie crumbs on his cheeks, you can look for the signs that are listed in this article. They might be lying but you can’t know for sure.


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Paw Prints Magazine - June Issue  
Paw Prints Magazine - June Issue  

The fifth and final issue of our Paw Prints Magazine for the 2012-2013 school year