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Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

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Getting Ready for Christmas

Jarod Hickman

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Winter Wardrobe

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Christmas Presents

James Wisniewski

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New Years Day Facts Lia Jacobs pg 17-18

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Apple Maps V



Apple has just broken away from Google in a sense. It replaces “Google Maps” for “Apple Maps”. So, which one of the two are better? In a side-by-side comparison, it seems that Google Maps is more accurate and specific. However, in a street-view, Google Maps wins. Apple Maps doesn’t have the feature yet. In a map view, Google Maps is just a little more crisp and detailed. In a  satellite view, Apple Maps may take a long time to load. Both have a time calculation to tell how long it will take to get to your destination using the following route. When you want directions, both maps are even. On one hand, Apple Maps offers turnby-turn directions. On the other hand, Google Maps has better public transit directions. Apple might have made a wrong decision in breaking away from Google Maps as their default Map application. None of its users cared what kind of map they were using except for quality. Now after a couple of weeks, it has become better and they did fix most of the problems. Most of the bugs have been resolved, but maybe breaking away from Google wasn’t the smartest decision. Apple added a new 3D feature on iOS6 Apple Maps for the iPhone 5, which users tend to like. That said, Google Maps has a better, welldefined traffic flow system, but even that isn’t always accurate. Users of Apple Maps don’t seem to mind the 3D feature on iOS 6. Users think of the 3D as a novelty feature, not necessarily a navigational one. However, the navigation 3D feature is liked by many Apple users, although at first it was very inaccurate. They feel that Google Maps is a little more mature than Apple Maps.

There has been a news update with Apple Maps. There have been many instances of “epic fails”, as the Forbes Magazine describes it, with Apple Maps. For example, near some airports on Apple Maps, when you look for directions, the “line” goes through the runway, not to mention the directions to these airports are most likely wrong. Another instance is when asking directions on two specific bridges, one being the Brooklyn Bridge, the directions miss the bridges entirely and go for the water. If you want to find Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, don’t use Apple Maps. Apparently, Israel’s capital has been completely wiped off map. The last to fails are Cape Cod’s bridge not being connected to the roads and a Florida hospital being replaced by a supermarket. Apple Maps seems to have gotten off with a bumpy start according to the information from Forbes. However, this was in the beginning. All of those problems have been solved according to Apple, but the fact that they released such an amateur app to the public made Apple Maps hated by many. The bad part is, the story gets worse Apple Maps was so flawed, with so many map failures, that Apple’s current CEO, Scott Cook, even fired Scott Forstall. Apparently, the blame goes to Forstall because it was his fault that he did not look carefully enough at Apple Maps which lead to the resulting disaster. Many of these errors may have lead drivers to their death whether it was “turn right” off the Brooklyn or “make a left now” onto the train tracks, but he didn’t have to fire someone. Cook also fired another man right before Thanksgiving, even though Apple did fix the major problems. Hopefully, the Apple crew will now perfect this blunder of a mapping system soon. If Apple Maps is not your thing, don’t worry. Just last week, Apple has added a Google Maps official app in the App Store. This app is still in Beta, so the interface may be a little buggy. However, the app reached 10 million downloads in 48 hours. In other words, about 57 people downloaded the app each second. Available on the All in all, it is safe to say that Apple Maps comes up _App Store_ a little bit short, just for now.

Did you like your last fortune? I hope you like these as well. See where your birthday falls, then read your horoscope.

Aquarius January 20 February 18

Pisces February 29 March 20

Aries March 21 April 19

Taurus April 20 May 20

You will finally meet your idol.

Don't take the wrong path. Believe in yourself.

You will travel to many places.

Take time to finish your projects.

Gemini May 21 June 20

Cancer June 21 July 22

Leo July 23 August 22

Virgo August 23 September 22

Follow your dreams.

You will discover your hidden talent.

Do the best you can.

Time is precious, make it last.



December 22 January 19 Today may not be your lucky day.

September 23 October 22

October 23 November 21

Sagittarius November 22 December 21

This month will be great, all you have to do is smile.

You will win a trophy.

You will be awesome.


+ Horoscope Helps + Enjoy Your Fortune and Have Fun! 5






Are you looking for a cool coat for winter? Columbia has some cute ones. Dark colors are great for winter, so get a black coat or a dark blue one.


Old Navy has the best pants for winter! They are called frost free pants. They come in the pink, barbados blue and knight time. They won’t get snow on them when you play in the snow.

Hats North Face has some cute hats for winter. They are called Denali Thermal Beanie. I think pink is cute, but there is blue, grey, purple, green and silver. They will keep your head nice and cozy.

Shoes Uggs are great for winter, just not for snow. Uggs are so soft. Your feet won’t be cold, they will be super warm. Uggs are also fuzzy. If you already have Uggs, then try a new color, there are so many to choose from.


Old Navy has some awesome boy coats for winter. They have a ton of varieties, like plaid, black, orange and etc. They are fantastic! So if you’re cold, get them.

Need new pants for the winter? Get some from North Face! They have a ton of varieties. The pant colors are blue, black, orange and white. They sell from $25-$130.


Q: What goes ‘Oh oh oh’? A: Santa walking backwards!

Ha ha!


Hello everyone, and welcome to our second d issue of Paw Prints! Ha a good Halloween? A good Thanksgiving? ? What about Christmas It’s time to make fun of our favorite guy in December, Santa!

Q: Wha td Santa l oes ike t have fo o r breakfa st?

Q: W San hy do es ta the go dow chim ney n ?

toa istle


A: M

Q: Wha you ge t do tw you cro hen snowm ss a an a vamp with ire?

Q: Wha snowm t do en for brea eat kfast?

ause c e A: B him! ots it so

n A: S

a ke s fl w o


stb : Fro




Q: twen What i s ty fe e tt ha teet s sharp all, h, ‘Ho and goe Ho H s o’?

Q: Wha t good h ’s a oliday tip?

on n a yr A: T Rex! ta San

atch c r e ev ith A: N flakes w til n snow ongue u the t ll your sure a e e n r you’ have go inter! w birds for the h sout

Q: Why Santa’s did lit helper tle fe depres el sed?

s low a h e A: H teem! s elf-e

Thanks folks for reading the jokes, have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you sent your list to Santa, it takes 17 days for a letter to get to the North Pole! Merry Christmas! 9

Special Joke: Here are the Top 8 Reasons to like Hanukkah:

8. No roof damage from reindeer 7. Never a silent night when you're among your Jewish loved ones 6. If someone messes up on their gift, there are seven more days to correct it 5. Betting Hanukkah gelt (the chocolate coins) on candle races 4. You can use your fireplace 3. Fun waxy buildup on the menorah 2. Cheer optional 1. No Irving Berlin songs

Christmas The time when everyone gets Santamental!

Kvsbttjd!Qbsl Pqfsbujpn!Hfnftjt Have you ever dreamed of making a theme park? Well, if you play Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, you can! You choose your shape of the island and start out with $60,000. You also have 1 out of 9 dig sites for dinosaurs. You get to make a park with dinosaurs, but watch your money! If you complete all the missions, you get site b , or an island where dinosaurs roam free. In the campaign mode, you can let carnivores loose and have a human feast. However, you may get sued. In an emergency, you can take control of a car or helicopter. To keep your dinosaurs fed, you can build feeders. For big carnivores, feed them cows, and feed the small ones goats. If a twister comes, have everyone leave the the park, your dinosaurs may die. Dinopedia is included in the game, so you can find information on your dinosaurs. Every once and awhile, feed carnivores their favorite prey. If you get it, you will definitely have fun!!! For more information on this awesome game, click here: Dinos of JPOG

! Once, there was a girl named Ebonie. She was a mean and cranky little girl and only cared about school. For two weeks, every December, school was closed for winter break. This was when Ebonie was most horrid. She didn’t like the thought of children being happy over poorly wrapped presents. She found it dumb, idiotic, and downright a waste of time. That was, until last Christmas. ! “Ebbie, dear! Put the topper on the tree and Daddy will film it!” ! “Mother! For the last time, I told you not to call me EBBIE!!!” ! “Sure, Ebbie. Now dear, start rolling the camera!” Ebonie’s Mom motioned for her to climb the ladder to the top of the tree. Every step Ebonie took up the ladder, the more furious she became. Her cheeks felt hot as her blood boiled. Tiny cracks formed on the priceless, crystal tree topper as Ebony clenched it harder and harder in her fisted hand. When she finally got to the top, steam was almost coming out of her ears. She looked down at the topper in her hands and threw it as hard as she could to its plummeting death. Her parents jaws dropped at the sight. Within a second what once was an intricate heirloom angel, passed down for generations with care become nothing but shattered glass on the hardwood floor in millions of tiny tiny pieces within a second. It all happened too fast for her parents to wrap their heads around it. It was as if time stood still... Smoke arose from the broken glass and swirled around the ladder tipping it back and forth. The swirl of smoke grew and became bigger and BIGGER! The strength and force of it shook the ladder from side to side, flinging Ebonie to and fro. Ebonie felt as if she were going to be shattered as the topper was. She held on for dear life and closed her eyes tight hanging on for all her strength could muster. Then it stopped! WHAM! ! As she opened her eyes, Ebonie found herself inside a classroom empty of students. She looked left and right, but no one was there. Then, she looked down to see a blank piece of paper and a pencil in front of her. She was dumbfounded and puzzled. What was she supposed to write? Immediately, she decided to write how she despised Christmas so much. She wrote the two words “I hate...” and then her pencil stopped as she tried to write the ‘C’ in Christmas. She tried to move it but it wouldn’t budge. ! “What happened that made you hate Christmas so much?” Ebonie almost fell off her seat she was so startled. There was a teacher standing right in front of her desk. She looked around, but couldn’t see any doors. HOW in the world did she get in? ! “Well?” said the teacher impatiently. Ebonie was - flabbergasted. ! “I... um...” she just could not get the words out. ! “Christmas is a happy day full of cheer and merriness. Don’t make that untrue Ebonie.” ! “WHO... WHO are you?” ! “I am the Christmas teacher of the present,” Was this some kind of JOKE? “I am here to show you what the outcome is if you don’t believe in Christmas.” ! “Listen, I am entitled to my opinion of Christmas!” ! “That is true, but you need a REASON why.” 13

! “I don’t really know why. I’ve always never liked it.” ! “Let me show you the answer, Ebonie.” The teacher held her hand out and Ebonie took it. In the blink of an eye, Ebonie was in a different place and the teacher was gone! She was in a baby’s nursery and the door was open behind her. She walked out of it and saw her parents asleep cuddled together on the couch in front of a cheerful crackling fire. Next to the couch was a calendar saying the date ‘December 25, 2000’ among the many holiday cards. That was the year Ebonie was born. The baby was Ebonie. She walked back into the nursery and looked at herself in a nearby mirror. The reflection of herself was startling. Ebonie looked like some kind of ghost transparent but not transparent. A big thud sounded on the roof of the house. The chandelier swayed and some dust fell... baby Ebonie’s little eyes grew large as she looked upwards. Many pitter patter sounds crossed across the roof from one end of the ceiling and Ebonie followed the noise all the way to the chimney. Four little elves scurried down the chimney and shot out of the opening with an explosion of glitter dust and they darted to the tree sprinkling it with tiny bits of magic. The tree twinkled like it had a million stars from the sky upon it. As she watched this wondrous sight, baby me crawled over to see all of the commotion. She shouldn’t have been there anyway so there’s nothing she could have done to stop herself from going to them. She took a cookie from the plate and threw it at one. Ebonie gasped although no-one heard me. All four of the elves gasped too. They all fled the same way they came, but one stayed back, looking a mixture of sadness and disappointment . He took out a list and said to me, “Ms. Ebonie Scrooge, you are on the naughty list for all eternity” and scribbled something on the paper with a flourish. ”Really?” That was pretty lame so she laughed, but then frowned immediately. It made sense, she never liked Christmas because deep down she knew mystical creatures that lived in the North Pole were mad at her all those years. A hand touched my shoulder. It was the Christmas teacher of the past. ! “Are you ready to see what the future holds for you, Ebonie.” I nodded I wanted to leave this place immediately, holding back tears that were welling up in my eyes. ! The first thing Ebonie noticed in the future was that her feet were cold. She was standing in the snow outside, but somehow recognized the house in front of her even though she had never been there before. She rubbed the condensation off of the window so she could see inside. There was a woman who looked like Ebonie when she is most angry. In front of her were two children struggling to work as hard as their mother wanted on their homework. On the wall a calendar stated the date was ‘December 25, 2045.” Where was the Christmas tree? The presents? Anything? Next door, neighbors were singing and laughing with their child topping a tree with a giant smile on her face. Her future was not the one anyone would want. It was a unhappy and miserable life with no Christmas, gray, cold and miserable. ! Ebonie felt a wave of panic came over her, her mind raced, she pleaded “I need to go home now, teacher of the future! I need to fix something that so badly needs to fixed!” “PLEASE!” ! “Wise choice.” and a swirl and flutter immediately swept her up and away... POOF! ! Ebonie felt like she was thrown at the top of ladder, and she grabbed on tight quickly finding her footing. She felt the shape of the tree topper still in her hand. A tear rolled down her cheek, as she glanced down to see if it was true, uncurling her finger she saw it glistening in her hand and she held it so as not to let it fall from her grasp. She looked down from the glowing and twinkling lights and evergreen perfume of the tree, and saw her two loving parents all snuggled and ever so gently placing the angel at the tippy top of the tree. She whispered with all her heart, her christmas wish, for her family, for her friends, for true herself , “Merry Christmas!” 14

It’s holiday season, and presents are a big deal. If you’re buying presents or receiving presents, you might want to ask or buy for these cool presents for men, women, kids, and even the whole family. For the younger or older boys you might want to get/buy this, “Street Surfer”. This is a combination of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding. You might also enjoy the “Tab Blaster” iPhone Gun. Here’s how it works. First, you download the app onto the phone. Next, you put your phone into your nerf gun. When you’re playing with your nerf gun and looking into your iPhone, aliens will appear! Finally, you try and kill them all! For the younger or older girls, depending how much you like perfume, you might want the “Perfume Laboratory”. With this kit, you will have a mini chemistry set to make perfumes, scented crystals, and notepaper. For those crafty girls, you might want to paint this recycled light bulb. It looks really cool and helps the Earth.

Now, back to those girls who love to make bracelets. This toy, The Deluxe Charm Bracelet Kit , you can make your own charm bracelet. Another big things for girls are clothes. Good places to shop for clothes are Abercrombie, Hollister, and Forever 21 and a bunch more that you can find in the mall. Boys and girls will like anything that has a touch screen. iPads, iPhones, and all of that stuff. Boys and girls might even like one of those wooden swing you hang on a tree. True fact they tend to go higher than regular swings. Who doesn’t like fireworks? Maybe you should get this cool “ Firework Light Show”. That toy doesn’t ever need explaining. Moms and dads need presents too, believe it or not, so here are some gifts you could get for them. For the dads they might want this golf set. This set has everything for your dad to play his game of golf, even shoes. Or get him a nice under-armour coat. If I do say so myself this jacket looks very cool.  Moms like to remember every special moment, so you might want to get them these memorable things . You may have never heard of this, but a photo blanket. It’s this blanket you can customize with your own photos. Or you could get her a cool ring with you and your siblings name on it. Maybe you should think about getting these gifts for your family. It will definitely get you in the clear if you’re in any trouble with your family because these presents are awesome. 16

• • • • • • •

New Years is the oldest holiday Ancient Babylonians celebrated it about 4000 years ago. Romans began a tradition of giving gifts Romans gave branches of sacred trees to one another Many people eat black eyed peas on New Years Black-eyed peas are considered good luck A Spanish ritual is to eat 12 grapes on New years eve at midnight • The tradition of New Year resolutions dates back to 153 BCE • 35% of New Year resolutions are broken by the end of January • The most popular resolution is to lose weight.


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Paw Prints Magazine - Issue 2  

Paw Prints Magazine - Issue 2