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f 98 After an immerflon ot 48 hoe" in the falt water, tit. float (:li) loll 6 groins of in :oriyant power; acid honing 72 bows In the fot water, upon weighing ot it ug3111 out of thc woi.r, being wiped, but

full of water, it was fvund tu sveigh 241 grains, Aiier br;IlL nine hour, out of the n itor, In a dry room. II werghell atg grains, having loll aS gt III. Th., ti tot (A) hosing been 76 haws in the al: Water, in Whit II it then tudained 949 graMs ot lead Veal mooned, thus laturated honing gains.; 30 groin

with the th.1 water. 11110 a vetrel ol troth liver water,

and WU found to lullain 923 grains only, being 26 grains kll than it bore up in the fah water; and yet A mull be oblirved, that this float had been fa. turated with lreflt water before it was immaled in the lilt water. Experintont, kook to Own. tle Spreifir Itknyttay Cork in Salt Inter. Experiment V. Not content merely to know the buoyant power of cork in frefh water, it was next tried in lea water. Four cubes, being csch an inch tipiare on mosy lide,

mode of the bell found conipaft cork, with diflintt ?op. made ol sock, and adjoining, as in the precedmg expunitncnts, worn muted, each weigInng as follows ; Groins

N., 42 3


Amounting in all to

54 53 43 23

; Grains. thefe

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