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perfeCt, and her jaw not quite fo Met, but a little might be put into her mouth by teafpoon ; yet lo great were the fpa fms, that Me never after could fwali lTtfintartyr tetiSol:nodf the next day, Monday 45, when death pot an end to her mifery. I have been linen told, that an hour before Me died, fhe could open her jaw, at which The fterned to be greatly rejoiced ; but it wan of a Mort duration, the convelGons again returning, and

a univerfal one carried her ofE Give me leave to make an oblervation on the cafe,

which I fubmit to your better judgment. That a locked jaw Mould often be the confequence of an ex-

ternal wound, is nothing new, !event cafes having happened that put it beyond doubt; but that fymmoms Mould come on after a flight contufed wound that had been cured for four or five days ; and make fuel) a rapid progrefs, a. to tarry off the patient, in little more than forty-eight hours after the firft appearance of the fymptorns, is very remarkable. We are certainly

much M the dark, in regard to the nervous fyftem

but I think it a flrong prefumption, that from the firft imprellion of the nail, the nerves were fo peculiarly alfeeted, that, though the irritation was not ME ficient to hinder the external wound from healing, yet it might be !efficient to difpole them to fuffer Mole violent agitation., which ended fo fatally. On the other hand, is there any reafon to conclude, that it was from an inward affeCtion of the nervous fyftem ; the wooed being well, and the woman able to walk about and manage her family matters ?


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