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[ 82 I could deferve the name of even the mot imperfeet

I know very well that the lungs are fubjeft to many dere& ; and that there are often found in



them tumours, ealloufnclles, adhefions, tones, ulcers,

worms, tubercles, wallings, and the like ; but none of thefe eaufes could hardly have made the fame vireos lofe every fign of its former Rate. The young woman being deficient in this lobe, it is furprifing haw the other can have performed its office in main-

tilting life, and have appeared upon examination of the common and natural tee, and its velkls not at all dilated by the quantity of blood which they And as nature has made nothing in vain, we cannot but be Awned to find that fingle which received.

ought to be double, as if a man was to have one kid-

ney inflead of two

much more wonderful is it

that, in fo delicate and important an aCtion as refpiratan is, one lobe only of the ufusl toe and flrature

(Mold have performed the funaions of both.


know very well that thofe, whore misfortune it has been to have part of thrir lungs only tightly diforacted, mut have the other confiderably affeCted but betties that there may have been occefionally relief given, they cannot for a long time have fupportrd the want of a lobe, without giving vilible figns of fo great In this cafe we have reafon to believe that this young woman was born with this montrous deficieney; what is flrange is, that fhe fhould have come to her full growth with it, and have been opparently healthy, except the eonvulfive coughs and fhortnefs of breath. Thefe ere phxnomena, which might be accounted for from obilruCtions in the lowrr vanity; a defed.


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