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54 " The vegetable alkali has a ftrongre affinity to . the 'add knits of vitriol, nitre, and marine Galt, than the foffil;" for (1) If the common alkali be added to !milted folution of Glanber's falt in water, the !pith of vitriol will leave the natron and uniting itfelf with tbe vegetable fixed falt will form vitriolated tartar ; which being of difficult folution, much of it will cryfiallixe and fall to the bottom, while the natron, robbed of the vitriolic acid, remains diffolved together with a fmall portion of the vitriolated tartar. (a) Gr. 166 of quadrangular nitre were ditfolvoi

by heat in a foktion containing gr. 138 of pearl. antes. On cooling, there thot fame cryllals of common nitre, the nitrous acid having left the kffil alkali, which is the bak of quadrangular nitre, to join itfelf with the pearl-antes. (3) Cr. yoo of (al-gem, which teemed quite free from fal catharticus amarus, were diliolved by heat in a folution of gr. 65+ of pearLafhes. There thot a confiderable quantity of fal fylvii mixed with foffil

alkoli, which had been expelled by the plearl.afhw from the marine acid. Thefe experiments were made and communicated to me by the Hon. Henry Cavendith. &fides the properties, which have been mentioned, the natives of the Canary iflands have found out, that

they can make matches by dipping paper or tow in a flrong folution of 'tattoo, which will then burn, except that they do not fparkle, almoft as well as if tiny had been dippcd in a folution of nitre, though upon trial no nine appears to be mixed with it. Tbe fall of barilla and kelp I find, by experience, to have



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