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( 52 time dtey care not to go abroad, unlefs it be a cloudy dark d3y. Betides, they are, a weak people

0 in comparifon of the others, and not very fit for 0 hunting, or other laborious eaminis nor do they 0 delight In any fuch. But, notwithhanding their being thus fluggifh and dull in the day4mv, yct, when moon.fhiny nights come, they are all

" life and adivity, running abroad into the woods,

and lipping about like wild bucks, and running ss fall by Inoon-lights even in the gloom and

fhade of the woods, as the other Indians by day, 0 being as nimble as they, though not fa flrong and luny. The copper-coloured Indians hem not to reined them fo much as thee of their own COM. ss plexion, looking on them 2S fomething monflrous.

They are not a dillina race by therthelves; but 0 now and then one is bred of a copper-coloured father and mother ; and I have ken a child of Ids " than a year old of this fort. Some would be apt to taped thcy might be the offspring of tome European father; but befides that the Europeans come little here, and have little VAT,

mercy with the Indian women when they do come ; there white people are as different from the 0 Europeans, in form millet., as from the copper. coloured Indians in others. And, belides, where an 째 European lies with an Indian woman, the child is always a Monde, or Tawny, as is well known to all who have been in the Well-Indies, where there arc Monefas, Mulattoes, Sm. of feveral gradations between thc white, and the black or copper-co-

. loured, according as the parents are, co. to de4


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