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of people of this country, that I never raw not " heard of any bke them in any part of the world. .r They are white, and there are of them of both

rr foes ; yet there are but few of them in calmer. rifon of the copper-coloured, poffibly but one to two or three hundred. They differ from the other Indians chiefly in refpeift of colour, though

" not in dot only.

Ti-eir lkins are not of fuch a

rr white as thok of fair people among Europeans, with Come ' nature of a blulh o linguine corn" plexion ; yet neither is it like that of our paler pee-

" pie, but rt is rather a milk-white, lighter than the colour of any Europeans, end much like that of a white horfe.

rr For there is this further remarkable in them, " that their bodies are befit all over, more or kfa, with a fine Ilion milk-white down ; for they are " not fo thick fet with this down, efpecially on the " cheeks and forehead, but that the fkin appears di-

" (End from it. Their eye-brows are milk-white " elf+, and fi, is the hair of their heads, and very " fine withal, about the length of fie or eight inches, " and inclining to a curl. " They are not fo big as the other Indians; and their eye.lids bend and open in an oblong figure, pointing downwards at the corners, and forming

" an arch or figure of a crefcent with the points

From hence, and from their feting

" fa dear as they do in a moon-lhiny night, we " ufed to call them moon-eyed. For they fee not " well in the fun, poring in the cleared day ; their " eyes being but weak, and running with water if a. the fun Chin: towards them ; Co that in the dayz

" time

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