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[ 50 the gol and given her the pox, he foon put her under the care of a captain returning to America, and fent her back to her own country. The other account is, that admiral Franklin had taken a Spanifh drip, in war time, and brought her into Carolina; and, upon (catching, found a pithare of a boy who was as beautifully mottled all over with black and white fpots osary dog that lVmr was

&en; it is uncertain which was die ground, or which colour the fpots were of; but this lady lays. that feveral copies of the pieture were taken in Carolina ; and that they raid it was the portrait of a child born of negro parents upon the Spandh main ; the fhip was bound to old Spain ; and this lady does

not doubt but the admiral may have the pitlure in his cultody now. If there Isets ate ateertained by theft two gentlemen, they will be worth recording with the preterit fubjea, which I will take the trouble of enquiring into further. Mick deviations of colour are indeed very extraordinary among the African negrocs, hot they ore to them ; (nine parts of America have alfu limiter variations Iron; the common colour of tho

inhabitants; and as I efIcem it a great happineri whin I can contribute to dm entertainment of this learned body, I cannot mu& tura( front adding . to the above, what Mr. Wafer s account of theIfilimus of America gives Us upon the like oltiofts in that country. See page 114 of his Delniption, &c. London, printed for Knapron in Paul's Church-yard, in 1699; where, after having defcribed the natural copper-coloured complexion of the people, he fays. There ni one ounplexion 1. tinnier among alcrLe

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