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in(enfible) flept found for Irma! hours ; and whila in that Rate of relaxation fetched her breath quite cafy, as file did every night after, when afleep, with a ferene pull; but always waked in exquiRte pain, and in great agitations.

In a few days I oblerved her breath to fmell very

ftrong, and I made a prognollick, that nature (in order to expel her enemy) would form an abfcefs or apollemation in the lungs (as the only chance for her

life) and would bring it up, by the fame channel it went down ; though I was not without apprehen(Ions (as there was a prominence pointing outwards, and attended with great forenefs) that an empyema or colleCtion of matter would be formed in the con-

cavity of the break, which, if it had made its way outwards, would (in all probability) have proved fatal. Flowerer, on the eleventh day from the accident, fhe was of a fudden kited in the morning in bed, with a naufea, violent ficknefi, and a cough, when the impollume in her lungs broke and difcharged

itfelf by the mouth, with a large quantity of bloody matter, in which the portion of cruft was happily entangled, about the bignefs of a large hazel nut, or &herd (being rather oblong than round) with a great

quantity of Rimy (aflame, in which it was Maeloped. After which, for an hour or more, the complained of violent pain and formers in the whole

cavity of the break, with great tremors ; however they loon went off, and her fpeech teturned immediately, and as perfea as before the accident, though

languid; for, during the major part of her illnela, (lie could crimes herfelf no otherwife, than by applying one's ear aloft to her mouth, and by giving her LV. 0 time,

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