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[ 315 The ztft, the Sty being clear and cloudlefs, I raw the comet, and compared its nucleus with one of the

three new liars of the night before, viz. N. 3 in the firll Table, of the Sth magnitude. The rad I obferved that Me cornet vilibly grew

dim, and indeid it was now conflantly drawing farther from the fun and earth a its nucleus was likewire much controlled, and not terminated. The tail was hardly dillinguifhable with the One foot glafs, and terminated at the .11 liar of the (extant according to Flamftead's catalogue. It was found to be a little more than 4' long. The nucleus W2S compared with the new liar N" 3 of die flirt Table. The 23d clear fky at night. I began to fee the comet as foon as it was dark.

Its appearances were

the fame as the night before.

I compared the nucleus with thc faid new flat bl" 3.

The r4th the flry perrealy clear.

I compared

the nutleus with the fame new Oar N' 3, and with another very (mall new liar N" 4 of the fait Table. The agth a fine clear fky. I raw the cornet as loon

as it was dark, and compared it with the new Ilar 4. The 26th, the fky was as clear. I again faw the comet. it has now loft much of its light, erpecially for a week pall a the nucleus is no longer olillinet, and it is to be perceived through the selercoge, only by

a kronger light than the nebulorty which furrosinds it. I compared thc nucleus of -the comet with the rank flan


The z7th, a fine fky. I raw the comet as loon as the liars appeared after fun-kt. I could fcarce dillingafib S1z

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