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eaf, of Lead; and when the calx is increafed more

in weight, fo that it's gravity is become greater than that of the lead origami/6e, it paffes into red, the next colour in order.

Thefe three colours fucceeding each other in proportion as the gravity of the metal increates, kern to prove that, in this cafe, the greater denlity produces the left refrangible colours: and as order is the colour of this calx, when in a middle degree of sorigbe, between that which is lighter and that which is heavier than the original metal, it appears that orange is the co/our natural to lead when it's wcight is neither much increafed nor diminithed.

SILVER. THE only preparation of fiver, which is of any primary colour (except the yellow it imparts to glafs, and other vitreous fubftances. as earths or falls) is luna cornea, which Mr. Boyle lays is of a fair yellow, Shaw's Boyle, vol. i. p ass. Ployfical Elfays, Edinburgh, 5754, nol. i. P.3.째 [. In Arr. to. Ronarlo on chemical formica. and precipitation., by A. Plummet, M. D. &heron of fah ammoniac, When either. a nutria of ha felt, irr limit fea fait (foe theft three hee nearly the fame effeas) sr put into Anita of /Iva.; it becprnts milky, and, a, it were, cradled, and at kepi. a white treader fubfides to the bottom : this powder, being walled with u anal ea. and dried, fob and =palpable; Ws ',might exceeds that of the cher diffnleed by


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