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( 308 3 dors, and to climate the pofition of the comet with refped to the har d of Capricorn. I have lc down this climate in the fecond table. It is more to be depended on than the determination by the azimuths and heighths. In the night between the Ltth and sth, it being cloudy moll part of the night, I faw the comet between the clouds ; but the twilight and the moon prevented my obferving its appearances. The nucleus was but imperfeCtly terminated, and furrounded with a whitifh nebula of fmall extent. I compared the comet in right afcenfion with the Ilar d of Capricorn. The difference of declination was only ribmated. At 19 Min. Foil 4, the comet difappeared in the twilight, being then but 8째 above the horizon.

The weather was overcall in the morning of the fith ; but the I 7th, the flay being perfeetly clear, the comet began to appear loon after three quarters above pall three in the morning, being but about the horizon. It was hardly difcernible, on account

of the twilight and the height of the moon, and

appeared fainter Rill than the t sth. I compared the nucleus with two liars that were near it. Thefe flan are new ones, I determined their pafition for the prefent time, which will be found in the firl table, N' t 8 and t 9. The hell wan elbrnated of the yth. And the other of the 8th magnitude. The t 8th and 19th in the morning, the fky being

very clear, I lcoked for the comet, but could not dilcover it. Thn great latitude it was advancing to every day left no room to hope it would bc Wen any

more st,ove our horizon in the morning ; but we knew the waft it was to follow in thc heavens. It _



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