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[ 3째4 3 the place of the fLy, where it was to re-appear in the morning, when it thou Id gct clear of the rays of the fun. This was to happen towards the end of March; but thc cloudy weather, which prevailed at Paris during that month, prevented our Inning it again. &fides this inconveniency, the marine Ohfcroutory did not Rand high enough to fee it at its

fell riling in the morning. Ws were obliged to Icok out for a snore convenient place in the neighbourhood, and met with one at the honk belonging to the College of Lewis the Great, where three is a turret which overlooks all elle horizon, and where Father Merville, Proleffor of Mathematics, makes his *Nervations. The 3th of March I removed thither

soy C_ feet Newtonian telecope, and likewife pendulum clock.

I Spent the night from the pll to the ill of April

in this turret with Mr. De Lille. At there in the sneering. I began to trace a meridian upon the tioar by means of a fea-compafs and I likewise drew a

line, which madc an angle of about 74 with the meridian, from the South towards the ball, in the

diredion of which the comet was fi ell to appear. I direded the Newtonian teleicope according to this live; and at 52 minutes pall three I faw the comet, about two degrees above the horizon. It appeared much larger and brighter than in the middle of February and indeed it was but IS days pall its perihelion. Now it is well known that comets are much brighter after the perihelion than at the fame dill." before it. Hades, the comet after palling thc perihelion was as near again to the earth us os

the 14th of February, when I loll fight of it at night.

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