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utmcd fize, becaufe the others, which are in dis piece of wood, kens nearly of the fame magnitude.

The great valves are of a &May white, inclitfing, towards the bak end, to a purplifh calf where the flria are very fine and minute, running upwards to meet thole which are larger on the main body, in a weavy curve diredion ; and the (meals parts of there, as well as the other pieces, are perfedly white, and

without any Brim at all. The bale end of this fills kerns covered with three plates that are white and fincoth ; but thefe are only the two fmooth pieces of Me gmat valves, and the circular pofterior plate, mennoned before : and where thee meet, there arc two depreffions, which terminate in two boles in the bales of the great valves, which are half covered by thc polleriour circular piece. The apex is round

and flariflt and forms almoft a (harp edge by the concurrence of the two great valves ; and the fore and back edges are united by the long pieces fpokeu of already. The wocd in which they lie was faid to be cedar ;

but it rather kerns to be of fir, having a Mile grant like common deal wood, and is as eafily fplit as that s. it is elk eatreamly light, and its fibres are very look,

nor ha, it tbe leak lmell like cedar ; they have thd fame colour, which is of a yellowifh call; but the, cedar has a dole fmooth grain, though it ia a light wood, and foft in Well.: whereas this does not kens to be as hard as what we Call white deal, which it eftenmed the lighteft and tenderett of all the clefs of fun. 13



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