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[ 186 of the fponge is covered with holes guarded with minute points like little fpines; the furface of the alcyonium with /tarry openings of eight rays, front whence thc polype-like fuckers are protruded, in order to find out proper nourifhment : and theme flurry

openings in one, and the holes in the other, fo far correfpond, that in both kinds they are found of different fixes; but this is in proportion to the age of the branching tubes that come to the furface. In the feetions of the alcyonium you may plainly diflinguith the reticulated elaffic fibres, that enclofe the tranfparent ?tiff gelatinous part, as in the fponges:

hut, as this gluey fubffance ta of a firmer texture than what is found in fponges, it requires more paint

to feparate it from the clank fibres ; however, with a little trouble it may be done fufficiently to mince what I have endeavoured to prove, I mean, the great ptoximity there is between the animal life of fponges

and alcyoniums, and confequently that both are animals.

Bea. I conclude, I muft endeavour to remove tome doubts, which Item to have dill relied the generality of curious perfons to account for t the one is, what occafions thofe very large holes that appear

here and there irregularly on the furface of moll fponges ? the other is, how came thole extraneous

bodies, fuch as (mall (hells, flones, and even parts of Nadas, inthe middle of thefe animal bodks ? In anfwer to the firfl, upon cutting open and examining thefe bodies while recent in fea-water, as I have lbewn before, we frequently find a variety of different worms, who bore their way into them, and make their nefts and retreats there, or perhaps to five on


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