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[ 282 s, Thee granges," he fays, " confill of hard firm " fibres, twilled about in doubles, and the intuition " filled with a mucilaginous gluey matter, having large

" hollows, with cyfindrical tubes, difperfed through " their fubflance, forming a Idnd of labyrinth filkd

0 with theft worms. He lays, he has obferved, " that the fponges be" gin to be formed on a nodule of petrified land or 0 other like matter, round which the worms begin 0 to work, and round which they retire as to their 0 tall feat or refuge. He then proceeds to give a defcription of them, which is, " that they are 4. of a line thick, " two or three hoes long, of a conic figure, with a 0 (mall black head furnilhed with two pincers ; the " other extremity is fguare, and much larger than " the head ; their motion begins at the tail, and ends " at the head ; they are fo tranfparent, that the Mr-

" culation of the blood may be perceived ; and 째 where the vikera fhould be, there is a kind of " circular motion of a hlackdb matter moving to 0 and fro in the animal. He lays, he has kept " them alive more than an hour out of the fponge, " and (which is very fingular) when he put them " near a piece of frefh fpongc, where the netts were " moifi, and from which he had before pulled them, " he faw them enter and difappear. He goes on tt to tell us, that thefe worms have no particular " lodge that they walk indifferently into the tubu. lar labyrinth ; fo that, he rays, without offence to

" Pliny and other natundifh, he does not fee that it " is in their power to dilate and contralt the bodies 째 of fponges, which always remain in the fame date

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