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[ 281 above them in the kale of nature, as being one Rep nearer to the appearance of animal,. If lee confult the aneiente, we fhall find, that, in the days of Arillotle, the perfons, who made it their bufindi to rolled there fulillences, perceived prOcular fenktion, like Ihrinking, when they tore them

off the rocks ; and, in the time of Pliny, the fame opinion continued of their having a kind of feeling or animal life in them; but after his time no attention was paid to this kind of knowledge, and it &ill remained a doubt, till the Mahican Count Mwfigli pronounced them vegetable, as he did all the corals, keratophytons, and alcyoniunis, !re. After hien, .iciellaw alwillotooLobeologesioo. Or.

Peyfona, In his Enquiries, to diteovcr them to be animals, or rather, as he calls it, the fabric of animals, formed by a fpecies of mice marina (fee his manafcript which he fent to the Royal Society in

the year 57(a); but finding upon re-examining their intricate bodies inTee water at Guadeloupe, he favours the Royal Society with letter dated from thence, March I, I 757. Vid. Phil. Tranfaft. vol. L.

p. 59z. whemin lae.Jias gimen.a.pmticutac =rant of the animal, which he Aloes us forms the fponges. There is fornething fo remarkable in his dcmiption

of the animal, and its manner of fabricating the fponge, that I am quote the moll finking parts, in order to fubmix the probability of it twyou and the reit of the Roy.' Society. Ile takes notice, that the fame. kind of animal forms the kur-principatipeciea or fuongesdeferibed

't by Father Plunater, as the orbit jperge, the card:: life fpwge, the digitated ftaange, and the LowyVor.. LV.

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