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Received December 5,


XXXI. 017 the Ilrature and Formation of Sponges : In a Letter from John Ellis, Efqtare, F. R. S. to Dr. Solander, F. R. S. 5

I R,

OAT 0 U, who ftudy nature in an ern..

I nent degree, tie., her in all her works proceeding by regular gradations from the ,765.

lowed to the moft perfett of all created beings ; among

thole animals commonly called Zoophytes, you may plainly didover an evident approximation, from

the ended irregularly.forrned (porgy (which is the lowed being that I have yet oblerved to have the appearance of animal life) to the mod beautiful and elegant red coral.

The nature snd formation of fponges having never yet been thoroughly invelligated, every attempt

to explain this dark part of nature mud give fatiffadion to the curious. The intent, then, of this letter to convey to the Royal Society, through your hands, what we have leen in the experiments we made on them at the lea fide; the Sibilance of what has been laid on the fubjed by moderns as well as ancients ; and lailly, to (hew how nearly they ap. oroach to the Alcyoniums, a clad of brings ncxt is


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