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[ 271 XXIX. An Atwood of tin Sequel of the co of Anne fames, wbo bad Calm the Green Flemloci : In a Leiter to tbe Rev. Thomas Birch, Secretary to tbe Rval

Society, from Mr. Jofiah Colebrooke, F. R. S. Rev. Sir, 1,61.

ivn-ea7itjitaribe honour, in De-

ccmber, 1763*, to communicate to the Royal Seciety, the good Meech which had attended uking green hemlock, in the cancerous cafe of Ann James (who had at that time takcn it for mom than a year). I think myfelf under an indifpenfable obligation to give the fequel of that hullo-

ry, by which it will appar, that the taking hemlock (rho attended with fuch advantageous circumllances, and which continued fOi.nesr two years) proved only

In July, 1764, I MS informed, that the fchirrus in the right bread (which Vias very (mall when fhe began to rake hemlock) was encreafed, and extended

kfelf under Me axilla, looked livid, !Doled a little, and was painful. I deiced a little blocd might be See Philoroph. Teanklb. ea../111. p. 141.


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