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27 ] Ate, not diftinguifhable from that which cohih imparts to glafs.

Iron vitrified ger fe is converted into a blue glafs id].

In fhort, it is indubitable that iron is the ontr metal, which will, without any addition, impart to thc matter cf glafs a blue colour ; for tipper will not communicate that colour, without the addition of a confiderable quantity affairs, or fome other matter that attenuates it ; and the other metals cannot hy any mean, be made to produce it at all.

Having (hewn that the odds exhibit colours, the order of their den/ties, when melted with glafi in a proper proportion, without invariably in

any other ingredient, and rapid to a Afficient heat ; I fhall proceed to thew that the other preparations . of the =gals, viz. their folutions, precipitates, cryitals, dcc. do for the moft part exhibit the fame colour:, in the order of their desOties, though not fo invariably as their glaffes ; fome fmall variation of

colour happening in the more impede& metals, probably from a change of denlity in their different preparations. fat] Lewis% Conde of Chun. p. 49. The (pccific gravity of kon is to that of gold n 7,64e to 19,60. This metal requires a vat degree a (oat to rock it, when It throws out (park', Ions confiderably of in wsight, and is at knvh cearettol into a 64;4 Am OIL



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