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[ 267 ] Fin. 4. Grains of the pollen of Mirabilis jalapa

with the impregnating corpukles feen within them, s. A grain of the fame, 6. Three grains of the fame nicking together, 7. Corpufcics of the fame, viewed le'






8. A grant of the pollen of Cucumis fativus, with the corpufcles within

it, and tome on the outlide, that had been forced out, 9. Grains of the pollen of Bignonia radicers., widest. eorptikles within them, to. A grain of the fame, 11. Corpufcles of the fame, view'd In-


1280 t ago


Ia. A grain of the pollen of Gomphrzna globola, comprelied, 128o 13. Grains of the pollen of Bryum, with the corpufcles within them, 128o N. B. The fame corpurcles were feen in the pollen of Atropa, Hyofcyamus, Scilla, Scabiofa, Valeriana, Verbs (cum, and a great number of other genera ; but the delineations were omitted, as the appearances were nearly alike:

Fin. 14. The flyle anditigna of Leontodon tAranall11, as. Two hairs of the fame, in which the perforation was dillinguifhable, 1%1 m a

72 128o

Flo. 16..

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